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August 22, 2013

July 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Please find below links to our latest ministry newsletter. Please click on links to download it. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

Newsletter July 2013

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August 08, 2013

Prayer Concert, August 2013

July was full of ups-and-downs. So grateful we are to see our growing teenagers voluntarily serving, for the first time, at a number of VBS. Until last year they were among little kids drawing and memorizing Bible verses, but this year the picture has changed. They ran here and there to assist teachers. As time goes by, some day they will replace them. ☺ However, Elaine had nightmare while in LA. She had an expensive cup of coffee at McDonalds at cost of her wallet. She lost, among others, her visa card to come back to Mexico. So she had to wait and wait and wait. And we had to wait too for her to come back. It was long weeks for all of us. In the midst of all, God was there to comfort us.

Please join us in praise and prayer for the following causes:

1._Praise that Bi-annual Coffee Break Conference in California was an encouraging and comforting time for Elaine to fire up once again her passion for CB ministry and to free up from what had happened at McDonalds. The Psalm study at the conference helped her to focus on God’s mercy and love. Starting September we will study the book of Genesis (12 sessions), which is still in translation process. Pray for Rebeca, a future leader, who has already initiated two groups since last week.

2._Bible Reading in 90 days group (Monday nights) is now at 50% of reading schedule. Among readers, Yanelli is pregnant due at the end of September by which time we’d finish the reading, too. She is so excited to give her baby-girl prenatal training with Bible reading. Her baby will probably be the first baby to read the entire Bible in womb. Pray for her healthy pregnancy.

3._Praise for an opportunity to present a class on Christian values to a group of Samsung saleswomen.

4._Praise for seminary by extension (Saturdays). Pastor Ocampo is teaching for the entire months of July and August. The five students are setting apart every Saturday afternoons for this purpose.

5._Pray for the Image of God ministries. ---
(1) We continue with fasting for the upcoming God’s Image seminar (August 30-31 in Cuernavaca). As usual, we face a lot of trial as we prepare the heavenly feast. May our volunteers overcome all the trials on their ways. We still don’t have list of participants, but pray that God will send His wounded people to restore their joy of being His sons and daughters. We hope to have a minimum of 50 participants.
(2) Praise that we’ve had leadership training for Image of God ministries. We all reconfirmed that the servanthood is the most important element in our ministry. About 20 people were at the training and shared it to be an enriching time.
(3) Praise for Abe’s visit to LA for another teachable seminar for Image of God ministries. Good Steward Church has developed it, too, and led her members for the last 3 years. Their participants are searching for a healthy family and church life following the seminar.

6._Praise for a hymn class. A group of members asked Elaine to teach new hymns. Four hymns were taught and they were eagerly following the instruction. May the words of each hymn lead their spiritual growth!

7._We will visit churches in Villahermosa and Palenque. Pastor Francisco Lopez is celebrating his 50 years of pastoral ministry (Aug. 17). He will gather all the Ch’ol pastors to give thanks for the growth of their churches in the area. Abe will deliver a message. El Buen Pastor church is encouraging herself to raise more leaders in healing ministry. We will train them on the 15th. Pray for a safe trip back and forth.

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayer and graceful giving.

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