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June 29, 2016

July 2016 Prayer Concert

Oops, so we did skip the month of June from asking you join our monthly prayer concert. So sorry about that. Guess what? We have sound report of our whereabouts in June, and at the same time request for July activities.

1.- First of all, we are so blessed to report the good outcome of our ministry visit to Loja, Ecuador. This city is located at the altitude of 2200 ms. A bit hard to breath and cold due to high winds and the afternoon rains … Our 9 Mexican volunteers demonstrated great servanthood throughout the week stay at homes and AID seminar events. Almost 50 participants, beside the hosting pastor couple, expressed gratitude for the storytellings and ministration they’ve received. We were all scared of possible quakes following the massive one hit north of the country, but ended up with much thankful heart through the outcomes. Also we learned a lot of their culture and life needs to pray for the Saraguro indigenous territory. Please pray for the pastor family Fabricio and Patricia as they explore new ministry opportunity and search for God’s lead at Punto de Vida church.

2.- From Ecuador we flew to far down South America. God waited us at Asuncion Church, Paraguay, where Bible Reading seminar was indeed well received. The church staff promised to be a stepping stone and spread the program. Our lead pastor of the program, Rev. Joo, was an instrument to bless the church. We also enjoyed a new contact with a friend of Abe back in the 80s. Pastor Julio Cesar Vargas has been faithful to the pastoral call at Ysapy church. He also built a Christian school and lectures at a seminary. He showed great interest in all our ministry tools. May God continue to lift him up for His Kingdom expansion. Pray also for pastor Ricardo Maureira who is in ministerial transition.

3.- Pray for the church in Buenos Aires, Argentina that was planned to have Bible Reading seminar, but had to postpone due to internal difficulties that went bad to worse. The four elders expressed, at a dinning table, their painful sorrow and sincere wish on current situations. We blessed them as they love much and do their best to guard the church.

4.- Punto de Vida church has taken immediate steps to 8 week follow-up studies following AID seminar. According to pastor Fabricio, about 15 people came to share their deeper stories and show their interest in growth. They are at second week session of the eight.

5.- On July 4th, our mentoring group will meet and discuss on the topic of Team Ministry. Here it is a topic to develop and practice in daily ministry. May God inspire our mentorees to look into more options in this area. Pray for Emmanuel, Ramon, Israel, and Rafael.

6.- A NPC congregation has indicated to connect with our ministry. Pastor Enrique Romero of El Mirador has served many years planting churches and now considers this be the last one to do. May God open the door to exchange resources to further His Kingdom through our ministerial relationship.

7.- On the third week, Good Steward church (Los Angeles) will extend their youth activities to Tijuana by offering an English camp at Cristo Arca de Salvacion (Armando). Elaine’s brother, Keith and his wife Elena, will be in charge of organizing and operating the 5 day event that includes VBS, mountain-climbing, sports, evangelism, etc. They have been praying and preparing for a good time. We really wish this be an edifying experience for youth from both churches.

8.- Coffee Break ministry will see more titles during summer and fall breaks, as well as Bible Reading study materials. May God give us more patience to complete this year goal of 5 additional titles and publish Bible Reading guidebook and its chronological Bible.

9.- Praise for God’s blessing on our family. Elaine and Naomi are visiting our extended families in Korea. It’s been 17 years since their last visit in the 90s. May they be a blessing wherever they go to and fill up with joy and bring back good memories from each gathering with loved ones. They will be back on the 24th.

10.- Nathan and Nahum will go back to school as of July 18th. May their new school year be full of thanks and praises as they mature in person and faith.

11.- Lastly, we would ask more of your prayer for the ever growing AID ministry. God has blessed this ministry through which many people learn to open up their heart and home to share the good news of healing and salvation. Each year we get growing number of invitations from churches and leaders in different locations, even outside Mexico. For this asking, we’d need more trained people to provide the service. It is a reason to focus on the churches in Villahermosa to cover the needs in Southeast region (for instance Merida, Cancun, Cozumel, etc), while we’d focus on the North (Tijuana, Ensenada, Cd Juarez, etc). We are also in stage of re-shaping Cuernavaca team for their service in the central area.

Blessings on your knees and hands at work for His Kingdom.

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