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August 12, 2014

August 2014 Prayer Concert

(Writing from Palenque, Chiapas)

We drove down to Chiapas for a youth camp at which weeklong event Abe will lead a study on Jonah. It's hot here though, but enjoying so much the warm welcome hugs by old friends and church members. While we celebrate the love community of Christ, the city is turning into her saint patron, Guzman, as an annual celebration with her habitants. For this reason the streets are all packed with sellers and buyers.
Praise: Abe's trip to Korea went well. It was a time of blessing with the group of church leaders who are engaged with the 90 days Bible Reading Ministries. Pastor Joo decided to extend this ministry to be a global outreach program. So Abe will represent Latin American context. Following the training, Abe had a quality tiwm with his mom and some old seminary friends who are serving as faculty members at Gosin Theological Seminary.
Praise/Prayer: Emmanuel presbytery has elected new officials to serve the presbytery for the next two years. Pastor Hector Abarca, Jose Ocampo, Saturnino Arellano, and Israel Melendez. Please pray for them and their service. 
Please join us to pray for the following activities in August: 

a. 8/3-9: 1st Bicultural Outreach Camp! Youths from NCBC (San Jose, Ca) and youths from Cuernavaca are invited for a joint youth camp. It will be a time to exchange their faith and cultural challenges. Please pray for travel safety and throughout the camp week. Especially pray for their personal encounter with God.

b. 8/8: Abe was invited to a conference at Three women societies joint meetings (Centro Presbytery). Please pray that God's message be delivered in a convincing way to the ladies.

c. 8/9: The 90 days Bible Reading will start with a new group at Bethesda church. It will be every Saturday from 5-8pm for the next 16 weeks. We will be reading New Living Translation version.

d. 8/9: Israel Melendez will be teaching Christian Liturgy, last module of Seminary by Extension. Following this study, some students will graduate.

e. 8/9: Abe is appointed as Youth Pastor for presbytery youth group. He, along with youth leaders from churches, will have its first planning meeting.

f. 8/11 & 18: AID ministry will have training for table leaders and assistants for the upcoming God's image Seminar on Aug. 29-30.

g. 8/12: Coffee Break leader's meeting will be hosted at our home. As Coffee Break Bible study on Acts resumes in early September, we will have preparative meetings.

h. 8/16: Church multiplication network training for 3rd occasion. May all the participants continue to enrich and empower their understanding of healthy church.

i. 8/18: Our children are going back to school. Please pray that their new school year will be a blessing to them.

j. 8/24-27: Elaine will attend Global Coffee Break leaders meeting in Grand Rapids, MI. May the trip be fruitful and learning opportunity to enhance this ministry in Mexico.

k. 8/17 & 31: Our dearest brothers Noe Santiago and Israel Melendez will be ordained as Minister of the Word. They have successfully submitted and passed examinations and are now willing to offer themselves for the Vineyard work. While Santiago will be installed at Shekinah Church, Melendez look forward to continue working at Bethesda his father founded. Please join us to bless them with your prayer.

l. 8/29-30: The 13th God's Image seminar. We currently have 64 participants in the list and 20+ Mexican volunteers for the seminar. We will also have a group of volunteers from Good Steward Church, L.A., CA.  We urge to invite you to pray for our team member's spirit. As always, we are again facing numerous challenges individually and as families. We know that it enables us and makes us sensible to the Spirit working upon us and for the positive outcome of seminar. May God be glorified in the midst of all happening and doing.

Thank you for your prayers and email responses and greetings.

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August 04, 2014

Campamento Juvenil en Tiakil, Chiapas

Queridos jóvenes de Torre Fuerte,

Como se les prometi aqui subo las fotos del campamento. Favor de correr la voz para que todos puedan verlas. Dales un clic para Facebook o en Flickr...

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