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September 15, 2012

July & August 2012 Newsletter

Please find below links to our latest ministry newsletter. Please click on links to download it. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

Newsletter July 2012 .

Newsletter August 2012 .

Thanks for your ongoing support with prayer and giving. Blessing!

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September 03, 2012

Sept. 2012 Prayer Concert

As August is history, the long summer vacation is officially over. Kids are back to school and we find extra hours for a cup of coffee and to sit down in front of computer. Churches are back in their routine activities and now we encourage them continue to walk in holiness. God is ever good and loving father to all of us. Praise the Lord!


1. Though it did not turn out as we hoped for, we praise God for the cheerful farewell of Alejandro from Maranatha Church. Pray that he would find new call to develop his passion for pastoral ministry. At the same time, he would need to improve his personal skills, too.

2. Praise for Coffeebreak Ministry Elaine has launched last month in Mexico. She now represents it officially in Mexico and will pursue to raise small group ministry leaders. She started it with two groups, one in Temixco area (Wednesday morning with 12 attendees) and another in Cuernavaca (Thursday evening with 11 ladies and 7 men which is led by Abe). We are studying the book of Ruth. We have only two books available in Spanish: Ruth and Luke. Pray for Elaine to be sensible to God’s guidance in leading this ministry; for attendees to experience the sweetening power of God's Word; and for more books to be translated and published.

3. Praise for the safe border trip. Now our vehicle is updated. God kept us under His wings to make every mile (actually 800 miles per way) a praiseful advance. The “Stepping Stone,” where we stayed in Laredo, Texas, was an angelic arm to us. The landlord’s heart is as big as Texas. Thanks.

4. Our three kids are in junior high as of this year. While on home service, they were so eager to be back with their school friends. So happy they are now. Its been two weeks so far, and enjoying it so much. Interestingly, they decided to set alarm and actually wake up at 5:10 every morning to get ready for school, take breakfast, and do the Tiempo Con Dios. Pray for their spiritual growth, too. May they be the salt and the light wherever they are at and not be ashamed of the Gospel.


1. Pray for second generation of 90-Day-Bible-Reading that will soon initiate in Temixco Area.

2. Pray for the upcoming 7th God's Image Seminary here in Cuerna. We will have first meetings (Aug. 31) among volunteers to share one another their updated stories of personal growth and prepare for the event in November.

3. Pray for upcoming presbiterial meetings in Zitlala, Guerrero (Sept. 7-9). Our special request would be for safety on highways to and from the meeting site as we often hear happenings in this unstable neighbor state. Pray also for our pastors to witness His loving kindness before, during, and post meetings. May God pour His passion onto us for His Kingdom development.

4. Pastor Hector and Abe will lead a study for pastors and elders at Presbytery meetings. Pray that we will vigorously speak to them so they'd seriously take next ministry steps.

5. Pray for our Saturday Seminary extension and students. For these 4 mos, they will study with pastor Jose Ocampo.

6. Pray that Socorro Perez (a ANS grad) make a wise decision on her ministerial opportunity at a local church here in Cuerna.

7. It is now about that time to renew our missionary visa. Last year, it went so complicate. Pray that it will be smooth and fast.

8. Elaine will speak on worship at a women society in Shekinah Church (Sept. 22). Pray for God's leading through her preparation and sharing in order to encourage and motivate them to spiritually aware and look for growth.

9. Pray for our seminary students, especially for the 4 new students (Asiel, Hernan, Abner, and Gilda). All of them are very young and eager to grow in the Word. Pray for our teachers to be faithful tools for them to take as role model.

Thanks for continue to make us believe in the power of prayer!!!

The Lee family

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August 2012 Prayer Concert

Please join us in praise and prayer for the month of August as follow. May we all say be lift up to His presence as a pleasant fragrance.


a. Praise for another wonderful Home Service we just finished. Now we are back home, settled, and reengaged to many daily routine things.

b. Praise for our children's school and Taekwondo classes. They are all accepted to the same school so we will not drive over the town once the school starts. Their taekwondo is getting back in shape. They will soon have exams, for which are working hard.

c. Praise for our Emmanuel Presbytery's pastors. They have continued to keep themselves closer and connected for a better ministry relationship.

d. Praise that Jireh(9, Bethesda Church) who dianosed cancer but is now free of it after chemo therapy. Not to mention, hundreds of people have prayed for her and God truly answered our prayers for good.

e. Praise for our pastor Saturnino's wife (Lupe) and her post-partum health improvement.


1. Praise that Maranatha Church's consistiry has accepted to reconciliate with their Obrero Alex Lopez who bombed with his ressignment letter for some inconfirmity issues. He barely served 6 mos, though his original term was 3 years. We sat down this morning for hours to hear the issues and offered them some thoughts to improve the situation. Pray for them to take in actions for the sake of the church's wellbeing.

2. Pray for a number of churches with their VBS weeks: El Nazareno, Maranatha, and Shekinah.

3. Pray for Coffeebreak Ministries that Elaine is part of. At August Pastor's meetings, she shared her vision and invited them to welcome it into their church ministries. Elaine is gathering translated materials and will make more stuffs ready to be used.

4. Pray for second generation of Bible Readers that will soon initiate in Temixco Area.

5. Pray for the site search for the upcoming 7th God's Image Seminary here in Cuerna. Thank God for a seminar done while on Home Service at All Nations Seminary in Cd Juarez. There were about 100 participants and 50 volunteers to serve.

6. Pray for our upcoming border trip to reimport our mission vehicle. Pray for safe trip.

7. Pray for upcoming preachings at number of churches in August.

8. Pray for our Saturday Seminary extension and its students. For these 4 mos, they will study with pastor Jose Ocampo and obrero Alejandro Lopez(to be decided).

9. Pray for Obrero Abdias Rodriguez (Puerta del Cielo Congregation) whose ministerial future is unknown as he faces some ethical issues.

Thanks and God bless you.

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