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January 17, 2014

January 2014 Prayer Concert

Here we are…late, sorry. ☺ We took some days of year-end vacations, visiting our parents in Korea and Los Angeles. Abe and the 2 boys had made their way through to South Korea after 14 years of being on the east pacific side. Especially it was a blessing for Abe’s mom in her 70s had a dreamy encounter with her old son and her only grandsons. We also spent a week in LA with Elaine’s parents. While we’re there, her dad got into a car accident. However, we thank God that he is well and sound.

It’s another new year. May God pour His grace and peace on every desire we may have placed in front of His arms!

1. Our AID Ministries continue strong and growing. Thanks to God and our AID volunteers. We hope to have a formal leadership beside us (Lees). We will have first meeting of the year on the 17th.

2. Last month, Puerta del Cielo Church (Socorro Perez) threw a social service to her neighborhood. Out of such evangelistic activities, they won two teenagers and a family.

3. Praise and continue to pray for Coffee Break Mexico ministries led by Elaine. We’ve enjoyed so much of it last year with a regular assistance (30 or so). At New Year dawn, we welcomed them at 4-5 different places to study the second half of Genesis story.

4. Elaine will travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to speak at Latin America KOSTA 2014, organized by Kosta Korea. It is aimed to call younger generations among the Korean Diasporas in that continent for missions and ministry. May every and each listener at the event feel the authority of God’s Word and His presence.

5. BR90 has gathered a group of want-to-read Bible readers. They, as we all have done before, have set an annual goal to finish reading the Bible in the year. However, they have never reached the end to the completion. The eleven people showed up on the first study and are eager to finish the race. Bless them with our prayer.

6. Men’s Book Club started as well. Three men from three different churches (non-RPC) are dealing with spirituality themes that they have never talked about at their churches. It seemed very interesting, last Wednesday Moises Martinez (from a Pentecostal church) asked Abe to open a theological institution. Abe instead replied back with a good laughter.

7. AID leadership training trip to VHSA will happen on Jan 31-Feb 1. El Buen Pastor NPC will host one more time our AID 2-day seminar in February 21-22. In order to make this ministry happen we’d need local table-leaders trained beforehand. So Abe will travel overnight to meet 26 volunteers and encourage them with ministry tips.

8. B4 and Ministerial Fellowships. We have a fair number of young pastors searching new opportunities with a ready mind in Christ. They have matured stepping ahead in their spiritual attitude. They are much more thoughtful in doing and careful in being than last year. I am sure they are growing in their lifelong Christlikeness pursuit.

Thanks for your payer and gifts.

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