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November 18, 2011

New missionary page

Our mission agency has given a fresh touch on missionaries page, so here it goes our page. Please click here for Abe & Elaine at crcna.org. Thanks for looking and God bless your Christian walk.

It will lead you to ...

We see the CRCNA sharing God’s given knowledge and talents with Presbyterian churches and other evangelical communities in Cuernavaca and Morelos-Guerrero States, and also Chiapas State, so that the life-giving Gospel of Christ will be heard, families in crisis will be restored, and Christian communities will grow in faith and deepen their social responsibilities.

Our mission in Cuernavaca and beyond is to witness the living message of Jesus Christ by representing the CRCNA and assisting the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Mexico (RPCM) and other evangelical churches. Cuernavaca has known for its unceasing influences, in every area, from Mexico City, the world second largest city.

Since 2006, we’ve worked alongside the RPCM in Cuernavaca. Our main ministerial focus has been leadership development, spirituality ministries, and family ministries.

a. Leadership Development: (a) Develop a friendship-based community among pastors and church leaders through monthly fellowships and mentoring; (b) Assist Saturday Seminary-by-extension Center (Cuernavaca), seminary teaching at Reformed Theological Seminary of Mexico (Mexico City), and teach at Chiapas Bible Institutes and AMICH (Mission Agency of Chiapas); and (c) Coordinate a number of leadership seminars on demand.

b. Spirituality Ministries: (a) Coordinate and lead “Image of God seminar” ministries in and beyond Cuernavaca. Each year at least 100 people come to renew their spiritual identity and restore their family relationships through this ministry; and (b) Promote a Bible-friendly culture and church communities - “Have it, love it, and live it!” through activities such as Bible writing, Bible reading in 90 days, and daily devotions with “Living Life” (Tiempo con Dios, http://www.duranno.com/livinglife/english_su06.asp).

c. Family Ministries: (a) Coordinate seminars on family-related themes; (b) Counsel couples in crisis, and (c) Provide resources on family-related topics.

We praise God for His work around the world and the privilege of serving Him. Thank you for your prayers, generosity and support for our ministry with Christian Reformed World Missions. Together, by the grace of God, our efforts are transforming lives and communities worldwide. Thank you.

Email: slee@crcna.org (Abe), chiapslee@gmail.com (Elaine)
Personal Website (English): www.nanana.org
Personal Website (Korean): http://nanana2.blogspot.com/

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November 06, 2011

2011 November Prayer Concert

The 100th Vision Care Eye Campaign by Vision Care Service (free eye surgeries) and The Open Door Presbyterian Church (Medical missions) were a great aroma for God. The 126 people (Chiapanecos) received free cataract and pterygium surgeries and 750+ outpatients received medical attention.

Among them, Alejandro Herrera (17) who had lost his sight 5 years ago from an injury, came with last hope after had seen 9 doctors who unanimously turned him down. Our VCS doctors weren't sure neither if his optic nerve was still intact. After the surgery, they informed the young man that if he sees the next day, then his eye sight will be recovered. But if not, his optic nerve has been permanently damaged and there is no more hope. Hearing this, Alejandro and we all cried. We all laid our hands on him and doctors and prayed for God's mercy. Next day early morning, Elaine asked him, "Do you see anything?" "Yes," he replied, "I can see." At time, we all shouted with joy and gave thanks to God.

Our 5th the Image of God Seminar is now history. We are thankful for the 34 participants who have identified their life wounds and who made commitments to restore their damaged image of God by the Holy Spirit. We are so grateful and thankful for our 25 ministry team members who served wholeheartedly once again.

Please pray for the following items:

1. Tuesday nights: We only have 10 days worth of Bible reading. Planning to finish in 4 weeks. We are so thankful for those who have come faithfully to read His word since last February.

2. Thursdays: Abe is giving 2 classes at the Reformed Seminary in Mexico city. Continue to pray for the students as they are preparing themselves to His calling.

3. Saturdays: Please pray for the Bible institute. Pastor Hector and Melendez are lecturing this time. Pray also for our 6 students.

4. Nov. 3-5: Annual Missionary Meetings in Mexico City. Pray that the sharing each other's ministry and planning for the next year will go well. May we all hear the calling, "Come to Macedonia and help us" and act upon the call.

5. Nov. 5-19: We will host a DTS team from All Nations Church. After several months of lectures, this will be their field service. Pray that they will apply what they have learned, guided to follow God's lead, and at the same time be blessing to our Mexican churches.

6. Nov. 5: Monthly Pastor's meeting. Some pastors have confessed that these meetings have been a blessing to them in person and in ministry. PTL!

7. Nov. 9-12: Our Mexican partner churches will have their annual synod meeting in Chiapas. Pray for all the delegates and the business matters and may be glorified in every single business matters they will deal.

8. Nov. 11: Among the evangelical churches in Mexico has been scheduled a prayer meeting at the Azteca Stadium (capacity of 100,000 people) in Mexico City. Please join us in praying for Mexico. Pray for the safety issues, new presidential election in 2012, etc.

9. Nov. 14: Abe along with three young pastors (Alex, Hector and Israel) will have their monthly meeting. It is a peer mentoring meeting.

10. Nov. 25: We were invited to a marriage seminar. May God give us words to speak to; and those who come and listen would be blessed and will enhance their marriage.

11. Nov. 26: We are scheduled for the Image of God seminar reunion. The 34 participants plus our service staffs will come together once again to share and pray. After this reunion, we will divide them into small groups and start the 8 week follow up Bible study. Pray that God will touch their hearts to continue with this study.

12. Missionary Garcia. Sam and his family plan to go to Spain as long term missionaries and have applied for the visa. But the visa was granted only to Sam. Sam will have to leave within a month as the Spain Embassy offered him the option. Unfortunately, he needs to leave his wife and daughters behind not knowing when they will get the visa. Please pray for them. He will work for the African immigrants.

13. Our visa: We have not received our visa yet. It's been almost 2 months. Please continue to pray for it.

13. Our children: Pray for their physical and spiritual growth and their studies. Especially for Nathan, who needs our extra prayers at this moment with his studies.

Thanks from the bottom of our heart for your sacrificial prayers. To send out this monthly prayer letter is our joy. It is also an encouragement for us and for our ministry knowing that many people are with us in prayers to boldly expand God's kingdom and strengthen His people. Thanks and blessings.

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