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April 02, 2016

April 2016 Prayer Concert

April brings us hope as our ministry settles down. Praise our Lord for allowing us to be a blessing through seminars and classes.

1.- Pray that Abe will continue teach Calvin’s Institutes at Presbytery Norte’s seminary on Saturdays in April. Please pray for my students, Erik, Maria Helena, and Alma for their simple and humble love of God and His Word.

2.- Please continue to pray for AID follow-up studies. We have an average of 20 takers following seminar. We have advanced first half of the program. Number of the participants understand the meaning of good and healthy relationship in family.

3.- On April 3rd, we will speak on healthy family structure at Dios Viviente church. Obrero Ramon plans to outreach the church neighborhood. Pray that God will speak to a few (or many) participants who ought to come and listen to know Him and His church.

4.- Pray for monthly mentoring (April 4th) with obreros Rafael, Ramon, Emmanuel, and Israel. This time we will exchange ideas on Pastoral Care. May we all grow in bond of Christian fellowship and missions. We continue to support them with church visits and teachings.

5.- Praise for Bible reading classes on Tuesdays. About 30+ people regularly attend. For the last 11 weeks we have read the entire Old Testament. Pray for all teenagers who are also part of the group.

6.- On April 8-9, our 18th AID Seminar will be at All Nations Seminary in Ciudad Juarez. There are about 80 participants signed up for the seminar. Pray that God is already at work in each participant’s heart and family relationship. Elaine and I are invited to lead the seminar with the goal of forming a future ministry team at the institution.

7.- Coffee Break studies on Tuesday mornings. Although they are still few here in Tijuana, but the Spirit is already at work in their heart. Iris is first participant who shows not only interest in learning but also in making difference in her family.

8.- Pray for Elaine and her classes at Bethel Seminary, San Diego. She is learning so much, but sometime it's too much studyload. AID seminar is enriching by her growing knowledge on subject. God is good.

9.- On April 24th, Communion service is scheduled at Cristo Manantial church. Abe will preach and officiate the service. Obrero Rafael and elder Salvador are in charge of the mission. Rafael Ramirez invited his key church members (Jesus and Mayra) to AID seminar.

Thanks for your ongoing fellowship through prayer.

Posted by nanana at April 2, 2016 11:55 PM