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November 26, 2013

Sept. & Oct. 2013 Newsletters

Please find below links to our September and October 2013 ministry newsletters. Please click on links to download it. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

English Newsletter September 2013

Korean Newsletter September 2013

English Newsletter October 2013

Korean Newsletter October 2013

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November 13, 2013

Prayer Concert, Nov. 2013

Greetings from the city of Eternal Spring,

We recently had 10th God’s Image (AID) Seminar in Tijuana (44 attendees). It’s been exact four years since this ministry has seen light in Cuernavaca. It started with 33 people. Then it continued adding more people. As of now, God placed in our ways about 700 people since then. Some of them came to the Lord’s feet, while others renewed their walk before Him. Among them we have a number of people joined to serve with us so many more in the years to come. We have 3 seminars lined-up in 2014. PTL!

Pray that AID (God’s Image) Ministry continue to be a blessing channel for many more people with spiritual and relational needs. May the unknown to Christ find their identity in Father’s creation, and those on marriage downhill restore their first vow on altar!

a. Pray for 10 small groups for the 8-week follow-up Bible studies and its leaders—Jose Ocampo, Ricardo Ocampo, Lorenzo Curiel, Rebeca Núñez, Paloma Abe, Socorro Perez, Rouss Gonzalez, Lorenzo Vazquez (Villahermosa), Jay Lee (San Luis Potosi), Elaine and Abe. Good reports are coming to our attention.

b. Pray for the San Luis Potosi group led by Jay Lee. They finished all 8 sessions. Chuy and Margarita continue to display changes in them that impact and lead their family to Christ. We’re planning on next seminar in SLP in April 2014.

c. We will have the annual ministry team evaluation and new year planning on the 15th.

d. We will have Christmas dinner on December 6. It will also be a fund-raising dinner for next year’s seminars. A volunteer donated a new Coffee Maker (Nestle Dolce). We’ve had a dozen of people for each seminar whose needs are greater than their financial shortage. So we’d like to raise a fund to help those in such needs.

e. Pray for our book club. We are now about to start with third book, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Peter Scazzero). AID Seminar themes are now expanding to spirituality. God wants to bless us with His daily presence.

Pray for Coffee Break groups. Elaine plans to finish Genesis part 1 on time before the holidays. Rouss (El Nazareno) is with much positive attitude to life. She used to give up often, but now she fights against her low-esteem.

Pray for Socorro Perez who has been successfully passed the Presbyterial examination and now accepted as “misionera” (female evangelist). She did also present a 2013-14 ministry plan at Puerta del Cielo missions to COMUNI. She will do anything to make this missions strengthen and firmly grow in 2013-15.

Pray for Rev. Pablo Lee and All Nations Seminary (Cd. Juarez). He has scheduled to visit Cuernavaca to introduce his seminary and for promotion of newly published devotional, Vida en El (Life in God). We are glad to share and promote the same interest—encouraging God’s people read the Living Word.

We just celebrated our 18th anniversary for which we are grateful to God. He has been faithful and patient with us and to our family. Now our joy continues over the celebration of Elaine’s birthday. May God throw a heavenly party for her in this day here on the earth.

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayer and on-time giving. God bless you!

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