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March 12, 2014

February and March 2014 Newsletter

Please find below links to our February and March ministry newsletters. Please click on links to download it. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

English Newsletter March 2014

Korean Newsletter March 2014

English Newsletter February 2014

Korean Newsletter February 2014

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March 03, 2014

March 2014 Prayer Concert

Surely February is short, but full of God’s grace. We are so thankful to God for entrusting us for His kingdom endeavor. Please join us in pray and give thanks to God the Author of our life and sustainer of our relationships.

1. Our 11th God’s Image (AID) Seminar is another victory for the Lord. Compare to the previous event, it was just like the Israelites’ battle against Ai, small but costly struggle (Joshua 8). It was like Ai to us. We had only 35 participants but both our team and the local ministry team were not really ready to serve them. We started it so stressful for not having the final list at my hand. Praise team was like rice spread all over. The leader wasn’t mature enough to control and manage her work stress. However, God has made us walk through the 2-day event and at the end we learned the lesson—to create a working environment amongst us. When we do notice and catch the differences we are to understand and embrace each other. It was a great to work with the gifted people but with different personalities. Praise the Lord!

2. Coffee Break Mexico ministries continue to show steady growth with the average of 30 people attending every month at the 4 study centers. Especially our thanks for the leadership groups—Elaine leads on Tuesday mornings two assistants—Rebeca and Socorro. If everything goes well as we prayerfully planned for, its leadership will give birth sometime in September.

3. We will lead a Sunday school teacher training for a devotional spirituality. We plan to use and promote TcD lifestyle. A Korean congregation in the DF area extended their invitation to us, so we will serve them for this important element of our spiritual walk. It’s set for March 8-9.

4. Abe has led a weekly BR90 group (Shekinah Church) since mid January for Bible reading. We have significantly advanced and now we are on the 35th day of reading. We use NLT version for reading, and the group is happy for its easy translation. It’s worth to make emphasis on Beto’s effort. He works at construction sites. Whenever he can’t be at the group studies, he sends his wife to take all the notes and bring weekly reading materials for him.

5. Women's and Men’s Book Clubs use the book entitled Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Peter Scazzero). Though we mainly focus on the book topics, however a lot of ideas are being exchanged during the sharing. This literature enriches our readers to understand further God’s Image ministry objectives.

6. God’s Image (AID) Ministries need representative personnel. So we have come to vote for a directive on the 7th. May this decision mark a historical step to hand over leadership commitment from us (Lees) to the local ministry team.

7. Men’s Society at Puerta del Cielo RPC will have its second gathering. On March 11, Abe will share a topic on family spiritual health. May Gabriel, Abdias, and Pedro among others pursue heavenly wisdom for leading their families.

8. At the end of March, our children (NANANA) will have field trips to various states (Chiapas and Veracruz). We are a bit concerned for safety issues, but trust the Lord that He will give us peace for their outings.

May the Good Pastor of your soul walk through all the troubles of each day. Blessings.

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February 2014 Prayer Concert

Today, according to our tradition, is New Year Day. We didn't but most Koreans cook a white rice-cake soup, called Ttuk-gook. When I was little, believed to gain another year for each bowl of this soup. So good it never happened. It is the year of horse, meaning loyalty. Many believe that kids born in this year will have a horse character. May I be like the donkey, at least, for Balam-alike local partners to awake their and our spiritual eyes.

Please pray with us for the following throughout this month.

1. 2/1: Abe will be in Villahermosa for a leadership training of AID Ministry team at El Buen Pastor NPC. For the second year consecutive a group of church leaders are making efforts to bring the seminar and it's follow up study back to their congregation. In between seminars, they have also sent a number of people to take it in Cuernavaca. Now we are scheduled for the 11th seminar on February 21-22. Please pray for local leaders and coordinator, pastor Edgar and elder Lorenzo. From Cuernavaca there will be a team to join them in service and table leadership.

2. Elaine enjoyed the mission conference, KOSTA in Buenos Aires, with a special focus on bringing the Korean Diaspora in different parts of the world to God's ministries. There were 350 youth from the southern corner of South America. She delivered restorational messages using CB and God's Image ministries vision to outreach the wounded spirit to the loving Father. Not to mention, she also enjoyed the tasty Argentinian parillada.

3. Praise and continue to pray for Coffee Break Mexico ministries led by Elaine. It took off again with the average of 30 people attending the 4 study centers. The Genesis study has been so much blessing to all of us. Elaine will soon prayerfully designate some of her groups onto next generation leaders. It's about time to give birth. Pray for future leaders.

4. Abe leads a weekly BR90 group (Shekinah Church) for Bible reading. There are 10 determined people to walk toward this goal, they have missed it unfulfilled for many years so far. The reading consists of 1-2 hours of historical and theological explanation of the Bible and weekly reading assignment. As of now we finished the Pentateuch. Pastor Noe Santiago and his wife Rosa are also in the group.

5. Women's and Men’s Book Clubs restarted reading and sharing practical topics in group. Especially it's pleasing to witness how they learn each other while attending different denominational churches. We use Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Peter Scazzero). A lot of ideas are being exchanged and build up our perspective from and to each other.

6. Please continue to pray for B4 and Ministerial Fellowships among our local pastors. May they have understanding of each other's cultures and ministry styles that need respect and support. Especially pray for pastor Jose Ocampo and his leadership to us.

7. Pray for pastor Ricardo Aquino and his ministry at Emmanuel Church in town. His church has grown in number, and she needs to touch base on educational and spiritual need. May he be granted God's wisdom to fruitfully manage.

Thanks so much for your partnership with us in this most important task on the earth as God's children! Blessings on your walk in light!

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