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January 04, 2016

January 2016 Prayer Concert

Welcome the Red Monkey Year. According to Chinese horoscope, which we don’t believe but it is interesting that this monkey means financial wisdom. Does it speak to us about money spending or gaining? As God’s mission servants, what is our attitude toward this matter? It gives me some thoughts.

Praises and prayers:

1.- Praise God for Elaine’s mini seminars to Korean Coffee Break small group leaders. It went well—especially with a group in Escondido. Each leader showed much interest in and willing to continue for further studies on the subject. Praise God.

2.- Praise for Abe’s mother and her health improvement. She continues attending a church, and getting familiar with faith life. Thanks for your prayer.

3.- 1/9: Elaine will revisit and speak a topic of AID + Coffee Break to the woman’s group at Friendship Fellowship Church, Fontana, one of our supporting churches that needs additional support for her health. Pray for God’s guidance in the sharing.

4.- 1/11: Abe is starting a mentoring group with 4-5 unordained pastors. Pray that it will be a time of ministerial enrichment and spiritual growth.

5.- 1/12: Elaine’s Coffee Break group is resuming. She will lead the book of Jonah.

6.- 1/12: Abe will have first Bible reading group in Tijuana at Cristo Arca de Salvacion church (Armando). We anticipate about 30 participants. Pray that each participant will read and understand the Father’s heart through the reading.

7.- 1/23: Naomi is taking SAT. Pray that she’ll do it well.

8.- 1/24: Dios Altisimo missions (Emanuel) invited Abe to share a topic on marriage. Last time, there were 9 couples invited from the neighborhood. Pray for each couple to have a better understanding on their marriage and character building within.

9.- 1/30: A quarterly official meeting will be held among RPC pastors to share ideas and experiences.

10.- 1/31: Abe will lead the Communion service at Manantial missions (Rafael). Pray that each partaker will experience God’s unceasing love and spiritual presence.

11.- We will have volunteers’ preparative meetings (1/15, 1/29) for the upcoming AID seminar on Feb. 12-13 at Todas las Naciones church in Tijuana (Humberto). We'd also need special support with intercessory prayer.

12.- Continue to pray for Elaine’s study of Master on Family Therapy (MFT) at Bethel Seminary San Diego. She will take this month a winter course on Child Maltreatment.

13.- Pray for Naomi, Nathan & Nahum for their spiritual life. May they continue to develop a good spiritual discipline at school, home and church. May they be passionate more and more to know more of God and well about His lead. Let the reading of His word and daily prayer and meditation be their priority.

14.- Pray for Socorro Perez (Cuernavaca) as she leads Coffee Break in Cuernavaca.

Thanks so much for your prayer that is our spiritual nourishment for spiritual battle. Blessings to you throughout the year 2016!

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