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July 02, 2013

Prayer Concert, July 2013

NANANA FAMILY’s prayer concert for July 2013

As the graduation season is around, our family also enjoys as Naomi finished her 9th grade. Ever since her kindergarten years, she had no joy of walking on the platform to cheer for her academic achievement. This is the first time ever. We had hoped but always missed it due to our periodic home service schedules. She really enjoyed her walk this time!

Please join us in praise and prayer for the following causes:

1. Praise for the group of 20+ pastors and leaders in El Coyote, San Luis Potosi, who decided, following Tiempo Con Dios seminar, to tithe their time to God. They will love more through the reading of the Bible; and it’s not for preaching but to nourish themselves.

2. Praise and pray for Coffee Break ministries and its small groups. They are on vacations for summer, and Elaine is at Annual Coffee Break Conference in California (June 27-29) to learn more and foresee the future of this ministry in Mexico. At the conference, she met more people interested in this ministry abroad in Latin America. May she have enriched her vision! – However, Elaine is still in Los Angeles to get her return visa due to the robbery happened up there. Her wallet got stolen with all her picture IDs while in LA. Please pray for her patience and God’s grace on our need as family.

3. Bible Reading in 90 days group (Monday nights) is at 25% of reading schedule. Pray for 5 people, among others, who are faithful with the reading and entertaining each night with a bunch questions from the reading. Praise the Lord for their hunger and thirst for the Word.

4. Pray for a brother who had taken follow-up study via Skype with Abe. However, for the last two weeks we couldn’t get in contact to finish it up. No phone calls, no email replies… Pray that he is under God’s powerful wings all the time!

5. Praise for seminary by extension (Saturdays). Our Presbytery decided for major modification to suit better its field’s need. Instead of teaching the Bible academically, now we want something simple and practical.

6. Our God’s Image ministry team started once again Prayer in fasting to strengthen the 9th God’s Image seminar (August 30-31 in Cuernavaca). May God guard them as they humbly commit to serve His kingdom! May there be many testimonies to tell of God!

7. RPC’s Seminary graduation service saw five graduates, of whom Israel Melendez and Noe Santiago are from our Presbytery. We blessed them for their dedication for the heavenly call. May God continue to anoint them with His Holy Spirit!

8. We will have annual leadership training (July 26-27) for God’s Image Ministries staff. It will enrich our team to consciously minister better. Pray for our guest speaker.

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayer and graceful giving.

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