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June 09, 2011

Ministry support visit to Tulcingo del Valle

We visited Tulcingo del Valle, Puebla, to support a ministry by a graduate of All Nations Seminary in Ciudad Juarez. Socorro has been praying, ever since her graduation in 2005, to go out for mission to China. However, God has not yet opened a door for her. So in between times, she has been working with us for God's Image Seminar ministry for the last 2 years. She has shown such a sweet heart to get involved in this ministry to give care for the wounded hearts.

She is so happy to serve God and be a channel for blessing to her youth of the church she serves. It was the first time gathering this many youth at church. There showed up about 50 teens. It was a joint activity from a number of churches in town. After a 3-hour conference on a brief introductory session of God's Image conference to a group of couples and some teens, Abe continued delivering the Word to this adolescents. Their program started at 10 pm until 1 am. Wow, it was an endless day for us, but glad that God touched every one of them through the Word. We left home at 9 am for a 5 hour driving to this place, and 6-7 hours of marathon activities. It was hotter than Cuernavaca, so we wanted to take at least a good night rest, but we had no success to find a place to sleep cool. The five of us slept underneath the bent ceiling fan ... so hot but so tired to fall asleep anyway. It was pleasing to serve God's people after all.

See the pictures of the event at Flickr. Please click on Tulcingo del Valle

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UPDATE on Brother Rigoberto

Our dear brother in Christ at Shekinah Church had been hospitalized until last weekend due to severe leukemia. Everyday there were groups of doctors and nurses to study on his case up until before he was released from the hospital last week. The chief doctor (female doctor) was surprised on his improvement and even Rigoberto's fighting spirit and his sureness in getting better and someday would leave the hospital on foot. and He did last Friday night. The doctor could not say a word, because his blood got completely cleansed after a one time blood infusion. ... However, Rigoberto told us that he had gone almost to the other side of this life. He had seen the Lord but told him to go back to his family. It was not his time yet. He brought some messages to a group of people ... and a message for all the pastors to cheer up in what they do in the Lord. He will pray more for the pastors and will also encourage other church members to assist pastors in the way God pleases. We are so happy to have him back in life and his eagerness to live up for the Lord. We all gave thanks to God for His grace an love. PTL!

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2011 June Prayer Concert

Are we there yet? We don't know how we survived the month of May. Many ministry opportunities gave us joy to serve the Lord. Thanks for your prayers which fueled us to continue with the Lord's Great Missions.

We were allover the places in May...LA, Chiapas and Puebla. God has been gracious to have us under His wings. We rejoiced carrying the soul-saving Word, and our churches gave praise to the Lord. An assembly of God church in Puebla (Socorro, the graduate of All Nations Seminary in Cd. Juarez) showed teachable spirit as we shared them a session on The Image of God ministry. God spoke to a number of couples as they were hungry for the topics we shared. PTL.

Praise God that pastor Jose Ocampo was able to make the full payment for the land purchase for a mission in Puente de Ixtla. Now it's ready to build a worship center. He is also becoming our key member for the Image of God ministry.

Please join us to pray for the followings in June:

1. Every Tuesday nights – Our 3-hour Bible reading program (aka, Bible Reading in 90 Days in God’s Kingdom Perspective) is being blessing to many people. Time to time, we see new faces. Our Bible readers now add up to 25-30 regularly. They are blessed through the Bible reading program. So far we've made progress 1/3 of the entire Bible. PTL.

2. Every other Thursday nights – Follow-Up Bible Study of God’s Image Ministry. The last session (of 8) will be on June 9. Yes, we've walked through the 8 sessions. We will celebrate the finale maybe at a coffee shop. However, they want to continue studying the Bible with Elaine. PTL! They have poured out even the secret parts of their life experiences. May God continue to heal their lives through the Word of God. Now then the Bible study will be open to everyone. In addition, Elaine will begin another follow-up Bible study with Adriana. Pray that God will use Elaine to minister her.

3. Reformed Presbyterian Seminary in Mexico City. Abe is having the last class on June 3. His students will have to turn in final term papers (mostly a series of sermons). Abe will celebrate with them for their hard works. He will take them out, probably a chinese buffet restaurant. They love to eat a LOT.

4. Every Saturday mornings – A half dozen of men from Bethesda RPC gather together around our dining table every Saturday morning at 6:30 am. Abe leads the study and prayerfully challenge them to walk in holiness to lead better their families and play their role at workplaces. Its been more than 2 months so far. Please pray for Jorge (mechanic), Ulises (student), Alberto (salesman), Israel & Noe (seminary students), and pastor Francisco. They are making a great team, too, to lead the church forward.

5. Every Saturday night – Our TEE continues with 5 students. A new student (Rut) has recently joined us. We've been studying on Spiritual Leadership (Abe) and Hermeneutics (Jose). Pray for our students: Maria Luisa, Grecia, Bertha, Rut, and Roberto, as they walk through the Bible and also face some tough spiritual struggles, too.

6. The Image of God Seminar Ministry (July 15-16) – As the date is approaching, we are planning the details now. The biggest challenge we are facing is the travel plan. There are about 16 people who will be going to the Yucatan Peninsula (nearby Cancun) to serve the seminar. Since we don't have a van (we'd need one in future), we must rent a passenger van to travel together. We will be driving up to 2k miles in total. Please pray that we'd be able to rent an economic, safe, and nice van within our budget. Also pray for our team to raise their travel funds. We know God is good to us. He has always been good!

7. Our dear brother and ex-student of TEE Rigoberto (Shekinah church) was diagnosed with Leukemia a couple weeks ago. He is in a critical condition and is hospitalized in Mexico City. In Mexico, in order to get the blood transfusion, the patient must collect the amount of the blood before getting the transfusion. Since most of people he knows live in Cuernavaca, it is a bit difficult and troublesome for them to make blood donation. Beside it is open only between 7-10 am. Please pray that it will not complicate his needs. Pray also his family, especially Rode his wife who is so scared due to the similar symptoms with that of his father who passed away some time ago.

8. Dated events:
- June 4: Monthly Pastor's meeting at Bethesda Church. It has been running now on its own. Our ministry partners are taking the initiative to make their churches march forward with good communications.

- June 12: Abe will preach at the Lord's Church of Puebla (a Korean church). Their pastor is on furlough.

- June 16: The Image of God ministry team meeting. Our team has been on fast for the last 2 months for the upcoming seminar (most participants will be pastors and elders). And this event is being coordinated by pastor Jacobo and Grecia who are on training stage. Please pray for the team as we all will continue fasting until the event date.

- June 25: Nathan will have his Taekwondo Black/Red belt Exam. He's taking extra classes to get ready for the exam.

8. Our kids are now taking final exams as the school year is about to end.

9. Please continue to pray for the safety of all the ministers in Cuernavaca and throughout Mexico as the war on drugs is seemingly an endless battle.

Thanks for your prayer. Blessings.

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