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October 12, 2011

Summer 2011 Ministry pictures updated

We have uploaded pictures taken during this last summer. Please visit at the links below (click on each picture) to explore through what our Service & Learning Teams (SLT) have done so far this past summer to benefit our ministries in Cuernavaca and Chiapas. Praise the Lord for their courage and sacrificial services. Thanks so much for visiting us and encouraging our ministries. The pictures are in order of their visits.

1) Spiritual Renewal - The 4th God's Image Seminar held in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo (July 15-16)

2) Los Angeles Christian Presbyterian Church (Los Angeles, CA)'s medical missions in Chiapas (July 19-24)

3) Urim CRC (Irvine, CA)'s VBS ministry in Temixco (August 9-12)

4) Hanbit CRC (Detroit, MI) & All Nations Community Church (Toledo, OH)'s prayer ministry and street evangelism in Cuernavaca (August 13-19)

5) All Nations CRC (LA) His' Vision 800's worship ministry in Cuernavaca (September 22-24)

6) Vision Care Service's Eye care campaign and Open Door Presbyterian Church (Herndon, Va)'s medical ministry in Chiapas (October 3-7)

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2011 October Prayer Concert

From Cuernavaca

The month of September has been a time of blessing as a family and ministry. Our lovely kids were able to meet their grandparents and uncle in Tijuana while daddy was teaching and preaching at a local church there. We all had such a good time.

The leadership seminar hosted by Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church and the worship seminar led by All Nations Church's HIS team were blessings to the local churches. We witnessed the loving work of our God in every steps of these ministries. Praise to the Lord.

Now October awaits us with another month of blessings. And your prayers are indispensable.

1) Tuesday nights: We have finished reading the OT and now we are entering into the NT. Please continue to pray for the Bible reading and our group of 20 people.

2) Thursdays: Reformed Seminary in Mexico City needs your prayer. Abe continues with classes for 2 groups of students. May the Word enriches their ministry vision and personal life as they prepare for the consecrated calling.

3) Saturdays: The Bible institute is in class. Pastors Hector and Jose are leading the classes.

4) Mentoring: The group of 4 young pastors are being mentored by us. We are scheduled to meet on the 17th. May God give us clear vision to lead them and encourage them to pursue what God has placed on their ways.

5) Oct. 1: The youth union of our churches in Cuernavaca will have a Bible Quiz night. May it be not only a fun time together, but a challenge to deep in the Bible-centered life.

6) Oct. 2-8: Vision Care Service, LACPC, and ODPC (Va.) will serve the Cho’l people in Chiapas. They are offering free eye-surgeries (more than 100 patients are already on the list) and medical services. Abe and Elaine will assist these teams and our Cho’l people, but we have to leave our kids in Cuernavaca under our friends' cares. Please pray for our children, the medical ministries, and our travel back and forth to Chiapas.

7) Oct. 21-22: The 5th Image of God seminar will be held in Cuernavaca. We have the service team and the place ready, but the list of participants. We expect however to have around 40-50 people for the event. Pray that God’s unfailing love will be upon every participant and the ministry team.

8) Our children. Pray for their physical and spiritual health; and their studies as they are pushing hard to reach the satisfying objectives before the home service.

9) Visa renewal. Continue to pray for the renewal of our visa. Hope to get it soon!

Thanks so much for your hard work praying for God's Kingdom in Cuernavaca and beyond in Mexico. Blessings.

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