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December 20, 2012

The Best Gift Ever!!!

I(Elaine) have known Aide for 6 years now. However, we never had a personal and deep talk. So our friendship was very superficial. One Sunday, I went to her church to introduce Coffee Break Ministry. I shared what had happened to other ladies while studying Ruth. They have improved their relationship with mother-in-law. This called her attention, so she decided to join us. 

On her way to church for the first Coffee Break Bible study, Aide’s husband asked her, “Are you going to the study? Why? Do you have problems with my mom?” She didn’t answer him. At the study, she broke into tears. She had desperately longed for her mother-in-law’s loving care. To gain it, she had done everything she can but no with success.

Two weeks later Aide shared her testimony. She said, “Last Thursday, my husband wanted to take me to his mom’s house for breakfast.” Her mother-in-law had never invited Aide for breakfast. She was so surprised by the invitation, but she couldn’t make it. For her surprise, her mother-in-law sent her hot breakfast. On top of it, she wished her birthday, which she celebrated a month ago and gave her a little gift box. She opened it. There was money. It was for her to buy whatever of her choice.

Aide learned that God had brought Coffee Break in an opportune time to her life. She confessed that God has healed her wounded heart; and God gave a place in her mother-in-law’s heart for her. She also recognized that she had always been under God’s wings. He was there always! She also found wisdom how to get along with her mother-in-law.

We ‘Nanana family’ wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year. May this time of year you restore in Christ all the broken relationship and dialogues. May Jesus be the gift from the High!

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Updated Newsletters (Sept-December 2012)

Please find below links to our latest ministry newsletter. Please click on links to download it. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

Newsletter November-December 2012

Newsletter October 2012

Newsletter September 2012

Thanks for your ongoing support with prayer and giving. Blessing!

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Prayer Concert Dec. 2012

Praise God for the recent God’s Image Seminar (Nov. 16-17) that ensured once again to us all that God is the key for our happy life. The 64 participants experienced the beauty of being a son/daughter of God. It returned a smile on their face, and thanks on their lips. They came with a dubious attitude, "What good can happen to me?” but returned home with tearful eyes and thankful heart. Job’s confession has become theirs (Job 42:5). By experiencing God’s nearness as our dearest Father, their faith has been proved once again. We’ve also enjoyed on Dec. 1 a Reunion to share updated testimony. About 30 people showed up to report their steady growth. From January 2013 we will lead 6 small groups with the related Bible studies for eight weeks. Our six groups will be led by table leaders—Jose, Felix, Ricardo, Rebeca, and us.

The YWAM Discipleship Training School at ANC Onnuri Church sent a learning group to us. The Dynamic Team came looking for an experience of God’s nearness in their spiritual walk. During two weeks of stay, they learned to depend on His lead, and we thanked God for the team as they struggled each other in community life, but overcome differences each one represents.

Please bear us in your December prayers.

1) As we’ve reported in the past newsletters, our Coffee Break has grown up to four small groups, two of which is now on winter break and another two will also be after the last session on Jonah this week. Pray that about 30 people will not only be hearers of the word but doers. Please pray for Elaine as she needs to make more textbooks during the winter vacations.

2) Our Bible readers are gathering every Saturday. We will also take a yearend break and continue early January. May they keep their ever-increasing interest in the Word.

3) Dec. 6-8 will be dates to hold a biblical prayer seminar. Emmanuel presbytery has compromised to not only attend but to get involved more in spirituality ministry. May it help our leaders to fire up as the Prayer Summit did to CRC.

4) We will have a Christmas dinner at our house for God’s Image ministry volunteers. About 30 volunteers will get to go each other and their families. It will be a time to thank and cheer-up as a team. We will also enjoy the Mexican Christmas foods and drink.

5) Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in DF and our local Bible school will end their semester these days. Pray for our students to take good rest and refresh their readiness in Christian service.

6) At last, we wish God’s overflowing blessing to you, too. In between Christmas trees and colorful light bulbs you would find the very presence of the Lord who desires to meet you in person.

7) Are you looking for a way to bless anyone with a gift? How about to give a warmth hug to our God’s image ministry volunteers? Over the past three and a half years our team has served more than 400 participants. Our volunteers depend on their daily earning but had denied in order to serve others at their own expenses. They are learning to joyfully celebrate God’s grace in other’s life setting. Your prayer and giving would be cheerleader for them to continue to be a love letter to others. Thank you! Bless you!

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Prayer Concert Oct. 2012

Mexican September has always been babied here. They never fail to celebrate Independence Day (Sept 16). Most churches actively respond by shouting the salute, and enjoying with the T foods: tacos, tostadas, tortillas, etc. Now its over, and time to get back to busy October. Please join us in praise and prayer as follow.

1. Our God’s Image Ministry team is out to recruit participants for the upcoming seminar scheduled for November. We agreed to fasting everyday (one person a day) until the event day. Pray that we would once again see God’s move through our prayer.

2. Our presbiterial meetings in Zitlala, Guerrero, were a bit challenging due to heavy topics we discussed for hours. But we thanked God for we all learned to submit one another and respect matters that had already been spoken for.

3. Praise for pastor Hector’s leadership to his fellow pastors. He saw the need to reform his own way of doing church. He started to understand what it means to lead a healthy community of the Lord.

4. Praise for Socorro’s answered prayer. She will join us soon as is assigned to work at Puerta del Cielo missions.

5. Our visa is in progress. So far, everything is in order. However, we have a lot of activities in October that involves several travels. We hope to get it in time.

6. We will host a medical team, eye doctors, in Palenque, Chis. (Oct. 6-13). Last year, they have provided over a hundred people recover their sights. This year we expect to welcome and treat at least 120 patients. Pray that God will place His hands on every move of this group. May there be a lot of wholehearted praise.

7. We will lead a conference on Tiempo Con Dios (TcD) at Agape Missions Church in Tijuana (Oct. 18-20). Pastor Alberto hopes to raise healthy leaders whose leadership will let the congregation experience the next chapter of their growth and outreach.

8. Please continue to pray for our five new seminary students (Asiel, Hernan, Abner, Elidet and Gilda). May they be fired on loving God’s church through studies of His word.

9. Early November we will have a YWAM DTS team down to learn about our ministries in Cuernavaca. This team is looking for an opportunity to grow in the Lord and bear God’s passion.


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