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September 09, 2014

September 2014 Prayer Concert

Back to school sales are over. The narrow streets are getting back to normal, but moms are busy yet to make adjustment to their daily schedules. It is our case as we start our routine ministries this month. Our Mexican churches are busy also with their annual Independence day celebration. May the Good Lord grant them the real sense of freedom for this people, as He tried hard to teach to the Israelites after Exodus.

Please join us to pray for the following.

1.- PRAISE for the 13th AID (God’s Image) Seminar which took place in Cuernavaca. We ministered to 59 participants including a big group from Nueva Jerusalen NPC, the biggest Presbyterian Church in Villahermosa, Tabasco. We are also grateful to God for new volunteers who showed passion to serve with us at the seminar. Our sincere thanks to Good Steward Church in Los Angeles, CA., for their many ways of support to this ministry.

2.- PRAY for Luis Ozuna, pastor of a church in the state of Durango. He took AID seminar and is willing to host it for his churches. He also showed great interest in Coffee Break ministry. If the Lord willing, it may be an opportunity for us to open a ministry center in northwestern region.

3.- PRAY for the most Coffee Break small groups that are back in study with the book of Acts I after summer break. We’ll be meeting together for the next 10 weeks exploring the life and faith of the early church. Right now we have 10 groups at churches (El Nazareno, Cristo Unica Esperanza, Shekinah, Filadelfia, Puerta del Cielo) and homes (Rosario and our home). May God continue to enrich believers and outreach the lost through these groups.

4.- PRAY for the start meeting of Follow-up Bible studies of AID ministry. We scheduled to meet on Sept. 20th, and we will likely a dozen groups meeting face to face or through Skype. Especially pray for a group of ladies coming from Mexico City. Three ladies (Patricia, Norma, Arcelia) liked the seminar so much, and they don’t want to miss any word taught through the seminar. Pray for their safe trip back and forth (about 2 hours each way).

5.- PRAISE for the group of Bible readers at Bethesda Church. It’s been a month reading the Bible together and more people have been added to the group. We now have 10 people faithfully walking through the biblical history and God’s lead. Lupita comes so excited every Saturday as she claims to read handful of chapters and understands the Story of God’s love.

6.- PRAISE for the joyful ordinations of Israel Melendez and Noe Santiago. Now they are official pastors and church planters of Emmanuel Presbytery. May God pour our His Spirit and power to boldly preach the gospel at their assigned churches.

7.- PRAISE for Saturday’s Seminary by Extension program. It has been teaching two years already that a half dozen people will graduate with a certificate. Pray for Thomas, Maria, Rosa, Ricardo, Manuel, Mario, Carmen, and Felix. The graduation will be on the 28th of month.

8.- PRAY for Keith (Elaine’s brother) and Elena who are coming to Cuernavaca to learn Spanish and Mexican culture as part of their mission preparation. They will stay here about six months.

9.- PRAY for a seminary student who will also come here but from Korea. Before graduating from her seminary, she wants to get the feel of a mission field. God led her to us to stay with us for a month. May God help her see His heart and passion for His people.

10.- PRAY for Abe’s health. Since last trip to Chiapas, he can’t walk well due to the damage on his left foot (Achilles). He got two collagen injections which seems respond positive. However it’s a long process to get healed completely. He is using clutches as a walking aid.

11.- PRAY for our Mexico field leadership transition. We give thanks to the Geurinks for their service, and now welcome the Giffords to their new role to lead the field.

12.- PRAY for Berea Theological Seminary in Palenque, Chiapas. Pastor Usias Arcos, president, has been nominated for this enormous work in leading this recently upgraded institution for the Ch’ol speaking churches of Chiapas. It was made due to the church growth in the region. We used to assist this seminary (it was an institute back in those years). Arcos asked us to pray for its need with books and teaching. There came 16 new students for 2014-15 school year.

13.- PRAY for God’s comfort to Veronica and her family. Her mom (Oliva) is at her last part of life due to her malfunctioning lung. She is expected to pass away soon, so the family is sad and needs His peace. Veronica enjoyed serving as a table leader at the recent AID seminar.

Thanks for walking with us to build God’s Kingdom in the hearts of our Mexican brothers and sisters.

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