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September 04, 2011

2011 September Prayer Concert

We want to thank Urim CRC (CA) and Hanbit CRC (MI) along with ANCC (OH) summer short term mission teams. All three teams did such a wonderful job in serving churches in Cuernavaca. We really enjoyed their companies and long night talks. It was a time of refreshing. Also we had a prayer group led by our fellow missionary Dave Gifford. We were so blessed by them.

When the last team left, our kids went back to school. Nathan started Junior high. It's a new challenge for him. So far he's enjoyed and is doing his best.

Thanks once again for being with us on the prayer journey, and please pray for the following activities in the month of September.

1. Tuesday nights: Our Bible readers came back after a month of vacations. The reading continues and our plan is to finish before the end of this year.

2. Thursdays: Abe is going back and forth to Mexico city for the Reformed Seminary classes. He teaches leadership and applicable Calvin's thought.

3. Saturdays: The Bible institute is resuming its third modules. Sept. 3rd will be the first class.

4. Sept. 9-10: Presbytery Emanuel is having its annual presbytery meetings at Shekinah. May the topics that will be dealing with during the meetings would be practical and encouraging to further the Kingdom of God. Abe and pastor Hector will lead a study session on Take Your Church's Pulse, a Multiplication Network material.

5. Sept. 16-18: Abe is invited to lead a conference for a group of church leaders (40) in Tijuana. Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (LA) will organize the event.

6. Sept. 22-25: A service and learning team will come to share how they worship God. The team of 9 people from All Nation Church’s HIS dept. will serve our youth by teaching body worship. Hope that it will please God as our youths learn to worship God with their whole person. On Saturday 24th, we are planning a concert at a local park.

7. Our children are back for a new school year. They will be attending the school just for half year due to our upcoming home service (January - July 2012). Pray for their physical and spiritual health.

8. Our Mexican visa is due to renew this month. Pray that the process would go smoothly.

9. The image of God Seminar Ministry. After another wonderful experience back in July, now we are soon to have another coming up. So planning is on demand. Our 5th seminar in Cuernavaca would be on October 21 & 22. Pray for our ministry team to refresh their readiness and renew their attitude to serve at the event.

10. In Palenque, there will be a big feast with medical campaigns during the week of October 2-9. A medical organization known as Vision Care Service (ophthalmology) will perform free medical service to hundreds of patients, mostly the ch'ol people. Our local personnel (IPRM and INPM) are spreading the word through radio and use every possible means for people to get the needed care. It is VCS' 100th campaign. ... Along with them, there will be one more service and learning team from Open Door Presbyterian Church (VA). They will also do medical brigade (intestinal medicine, pediatrician, etc.). May many people restore their sight and see their God once again.

Thanks you as always for your faithfulness in partnering with us.

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2011 August Prayer Concert

We had a wonderful time in Carillo Puerto, Q. Roo leading God's Image seminar. We've faced a number of obstacles before and during the event which led us to disappointment. But through TcD morning devotions, God has lifted us up and encouraged us with a word of hope to minister 41 participants, especially pastors and leaders of the Zacil-Be Presbytery. Most of them gave testimonies of their experiences of healing and recharging for better and healthy ministry.

On our way back we drove into Chiapas' Chol country along with a work team from Los Angeles Christian Presbyterian Church (CA). We are thankful for their dedicated and fruitful ministries (Medical brigade, VBS, haircut, and family photos) to our churches in Chiapas. Our dear brother Cesario and Maria (Palenque) seem to working out for a better marriage relationship after a year long struggles. May the Spirit of God be poured upon them so richly!

Please pray for the following activities in the month of August.
1. July 31: Filadelfia NPC will celebrate its 50th anniversary and Abe will be preaching. This is the key church in Cuernavaca for her historical tradition.

2. Tuesday night Bible reading classes will resume on August 2nd after a month of vacation.

3. August 5: God's Image seminar ministry team will have meetings to celebrate the seminar we had in Carrillo Puerto (evaluation) and to plan for the upcoming seminar (Oct. 20-21) in Cuernavaca.

4. August 6: Pastor's monthly meeting will be held at pastor Saturnino's house. His wife Guadalupe has been ill for a while that put her pregnancy in jeopardy.

5. August 8-13: Hosting a work team from Urim CRC (CA). The team will bring VBS (and saloon decoration for church kids), prayer for the sick, and Taekwondo classes. Also will be offered a study on Leadership to our pastors.

6. August 12-19: Hosting a work team from Hanbit CRC (MI) and Toledo Korean United Church (OH). The team will do street evangelism, Prayer for the sick, and construction. Also there will be a cooking class.

7. August 22: Our kids will be back at school. Due to our home service, they will be in school for a half year. May they have a wonderful school year.

8. August 23: The Reformed Seminary in Mexico City starts another school year.

9. August 25-29: Abe will lecture at a spiritual retreat of the Chol pastors (the Alfa y Omega Presbytery of the NPCM). There will be about 20 pastors.

10. Pray for our landlord (Eduardo) who has been hospitalized for the last 2 months, and still no sign of getting better.

Please pray for our physical and spiritual health as we are saturated with many activities. May those who visit us will see the work of God in our area and be blessed.

Blessings on your needs, too. and also pray for all of you, dear friend.

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