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October 03, 2016

October 2016 Prayer Concert

Naomi is doing fine at her new life space, although she misses the family so badly. She has already built a good community with her roommates and Korean students. She keeps herself so busy at school and her financial world…she is getting jobs for the first time. We do miss her as well.

Please pray with us for the followings.

1.- Praise God for a wonderful Coffee Break workshop for the group of 91 pastors and church leaders in Merida. It was the very first workshop with this big group of participants, and everyone of them showed great passion for our method of Bible studies.

2.- Our home church, All Nations CRC (Sunland), has decided and settled with the need of new lead pastor. Pastor Tae Kim is now the senior pastor, young and energetic. We pray that he will further be a godly man with good sense of God’s calling and direction for the church.

3.- Oct. 3rd (Monday), Abe will receive his mentoring group (4 preachers) who will bring pictures submitted by their church members for our first photo contest “My Church”. May we can collect our thankfulness as we learn how much our churches understand and put in the small screen their church. Pray, in addition, for Emmanuel Velazquez who recently got a job to support his family need. It will however limit his pastoral schedule during weekdays.

4.- Coffee Break small groups continue at Cristo Arca de Salvacion Church (Armando Ponce). We barely started it couple weeks ago, but it sounds well received and the participants are already showing much interest in its method. May they take the Word into daily life application.

5.- A 12-hour Young Adult Night is on Oct 7-8 at Dios Altisimo church. It will be from 8pm to 8 am next morning. Three speaker will take turn for 4 hours each throughout the night teaching and sharing stories on Ten Commandments. Our main theme, "Consecrated Youth," will knock our youth hearts and lives. May they hear it and respond to it with an huge yes to God. Pray for pastors Robelio, Keith and Abe who will speak to them. Pray also for Saul our event organizer.

6.- Abe will preach at Emanuel Church (Mario Pascual). The church is celebrating the month of reformation, so Abe is given a specific them to preach about, “Grace Alone”. May God give His Word to us, so we will deliver it right at the heart of the church.

7.- Oct. 9th, Elaine and number of pastor’s wives will meet for the first time. They’ve been saying about this gathering for a long time, and it finally being reality. May they enjoy each other’s company and come up with future activities for their personal growth.

8.- Pray for meetings of field council and COMUNI in Merida. May all the decisions shine God’s wisdom in us as His servants. So His church will dance with joy and thanks.

9.- A Coffee Break Conference will be held at El Buen Pastor Church (Edgar De la Rosa) on Oct 19-20 in Villahermosa. The church had delegated its leaders last month event in Merida. They have returned home with clarified idea about the CB objectives. We hope and pray that this conference will be a big plus for church growth and outreach.

10.- Please pray for elder Lorenzo Vazquez (El Buen Pastor church) who is going through medical delicacy. He is waiting analysis results on his stomach and other tests. May the good Lord show His mercy to this fine believer and exemplary church leader. We’ve enjoyed so much of his never weakening love and leadership for his church.

11.- Oct 21-22, Nueva Jerusalen Church, Villahermosa, will host our #20 AID Seminar. It’s the second time hosting, by the way, at this 130-year-old church. We are so grateful to God for His love of this church. Pray specially for elder Serafin who continues to dream with spiritual renewal of the church. Pray that the church will see another work of God to His people through this seminar.

12.- Oct 25, RPC pastors (book club) will study on the same-sex marriage at their monthly gathering. There is not enough Spanish literatures on this ever challenging topic of our time. May we all hear what God has to say to His church and now through us, His servants.

13.- Oct. 28 is our 21st anniversary. God has been so deeply working in our vow and daily activities. We give unceasing thanks to our God, the Maker and Witness of our union. He has blessed us and trained us to serve between us and to others. We pray that He will continue to hold us together and further grow in covenantal love and commitment to each other.

14.- Elaine continues her Tuesday morning Coffee Break studies. Now it draw more missionary wives who come to hear and unpack their heart stories. It is being a real blessing to a participant. She used to be very reluctant and passive to other gatherings until up to know the CB. Now she gives all of her Yeses as she felt fit in this kind of ministries and develop her skills.

15.- Oct 30, Abe will lead the Communion service at Manantial de Vida Church (Rafa Ramirez). It’s been a huge blessing for us as we had led this small congregation to an ever closer life to Jesus. May our God continue to pour His grace upon the church and each of its families.

Thanks for your friendly prayer and faithful givings.

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September 2016 Prayer Concert

It was really sad to say goodbye to Naomi, but not worrisome as we know that she will enjoy her new adventure at Dordt College. Elaine took her driving almost 4000 miles back and forth. Thanks God who always goes ahead of us, and now in the path of our children.

Please join us in prayer for the following:

1.- This month, Abe is scheduled to preaching at Dios Altisimo and Cristo Arca de Salvation churches.

2.- Mentoring group will meet on Sept 5. We will be sharing ideas and each church's experiences with numerous Service and Learning teams they’ve received over the past Summer. Pray that they will appreciate each team’s effort and grow in willing themselves to serve others.

3.- Three Coffee Break small groups will be formed at Cristo Arca de Salvacion church starting Sept 6. It will be new birthing experience in Tijuana. Pastor Armando has invited the entire church, but we pray that those who had to come, come to the CB word feast around the table to nurture and grow. We will gather every Tuesdays, studying Jonah to start with.

4.- Now we have 7 CB Spanish titles available— Jonah, Ruth, Easter, Acts 1,2,3, Hosea. 3 more titles will be added soon—Esther, Genesis 1,2. We are intentionally adding these titles since our local churches are more story-telling communities.

5.- Bible Reading at Todas las Naciones continues to receive 40-50 people every Fridays. It’s been already a month finishing Pentateuch and Joshua. Many readers have found hard to follow since they haven’t had a reading habit, but doing on their own pace. Pastor Humberto is encouraged to upbringing his church with the Word.

6.- Good Stewards Church has decided to assist Coffee Break Conference (Villahermosa, Oct 19-20). So the staff and volunteers will meet regularly for preparations. They will have the first meeting on Oct 17. Pray that we all understand God’s will in bringing CB spirit to this city after 3-4 years of our effort with AID seminar to El Buen Pastor and Nueva Jerusalen churches.

7. Our home church, All Nations (Los Angeles), is going to reshape its administration structure. The church has (about to) decided to go with a mono-pastoral governing system, instead of dual-leadership practiced for some time. Pray that it will not confuse the congregation but be a fuel to further growth.

8.- Elaine (and Abe) will lead a Coffee Break Conference in Merida (Sept 22-24). She is quite nervous to speak in front of 70-80 pastors. She had never met any of them before. The event is sponsored by Pilgrim Church (NJ). We will train them with CB training workshop manual and CB material on Jonah. Pray that God will anoint Victor Villanueva, the leading and hosting pastor of the group (Baptist pastors in Yucatan).

9.- Focused Leader’s first follow-up encounter will be held at Emanuel RPC on Sept 10. Pastor Mario Pascual is the host. At this time, he seems to have activity conflict to open his church. Pray that God will give us the best option for this important gathering.

10.- Our daughter Naomi is learning so fast getting adjusted and involved in college life and develop her social skills. So happy to hear from her many good things happening in her life. We bless her so much.

11.- Our ever-growing boys Nathan and Nahum are playing Football at their school. In between win-and-lose games, they have shown maturity in team play and life values. The game is not all about the score, but work together in good and critical situations. Pray that they will have safe games throughout the semester.

12.- Pray for the AID team in Cuernavaca as they have already started preparative for a seminar scheduled in March of 2017. They are meeting on monthly basis and started raising operation funds. Pray for the administrative staff (5 people).

13.- Praise that many young Korean pastors in the Greater Los Angeles area saw the need to refresh their worship understanding and attitude. They have prepared a Worship Conference on Oct 1st. As we failed to invite our mentorees to go to have personal experience due to the lack of valid visas to cross the border, we are going to take it and share it with them in near future. We are also considering, if the Lord willing, to bring the conference itself to Tijuana.

14.- Elaine started her second year at Bethel Seminary. She is taking 3 courses so much elevated level of study and commitment. Pray that she will be ever encouraged to awake in between the textbook pages and exams and research assignments.

Thanks for your endless prayer and faithful givings.

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