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January 31, 2015

February 2015 Prayer Concert

We are back in Cuernavaca after a 5-week home service. We paid visits at Korean churches in California during this time. Our kids enjoyed the sunny Santa Monica pier and the snow-vested mountains on the other side of Los Angeles. It was cold for us though but exciting to fulfill God's timely creation work.

1.- Praise for God’s leading in the Coffee Break ministries. We’ve reinitiated groups to study the book of Acts (1 and 2). There are 8 groups that gather from Sunday to Thursday led by us. Two are men’s groups. May we all be more understanding better of the nature and roles of our church as well as ourselves becoming part of it. Pray for pastor Gerardo Garcia, who has shown conviction on the importance of improved ministries to men in his church.

2.- Pray for the Emmanuel youth who are planning a kermesse at El Nazareno (Jan. 31) and also praise the Lord for the weekly hospital visits the youth are being part of, including our children. They organize everything, from brewing coffee to giving away bread and giving the patient's family a word of encouragement and a smile.

3.- For the next four months, we will have a new group of Bible readers to study and read the Bible (starting Feb. 2, every Monday night). It will be done at Filadelfia Church (Downtown Cuernavaca). So far we have about 15 people signed up for this great group journey through the Word. May God encourage them to give a good start on their spiritual growth.

4.- The 14th AID seminar (God’s Image, April 10-11) will be announced officially as our ministry team gather to plan and pray for it on Feb. 6th. Pray that our volunteers grow in their spiritual walk by such act of serving in God’s kingdom.

5.- Young pastors will meet again each month to share their ministry experience and pray over struggles each of us has gone through. The next meeting is scheduled for the 16th. Pray that their commitment is strengthened by the Word of our Pastor and cheering friendship among colleagues in the heavenly community. Pray specially for Noe Santiago who is facing right now a tough situation over an elder's attitude at his church in whom he had deposited trust.

6.- We will do some training for teachers and women society at Jesus Vid Verdadera Church (Jesus True Vine church, pastor Moises Brito) during the four Saturdays in February. We will instruct them mainly with Tiempo Con Dios (daily devotional) and Coffee Break small group ministry. May God give us and Socorro Perez (another speaker) wisdom in sharing our AID ministerial vision.

7.- Aide Teodoro submitted herself for a surgery that may serve in her marriage growth and strength. She had (still has) a huge tumor (over 4kg) in her belly which half of it has just been taken out. It was too big to eliminate at once, so the other half will be removed in 3 months. In the meantime, her husband Eduardo, has shown his love language to her as he asks his church to pray for her and finding assistant for her in bed, which he had never done before. Their marriage is on the edge.

8. Pray for our daughter Naomi as she feels pressure on choosing her 12th grade school option. We are looking forward to relocate ourselves after this school year. May we boldly choose what’s the best for her in the eyes of God. May she grow emotionally and spiritually.

9.- Nathan is improving his artistic talents on drawing. He donated some of his work to missionaries. Surprisingly, he is now in American football. He is determined to train physically for the next five months. He joined a local junior team called Patriots. His position at the moment is right wing runner.

10.- Nahum had a small surgery due to the severe warts growing on his left foot. The foot doctor removed a dozen of them, all deeply rooted under his big toe. Pray that the healing will take place in time.

11.- Elaine and Socorro are going to Michigan for Coffee Break training. Socorro Perez needs to take this training to license for Coffee Break ministry in Mexico alongside of Elaine. So they are invited to take it at the end of the month.

12.- Big announcement! Following this summer we are moving to Tijuana (border with San Diego, CA). We have served here in Cuernavaca for almost 9 years. Watching local believers grow in word and spirit, we come to term that it's time for us to move on. Before we came here to Cuernavaca, God had given us a vision to serve in that challenging city Tijuana. It didn't work for us move there back then. However, after nine years God has opened a door for us to reconsider this option, and we received all the support from our mission board. So we will move out of Cuernavaca in early July, then we will have another brief home service in Michigan area. And then, we will settle down in Tijuana sometime in September or October. Pray for all this procedure.

Thanks for your warm greetings and our appreciation for your prayer and givings.

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