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June 10, 2013

Prayer Concert, June 2013

Our three children had their birthday celebrations for the year. We couldn’t throw a huge party or give expensive electronic devices like Mexicans are accustomed for every occasion, not to mention their school friends. Instead, our kids were very considerate of our economic situations. We are so proud of them. They prefer to go out to a family restaurant for a meaningful dinner. Surely as the psalmist praises, children are gifts from God! We’ve learned a lot about the grace of God through them. Praise the Lord! Now as we step into the month of graduation and its related celebration, our mind is busy but released from much economic burdens.

Please join us in praise and prayer for the following causes:

1) Praise and pray for Coffee Break ministries and its small groups on weekdays. They continue to walk through the story of Esther since May, developing much fun out of their gatherings. There are an average of 30 people continuously taking the study at the following centers led by Elaine. In addition, there are two more groups led by two other leaders (Rebeca and Socorro).
- Tuesday night at Filadelfia NPC
- Wednesday morning at Felix’s home
- Thursday night at El Nazareno RPC
- Friday morning at Jesus La Unica Esperanza NPC

2) Pray for the Annual Coffee Break Conference in California (June 26-29). Elaine will attend the conference. Pray that she will enrich her passion for this ministry to enhance the ministry with Mexican churches.

3) Starting June 3, another Bible Reading in 90 days will be launched at Jesus La Unica Esperanza NPC. Our plan is to lead the readers for the next 5 months at the most. Please pray for the Word to be kept in their mouth and mind! May they be brought to the Lord’s feet as the reading progresses!

4) Praise for God’s Image Follow-up studies offered via Skype. Every Tuesday night, Abe has seen Angel Rivas who lives in Durango. We’ve shared the half of the studies exchanging each other’s heartfelt life stories. God has been gracious to us via such electronic communication.

5) Following the 8th God’s Image Seminar held in Villahermosa, Tabasco, a good number of the 86 attendees is taking the follow-up studies at which they experience further healing from relationship burdens.

6) Praise for the growth of seminary by extension. Our students (Mario, Maria de Refugio, Manuel, Tomas, Francisco) are now studying Christian doctrine with pastor Nain de Jesus. We pray that they will serve their churches as they gain more knowledge of God.

7) Our ministry team has been gathering on monthly basis for our next seminar (August 30-31 in Cuernavaca). We’ll have next meetings on June 28 and July 26-27. Please pray especially for the July meeting. We are planning leadership training for table leaders to recognize the importance of their preparation and attitude as table leaders and enhance their skills to lead the group at their tables.

8) Praise God for God’s Image Book Club. The seven ladies meet every Tuesday morning to share their personal insight from the reading. They are about to finish with the book, Cambios Que Sanan (Changes That Heal by Henry Clouds).

9) Pray for TcD seminar (with a study on 1 & 2 Timothy) in Matehuala-San Luis Potosi (June 7-8). It will be offered for a group of 30 church leaders in this desert area. May the Word of life pour on them as a spring of living life!

10) Pray for the graduation service of our Seminary students on June 16. Israel Melendez and Noe Santiago (from our Presbytery) have finished their 3-4 year academic training and soon will be assigned a church to minister.

11) Naomi will graduate from the middle school. Next year she will be 10th grader. Nathan and Nahum are also working hard to finish well their school year.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayer and graceful giving.

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