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January 14, 2017

December 2016 Prayer Concert

As Thanksgiving week is passing, we certainly notice the time has flown so fast. The year 2016 has been busiest year in the last 17 years of our mission effort in Mexico. We are deeply thankful to God. This year, we’ve led 4 AID seminars, 2 Coffee Break conferences, 2 Bible Reading groups and a seminar, 1 focusing leader retreat, among others…We kept ourselves busy but all were possible due to our Mexican ministry teams. Next year 2017 will look like similar, but as always our focus is not event-oriented event, rather growth-in-depth of each participant. So we always emphasize and offer respective follow-up studies following each event.

Please join us in prayer for the following.

1.- We will start off the month celebrating God’s mercy throughout the year along with our close friends in ministry. Dec 3rd is the day we extended an invitation for a Christmas dinner to dozens of families in ministry who were along with us in 2016.

2.- On the same day, we have our second gathering for Focusing Leader Network. In this session, we will be talking about our obedience to God’s calling. There are 7 pastoral couples in the group. May this gathering help them strengthen their ministry philosophy and matrimonial relationship.

3.- The #8 group of Bible reading (BR16) will celebrate their long journey (4 months) through the Bible on Dec 2nd. God gave an opportunity to this group of 40 readers from Todas las Naciones Church (pastor Humberto Leyva). We started off with 60 people but remained 40+ people including David Eliud, wheel-chaired cerebral palsy teen.

4.- About 20 Coffeebreakers at Cristo Arca de Salvacion church will finish up the study of Ruth as they will share personal testimony on the 13th day of month. Especially, the 5+ men (Abe’s group) have expressed how they see themselves in the story of Ruth and Naomi. Eleazar and Gil explained how their understanding of the book changed. They have found new Boaz.

5.- We will start a peer group among Korean missionaries in Tijuana. So far we’ve had them in personal contacts, but starting 2017 we will develop it into a learning community. There are 5 families interested.

6.- On the Christmas day we will have a commencement service of Reformed Presbyterian Seminary Tijuana campus. Abe will preach for the occasion.

7.- Our kids had overall good semester, especially with after-school varsity football and soccer activities. Naomi is scheduled to come home on 12/16. Pray that they will have excellent winter break.

8.- Pray for the Posada Fronteriza scheduled on the 10th. It is a bi-national family activity among migrants. Last year, they gathered at the borderline to unite family members on both sides creating a heart. It is to encourage migrants remain united.

9.- Pray for the homeless ministry on 12/10. Every 2nd Saturday of month, a service and learning team of Good Stewards Church comes to minister homeless in Tijuana downtown. We’ll accompany them with the preaching of Word.

10.- Please pray for the health of pastor Gerardo Garcia (Filadelfia NPC, Cuernavaca). He recently received prostate cancer surgery, lost so much weight, and needs to get back to his pastoral duty.

11.- Elaine is also finishing up her semester at Bethel Seminary San Diego. Her last day of class is on 12/16. Pray that she also finish it well.

12.- We are scheduling ministerial calendar for the year 2017. May God give us wisdom to schedule according to God’s given gifts and needs of Mexicans.

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