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October 26, 2013

Prayer Concert, Oct. 2013

1._ Bible Reading in 90 days group has just finished a marathonic journey to the Bible. It took 4 months. All were seven people on the journey. Today we shared foods and testimony each other to celebrate the journey together. Pray for Socorro, Lorena, Ingrid, Brenda, Coral, Yanelli, and Esdras, whose spiritual walk will continue to grow after the reading. (http://flic.kr/p/ghtM5W)

2._ Praise for 7-10 small groups for the 8-week follow-up Bible studies. Our table-leaders are serving those who have expressed interest in learning further stages of spiritual renewal. Pray for our leaders—Jose Ocampo, Ricardo Ocampo, Lorenzo Curiel, Rebeca Núñez, Paloma Abe, Socorro Perez, Rouss Gonzalez, Lorenzo Vazquez (Villahermosa), Jay Lee (San Luis Potosi), Elaine and myself. This will make us walk through till the end of year.

3._Pray for Image of God book club continues to be a blessing to a number of church ladies with wounded heart. The second book, Healing Is a Choice, has become a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to encourage and minister their heart.

4._We are scheduled for 10th Seminary (Image of God, Oct 18-20) but in Tijuana, this time. Our ministry team will also go with us to serve. May God continue to touch our leaders to grow in the Lord and serve others with love.

5._Continue to pray for Coffee Break study on Genesis (12 sessions). Elaine has 4 groups from Tuesday night to Friday morning. She also has a Korean-speaking Coffee Break group via Kakaotalk. Especially pray for Aide Teodoro, whose spiritual eyes opened in Bible learning and is facing her marriage issues. May God continue to give her His wisdom.

6._Pray for seminary by extension (Saturdays). Abe is teaching New Testament. Pray for our 5 students to equip for coming God’s Kingdom in their home and church. They are Tomas Arellano, Juan Francisco Martinez, Manuel Garcia, Mario Antonio Gaspar, and Maria de Refugio Najera. Although their initial thought is to teach others, their marriage and family need the power of the Word they learn every weekend.

7._Pray for our pastoral mentoring, B4 (Four Boys). Our young pastors gather together to share their prayer needs and reflect on pastoral topics. This month we started to share our views on challenging topics of Not A Fan. However, it is growing in numbers from B4 to B4G3 (Four boys and three girls) due to the seminary students from our presbytery.

8._Pray for the Bethel Series that will be offered to 40-50 pastors from Charismatic movement. On Oct 29, Abe will assist the study, which will take place in Mexico City. May God pour His Spirit and wisdom to minister them with the Word.

9._Pray for Socorro Perez who will face Presbyterial examination on the 30th. She is All Nations Seminary graduate and has worked for a year in our Presbytery. After approving her service, the presbytery officially asked her to take this examination to become a preacher.

10._Pray for Keith and Elena (Elaine's brother) who, after a 6 month mission training, are in search of ministry site in Mexico. They are looking at Guadalajara, Mexico City, or Cuernavaca for now. May they sense God’s leading and choose the right place to serve Him.

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayer and graceful giving.

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