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December 17, 2015

December 2015 Prayer Concert

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. God has certainly been faithful to His promises throughout the year. All the good news we hear from families all over the world. Praise for His grace. We also anticipate great celebration of Jesus coming to his people as we will soon celebrate His birth onto us. Lord, please come once again!


1.- Praise God for touching His people through Focusing Leader seminar in Merida (68 participants) and the 16th AID seminar held in Villahermosa (65 participants and 50+ volunteers Good Steward Church (L.A., CA), Cuernavaca, Toluca, and D.F.). Many moving and challenging testimonies went up to our Healer. It was so pleasing witness of teamwork among the three churches in Villahermosa at coming together to serve others.

2.- Praise God for all the meetings in the month of November and safe travels.

3.- Thank God for spending Thanksgiving with family and friends. It’s been first Thanksgiving meal with them in the last 15 years. Wow, it so happened.

4.- Praise God for Abe’s mother who continue to search for God in physical downfall. She has severe back-pain. Now she is fighting depression due to staying home all alone. Pray that she will find more friends at the church she just started to attend. By the way, she is in Korea.

Please pray with us for the following:

5.- 12/4: Elaine will lead a mini seminar on Inner Healing to a Coffee Break small group (leaders) in Escondido, CA. Please pray that the seminar will help them understand themselves and participants to Coffee Break studies.

6.- 12/6 & 12/13: We will continue with Tijuana church visits to get to know their ministry needs from us. After these visits we will soon have a meeting with pastors to define our ministry with Cristo Arca de Salvacion RPC. And all set to go...

7.- 12/19: Coffee Break leaders (Koreans) will have yearend fellowship. Pray that each leader come up with good story to share and praise God for His leading of the ministry.

8.- 12/21: We will have Christmas dinner with local pastor families. May this time be a time of celebration and encouragement to unite spirit to work together for 2016.

9.- 12/27: Tijuana Seminary will have graduation service. May the students be prepare to serve His Kingdom. Abe is scheduled to teach two intensive courses in March and April.

10.- Pray for Emmanuel Presbytery (Cuernavaca) facing difficult times due to the lost of us and a pastor whose sister, lives in Tijuana, prays intensely for his moral and spiritual recovery. Pray also for pastor Jose Ocampo who has to retake the leadership and bring balance to his presbytery.

11.- Pray for Bible Reading (BR16) manual final revision that needs to be done this month before printing.

12.- Pray for Socorro Perez (Cuernavaca) who stepped down from her church work to dedicate full time for Coffee Break from now on. She is determined to develop this ministry in Cuernavaca, although her inner fear stumbles and draws her back often.

13.- Pray for Roman and Ileana (Father School coordinator) who took our recent AID seminar. They are willing to enroll for theological training and serve the Lord full time. May God continue to show them His way.

14.- Pray for our children, especially for their spiritual life. May they develop a good spiritual discipline at school and home, of course at a good church, too. Let the reading of His word and daily prayer be their priority of each day. So they will have intimate relationship with God daily. They are doing good, but we’d hope for them to grow a bit more.

15.- We sat down with pastor Humberto Leyva who will host upcoming AID seminar at his church (All Nations). We are looking at the second weekend of February to launch the seminar. Praise for this decision and pray for the involved preparation.

16.- Continue to pray for our ministry opportunities in Tijuana. May we be sensitive to God’s heart and His lead for His people in Tijuana. May we respond Him with a humble yes. We will have a better ministry picture sometime this month as we continue to visit all the churches (Reformed) and others, and are waiting to sit down to plan 2016.

17.- Pray for Coffee Break Group in Tijuana. Elaine just finished the book of Ruth with 4 ladies. The Coffee Break study will resume in January with the book of Jonah.

Thank you so much, as always, for being faithful supporters for His ministry. Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.

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November 2015 Prayer Concert

It took a few months for us to settle down here in Tijuana. At first Tijuana didn’t look like Mexico. Actually we are mentally reminding ourselves that we are in Mexico. The streets and people certainly are Mexico we know of, however many California plated vehicles make us feel like we are not in Mexico. Every day border crossing is a challenge but a lot of life and ministry lessons we end up appreciate. There are a lot to learn from the local people and environment.

Please praise with us and pray for the following. The month of November is opening up with travel-related meetings here and there.

1.- Abe is going to lead Focused-Leaders retreat in Merida, Yucatan. A group of 80+ pastors and leaders are waiting for this life-meditation seminar. Chris Kim is coordinating in the region. The seminar will be Nov 2-4.

2.- Nov 5-7 has been marked since the beginning of year for our field council meetings. We missionaries are flying into Mexico City to report and share each one's ministry and pray for each other's needs and concerns.

3.- The journey continues from Nov 8 to 11 in Palenque where we will hear and agree to work in hand with our longtime ministry partner. May both representatives see what God has placed ahead of us to make right decisions and for the benefit of God's churches.

4.- Elaine and Abe will once again assist and lead AID seminar in Villahermosa, Tabasco. El Buen Pastor Presbyterian Church is hosting for third time this seminar that has been a real blessing to many church members who have raised from dark family environment. About 60 names are on the list for whom we have begun to pray. We also expect a team of 60+ volunteers in service.

5.- We have been asked to work alongside of Cristo Arca de Salvacion Church (Armando Ponce). So we started visit its four missions. So far we’ve visited two (Dios Altisimo and Agua Viva) that seem to find yet in struggle and stocked from growing in number and spirit. We will continue to visit the remaining churches and come up with projects to work with them. Pray that God will give us wisdom and discernment to make right choices for their benefits. Both Obreros Emmanuel and Israel expressed their willingness to work together at all cost.

6.- Elaine has started with a small group of Coffee Break. She had prayed God to bring people to her, instead of she going out to form a group. God heard her prayer. Iris (our kids school friend mom and now CB host) requested Elaine to come over her house and lead something. It happened to be Coffee break. She loves it and faithfully hosted and attended two sessions already. Praise the Lord who goes ahead of us in leading His people.

7.- Abe attended Tijuana’s monthly pastor’s alliance, where he found opportunities to present AID Ministries. Some key leaders came to show great interest in bringing it to their churches. May God open up doors to outreach them with these tools God has blessed us so far.

8.- Our kids are doing good at their new school. Finally we got the SENTRI cards, and now we can cross the border easy and fast. Thanks for all your prayer. Naomi has decided to stay here with us instead of going back to Cuernavaca to finish up her high school.

9. Pray for Elaine’s effort in learning on family ministry at Bethel Seminary San Diego Campus. She is determined to pursue a degree program, so we will minister professionally here in Tijuana, a challenging place to do mission work. Some people have already asked us to listen to their stories and offer them something to do. At the moment, we are far from stepping into such commitment, but God will equip us for His kingdom benefit. Elaine is going twice a week to school for evening classes.

10.- Pray for some CRCs in southern California and Arizona that are in ongoing struggle as church body. There are unknown future holding their foot. It hurts our mission endeavor and efforts. May God show His mercy on them and encourage them so no members will backslide from believing and engaging in faith activities.

11.- Praise God for His faithfulness in answering our longtime prayer for Abe’s mother to turn to Christ. She recently had back surgery, and quit her job in Korea. It brought her severe depression. She remembered ongoing-invitation of going to a church. She did and she liked it. She has been now going to a church and listening the Word. She hasn’t made confession of faith yet, but we are so glad to see her making a church home. Please continue to pray for Abe’s mother to hear what she needs to hear, and recognize God as her eternal Father.

12.- Thanks for extending your prayer and support for our financial need to continue God’s mission here in Mexico. So far, we have been blessed to fundraise 17% of the annual goal. May God continue to bless your business as you think of and commit to engage His work with us.

Thanks for praying with us.

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