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May 27, 2016

May 2016 Prayer Concert

April flowers blossom everywhere. In our frontyard next open garage, we have three bugambilias also turned into pink and purple spiring trees. It’s gorgeous to step into another round of life circle. In April, we were able to finish up a couple church programs. Here they go...

1.- Praise God for the first generation of Bible Reading in 16 Weeks (BR16) in Tijuana. As I was preparing their certificates, wow, we’ve had 42 readers, including teens, walking together through the Bible. Pastor Armando and his entire family was part of the group among other families.

2.- Praise God also for the 8 Week Follow-up studies. We’ve had about 20 people sharing and learning from each other. Obrero Rafael (Cristo el Manantial missions) got excited at growth his fellow church members showed (Jesus & Mayra).

3.- Our monthly mentoring continues with none-scheduled visits to them and their churches when in service. Abe has been visited 4 missions supervised by Cristo Arca de Salvacion church. For instance, Ramon Ayala (Dios Viviente missions) recently switched Sunday service hour from 6 pm to 12 pm. The missions is almost 2 decade old but has gone through many ministerial struggles. It lost most of her longtime members. A couple told us that they heard the gospel there and married there about 20 years ago. At one point, the missions main sanctuary were packed so decided to expand another 5 meters. Today Ramon continues on knocking all the possible ways to uplift his missions. May God honor Ramon’s initiatives.

4.- We are heading down to South America for a couple ministries and family vacations. First we will fly into Ecuador for AID Seminar in Loja (May 27-28). Then, we will go on to Paraguay and Argentina for Bible Reading seminars at Korean church and Castellano-speaking churches in June. Our children are excited to see cousins in Paraguay and walk through Abe’s youth footsteps in Asuncion, Paraguay.

5.- AID Seminar at Punto de Vida church (Fabricio & Patricia Gomez) in Loja, Ecuador is scheduled on May 27-28. Beside us we have 9 Mexican volunteers ready to fly out to serve. We would need your special prayer due to the recent earthquake that hit so badly this nation. It looks like there are still ingoing alerts along the coastlines. We will be landing at one of their coast airport. Please pray for our in and out into this country. May His name be widely known and praised. Especially in Loja, there is strong resistance for the Gospel.

6.- Naomi finished high-school this year and will head out to Iowa for college, Dordt College. We are so pleased for her surviving skills shown at this school. May she be led through God's marvelous and wisely designed life.

Thanks for your prayer and givings.

The Lee (nanana) family
Tijuana, Mexico

Posted by nanana at May 27, 2016 05:36 AM