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July 07, 2011

2011 July Prayer Concert

By God's grace our kids, as millions others, have finished up the school year as of this week. We are so pleased and proud of them for a lot of achievements beyond expectations at these new schools. Naomi got the best grade among her schoolmates (Junior high). PTL! Nathan did excellent presentation in his Taekwondo examination. Now he is a red/black (1st black for adult) belt. Nahum will be a part of flag escort in the Nathan's graduation, because is one of the 5 best 5th graders. We are so honored to witness all these joyful celebrations.

We are also thankful for finding the transportation for our trip to Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo for the Image of God Seminar. After almost 2 months of preparation with prayers and fasting, our ministry team (about 20 people all Mexicans) is ready to hit the road. The team consists of speakers, table leaders, prayer intercessors, decorators, receptionists, kitchen staff, etc. Most amazing to us is that all of them are voluntarily offering their time (7 days) and their resources (about U$200) to serve a group of 50 mostly pastors and elders though they depend on daily wage. God has been gracious to them (to all of us) by providing their needs through weekend sales, so even able to help each others among the team members. They are learning to serve others by giving them hands, eyes, ears, etc. It is God's blessing for our team.

Reformed Theological Seminary of Mexico (RTSM) has announced two graduates (Jose Antonio & Jesus) after 4 years of theological preparations. Both grads will be working in Cuernavaca (Jose Antonio) and Acapulco (Jesus).

Please join us in prayer for the followings in July:

1. July 2: Our monthly meetings with pastors are becoming every month for a better mean to relate each other in person and for ministeries. We met this time in our home. Beside well feeding, we studied on a book for pastoral reflection, The OT Template: Rediscovering Gods Principles for Discipling All Nations by Landa Cope (YWAM, 2006). Our book reviewer of the month, Samuel Garcia, did great opening calling his colleagues to reflect their own ministry attitude. We will continue this study 2-3 more sessions.

2. July 9: Nathan will be graduating from the elementary school. Afterward, he'll join Naomi next year.

3. July 11: Abe initiated extra meetings with three young leaders of Emmanuel Presbytery. He will mentor them for personal maturity and visionary church leaders. The group is called B4 (the Four Guys).

4. July 12: We, along with the ministry team, are traveling to Q. Roo for the Image of God Seminar. It will take us two full days to get there. Please pray for the safe trip.

5. July 15-16: The 4th Image of God seminar will be held in Quintana Roo. Pray that God will heal the broken hearts and bind up the wounds. Our dear friend John and Shirley Wind will also serve as table leaders.

6. July 18-25: On our way back from The Seminar, we will spend a week in Chiapas to host a summer mission team from Los Angeles Christian Presbyterian Church. The church visited about a decade ago, now they want to see them again. They are bringing various ministries: VBS, medical ministry, prayer for the sick, and beauty saloon ministries.

7. Please continue to pray for our dearest friend Cesario for his quaked faith and marital vows. Since last year after her oldest daughter got forcefully married (due to teen problems) to a pastor's son, he started to isolate himself from churched life. This change started to damage his marriage up to the point of divorce. He even doubts the God of his salvation.

8. Pray for the weekly Bible Reading. Now we are reading the Day 51 of 90. Abe translates every week about 2-4 day reading portions to teach the contents and for homework. The reading is in God's Kingdom Perspective, so the readers will have a complete understanding of God's message to the fallen humanity. We continue to have a group of 25-30 Bible lovers. Praise the Lord!

Thanks for your ongoing prayer. We pray also for your rich blessings from the high.

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