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February 08, 2016

February 2016 Prayer Concert

January went by faster than we thought it would. Nathan and Abe celebrated their birthdays at Tijuana beach. We all spent a good quality time as family. Nathan now has his dream desktop computer for gaming(?) … We hope to see him developing his tech skills.

Please join us pray for the following.
1.- On Feb 1, Abe started to provide mentorship to four seminary grads (Emmanuel, Ramon, Rafael, and Israel). They work at small or once-struggled missions and under strong supervision of Christ Ark of Salvation Church. Pray that God will give us listening ears to hear what their passion and gifts are, so we can provide the right resources and programs. We talked about liturgy, the topic which was most of them had no or less idea about. We’ve had a good fellowship and mutual learning today.

2.- We had our field annual retreat in Merida, Yucatan, during Feb. 5-8. Praise for safe trip back and forth, and also for the encouraging stories of God in their lives and ministries.

3.- The very first AID Seminar in Tijuana (17th in total) has been scheduled and finally, after couple of prep meetings, its just around the corner. Feb 12-13 has been set apart to minister 55 participants at All Nations Church in Tijuana. We will also welcome about 10 volunteers from Cuernavaca and Villahermosa who will serve at group tables and in intercessory prayer room. Please have our Mexican ministry team in your prayer so that this seminar will be another good opportunity to share God's good deeds to the world.

4.- Following AID Seminar, we will set up small groups (8 Week Follow-up studies). We believe that God will bring the participants once again to revisit their heart wounds but to take them to experience His next healing presence. We will meet weekly for the next two months.

5.- Feb. 15-19. Abe will serve with country evaluation team for CRWM Honduras ministries. May God grant His willful wisdom to hear and see what He had done so far and what needs to be done, so the Honduras ministry team will continue to obey to what they are called for.

6.- Every Tuesday nights, starting mid January, we’ve been gathering together for Bible Reading in 16 Weeks (BR16) at Christ Ark of Salvation church. We were told to expect 30 people at the opening session, but now we have about 50 people every session. So good to witness each reader's shiny and smiley face as they learn the loving story of God.

7.- Elaine’s Coffee Break group is faithfully meeting on every Tuesday morning. Following the book of Ruth, they visit Jonah story of God. Please pray for Lucero and Iris. While Iris continues to open her home for this group study, Lucero opens her heart to new faith as she still claims to be Catholic.

8.- Two Sundays, 21st and 28th, Abe will share our mission visions at Christ Lives church. Pastor Santiago showed interest in the topic of Missional Churches. May God equip him and his church to wrap themselves with God's compassionate heart for the lost world.

9.- Pray for our children’s school life. A lot of activities and social life seem sometime a burden to bear. May God by His grace continue to nurse them to maturity with His characters. Some school subjects have been a bit heavy for them to master in time...

10.- Pray for two pastors (Salomon and Israel) of The Good Shepherd Church in Villahermosa who are coming to take AID Seminar. May they wholeheartedly submit to what God has designed for them at the event. May this time be a time of learning and reflecting on their own life before their pastoral call and duty.

11.- Praise for Bible Reading we started one more time as our family's new year resolution. Each of us needs to sacrifice a bit for this to happen as we have to set a part an hour every night, but thank God that our children are willing to do it. We use the NLT version in Spanish.

Thanks for your warm and loving care through prayer and giving. Blessings!

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