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March 04, 2015

March 2015 Prayer Concert

As expected the month of February went by so fast… Our kids spent a week without Elaine as she went far away in snow land Michigan for CB training. BTW, she got stuck in Detroit for a night, lost her carry on luggage which she left right before she got on the board. When she arrived Grand Rapids, the carry on luggage was nowhere to be found. Later she found out that the carry on luggage went to Syracuse, NY. After 12 hours, she was able to recover the luggage. So strange.

Thanks to her for preparing all survival foods ready and stored in the freeze. We had managed the week well and sound, now we are so glad to have her back not to the kitchen but more to our sweet home.

Please take the following to your prayer altar to the Lord of mercy and grace.

1.- Praise the Lord for our dearest sister Socorro Perez, who finally finished all training sessions for her role as a Coffee Break international speaker. Although she will be officially recognized such title early July at the upcoming Korean CB Conference, but now we celebrate for her achieving effort. Along with Elaine, she went on to Grand Rapids to get the training. By the way, it was too cold the late February snow storms for both ladies. From now on, she will be the regional coordinator of this warmhearted ministry to the Word-lovers.

2.- Mar. 7th _ Abe will lead one day men’s retreat in Queretaro. The theme for the retreat is Christian Spirituality. May the Jesus Vid Verdadera (Jesus True Vine) church’s men group lift up God’s name in their renewing commitment.

3.- Pray for the Emmanuel Presbytery and its leadership. They will have monthly meeting on the 7th. May God continue to give them strength and faith in His leading steps. Pastor Hector, the president, is learning to lead the Presbytery. By the way, please congratulate him as he just got married to Alma from a fine Christian family.

4.- Abe will be traveling more than a week to Southeast Mexico for leadership training and Ch’ol Bible institute in Chiapas. The trip covers from Cancun-Villahermosa-Chiapas. He will lead a special training session for the AID ministry volunteer group in Villahermosa. May God hold him up with His mercy and wisdom during these steps. Pray for pastor Jose Lopez of a Ch’ol Bible Institute whose leadership continue to bring up young students of the Word.

5.- Mar. 13th and 27th _ AID Cuernavaca team will have more preparation meetings for April event. Since it will be the last seminar with the Lees (us) physically present, so the team is a bit sad and down in spirit, but we pray that God will keep them up with His Spirit to make forward AID ministry objectives into their heart and actions.

6.- Mar. 14th _ Coffee Break Mexico will have its annual regional training in Cuernavaca. Socorro Perez, who just entitled to be CB International speaker, will direct training sessions, along with Elaine’s assistance. May God put His words on their lips to bless our churches further with this ministry.

7.- Pray for all CB small groups as they continue with the study on Acts. Upon finish of this study, some groups don’t seem to continue due to leadership changes from Elaine to Socorro. It was expected, however. Socorro would need national fellow workers in order to continue and develop this ministry. Please pray for Rosario Meneses, Socorro Marquez, and Rosenda Gonzalez whose heart says yes for this ministry. May they commit times and resources to grow with this ministry at their churches.

8.- Mar. 22nd _ Abe will deliver His word at Shekinah church. Pastor Noe Santiago has gone through a difficult leadership conflict recently. May God be praised for His word woven on His church.

9.- Mar. 23rd _ Puerta de Cielo church received assisting fund for construction of two salons. Socorro Perez, the preacher, is happy to see it finish and now no more reason to worry about Sunday school space and rains, too.

10.- Pray for Filadelfia Church and pastor Gerardo Garcia. The church wants to grow in number and in spirit. May the pastor be more sensitive to the Spirit’s guidance through the living word.

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