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May 13, 2014

May 2014 Prayer Concert

Praise the Lord for His greater and so deep love shown on the cross. We’ve celebrated it with joyful praises and encouraging words from the Lord.

1. PRAISE_ AID Ministries traveled to a northern state of Mexico, San Luis Potosi! God had led us to the Mr. Lee works among small villages in the deserted area. He expressed how hard it was for him that feels like preaching to Joshua trees and bushes. As he expresses, “These people were impossible for changes” but now they are ever active and willing to serve others. The 30 participants will surely make impact to their hometowns (800 habitants). Most of them are their relatives. Right at this moment, there are 5 small groups revisiting seminar topics for a clear understanding of life.

2. PRAY_ Marcia Geurink will lead the Reformed Worldview seminar to our churches on June 6-7. Our ministry partner Rebeca Nuñéz de Aquino will host the seminar. May it be a blessing to our churches and leaders for a solid belief and teaching commitment for next generations.

3. PRAY_ Coffee Break Mexico ministries continue with new leaders search for more small groups. Pray that those who are already in leadership functions may continue to cultivate their skills for an effective ministry. PRAY also for the upcoming CB trainings with Sam Huizenga on June 13-14 here in Cuernavaca.

4. PRAISE_ for Elaine’s Sunday school teacher training at El Nazareno. Our teachers walked months through and has just finished. Her key principle in each session was to community commitment. She highlighted that working together as a team is as important as becoming powerful teacher.

5. PRAISE_ The 4th weekly BR90 group (Shekinah Church) has concluded another journey through the last chapters of the Bible. Elder Poncho, among others, has so much to say about the Bible. He loves the Bible, and now deepened by God’s love story written within it. Now the 9 people will continue to explore the Bible on their own.

6. PRAISE_ Following Men’s Book Club, we continue to gather together with Coffee Break materials. So we have 2 groups (at home and El Nazareno) among men and soon will add one more group at Cristo Unica Esperanza. We just printed the Book of Jonah to start fresh our CB ministries.

7. PRAISE_ Just came back from a spiritual retreat for pastors of Ch’ol speaking Presbytery in Chiapas. Encouraged them to walk thru the Bible.

8. PRAY_ Emmanuel Presbytery scheduled a training for church planters with Multiplication Network programs. May 17 has been set apart for this training, and we hope that each and every church planter understand the core principles of this program.

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April 2014 Prayer Concert

March has gone behind the time curtain. But it is good to remember and make notes on some happenings to praise the Lord of our time. It was a month of our constant moves to lead small groups at 7 churches and homes in 3 counties.

1. PRAISE_ Following the 11th God’s Image (AID) Seminar at Good Pastor Church in Villahermosa, Tabasco, there are five small groups (20+ participants) right away to walk through the 8 week Bible study. Elder Lorenzo and pastor Edgar coordinated for this growing process. Pray for their effective partnership for this ministry at their church!

2. PRAY_ Coffee Break Mexico ministries now face immediate needs of birthing into more groups for better study results. As we have repeatedly announced, this year we are targeting for 2-3 leaders and maybe 3 more groups and/or centers. May it gives its expected steps throughout the year. By the way, we now foresee CB leader training seminar in mid-June.

3. PRAISE_ Sunday school teacher training went well. Over 20 teachers from kindergarten, preschool, elementary, and junior-high school departments came to walk through Devotional spirituality in order to offer better care and nourishment to our next generations.

4. PRAISE_ The weekly BR90 group (Shekinah Church) is about to finish OT and projected to finish the entire Bible. Pastor Julio, like Beto, works at fortune physical work, often comes in sweat and dirt work cloth. His wife is also in the reading group. Both of them are also teaching their church following each session.

5. PRAY_ Men’s Book Club has ended. It will soon reopen but as Coffee Break men’s study group. We do have a group already at El Nazareno, but this time it will be open to men from any church background. May it also outreach non-Christians, too.

6. PRAY_ On the 24-25th of April, we will have the 12th God’s Image (AID) Seminar in El Coyote, San Luis Potosi, where our dear friend missionary Jay Lee ministers a handful churches in Mexican desert. The seminar won’t be big event since El Coyote is home to only 800 families. Our Cuernavaca ministry team is instructed and ready to hit the road. May our service be a blessing for this village and Lee’s ministry.

7. PRAY_ We will have annual spiritual retreat among CRC Mexico missionaries in Cd. Juarez. Abe will address a word of encouragement to students at All Nations Seminary. He prayerfully plans to talk on A Turtle With Dream Never Give Up.

8. PRAY_ On the Easter Sunday we will deliver the message of hope at two different churches. May it be a joyful celebration of the risen Lord who came into our lives. For early morning service at Cristo Unica Esperanza (Christ Only Hope Church) Elaine is invited to preach, as its custom here in Mexico that a female preacher deliver the message on that particular occasion.

9. PRAY_ We are prayerfully considering to bring Father School seminar into AID Ministries. For this to happen, we'd need to choose and send a number of future leaders for this ministry to men. We'd at least need 4-5 pioneers to start with. May God give us the spirit of discernment and encouragement!

In this month of hope and renewing power in the Lord uphold you as a true worshipper. The Lord is risen and rests in His worshipping community. Blessings in your in-and-out for His kingdom.

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