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May 05, 2011

2011 May Prayer Concert

NANANA family and ministry in Cuernavaca, Mexico

April fool's day went by so quickly and harmlessly J but a lot of laughter. The Easter celebration was good time for faith renewal for our churches here in Cuernavaca. Bethesda RPC led a campaign at a neighbor park in walking distance from the church - free haircut, free sandwiches and tasty Jamaica drink, and clean the park. The 3-hour evangelistic service was a bit hard for our kids to wait for their turn to perform body worship, but it was another learning experience for all of us on an effective Gospel presentation. Pastor Francisco Melendez delivered a powerful and moving Word.

Our baby boy Nahum turned 11. He ended up cutting 3 cakes: at his school, at his Taekwondo class, and at church. We told him he should be 13 instead, since he ate three cakes at once each counting a year. He laughed. Thank you all for your heartfelt wishes for Nahum's birthday. He enjoyed every one of them.

Every year, Mexican schools close to celebrate (or have) two weeks of Easter vacations. It helped us to take our kids to Easter activities during the weekdays. We've had quality time together with the kids around.

Please join us to pray for the followings in May:

1. Every Tuesday nights – Our 3-hour Bible reading program (aka, Bible Reading in 90 Days in God’s Kingdom Perspective) has made progress. We are reading now the Chronicles. So glad to see 25-30 people grabbing the Bible along everyday, every week, some by himself (herself) while others with their children back at home. Pray for those faithfully attending to the weekly readings at El Nazareno RPC. Please keep them in your prayers so that the Spirit of God will touch their hearts and have a personal experience with God.

2. Every other Thursday nights – Elaine continues Follow-Up Bible Study of God’s Image Ministry. Four ladies are in the group, but every one of them has been facing different issues. Elaine needs your prayer and God's wisdom to lead the group and counsel them as needed.

3. Every Thursdays till June – Abe continues teaching at Reformed Presbyterian Seminary in Mexico City. Along with Calvinistic Thought, he teaches OT Prophets with a contextual emphasis on Mexican churches. The prophetic messages in the Bible are relevant in our society today, too. Especially pray for our young pastor Luis Manuel (rector) and for his leadership to lead on this institution. He recently got married but his wife is away in a neighbor city due to her job. He also expressed his willingness to move on to pastor a church in the Yucatan area after his term in 2 years. Pray also for our students from Cuernavaca: Israel Melendez and Noe Santiago. Especially, Noe is doing his best to submit himself to the High call nonetheless of his financial toughness.

4. Every Saturday mornings – A handful men (6) from Bethesda RPC gather together around our dinning table every Saturday morning at 6:30 am. We prayerfully challenge them to walk in holiness to lead their families and faithfully play their role at workplaces. We are studying with a book on Christian holiness. Pray for Jorge (mechanic), Ulises (student), Alberto (salesman), Israel & Noe (seminary students), and pastor Francisco. Pray especially for Alberto who for his wife's sake had to move out of his home. He decided to follow Jesus a few months ago and cause her his wife health to get worse (illness unknown). So his grown-up children suggested him to be away for a while. He rents a small room.

5. Every Saturday night – Our TEE continues with 4 students. They are learning Spiritual Leadership and Hermeneutics. Pray for our students: Maria Luisa, Grecia, Bertha, and Roberto, as they walk through the Bible and through the tough spiritual struggles, too.

6. The Image of God Seminar Ministry (July 15-16) – Our ministry team gathered to pray, plan, and partake each one’s responsibility for the upcoming 2 day seminar in the Yucatan peninsula. The event will be held for the benefit of Zacilbe Presbytery, and our former participant pastor Jacobo Caamal will host the event. Pray that God will walk ahead of us to minister our church leaders over there.

7. Dated events:
- May 1: We will lead a marriage conference at La Hermosa Church. Pray that God will pour His grace on the listeners and strengthen the couples with His Word.

- May 8: Abe will preach at the Lord's Church of Puebla (a Korean church).

- May 12-15: Abe will preach at Urim Church in CA.

- May 19-22: Abe will lead a 2 day ministry presentation on Image of God ministry to a group of church leaders in Chiapas.

- May 28: We will support a ministry of Socorro (grad of Todas la Naciones Seminary, Cd. Juarez).

8. May 13: Our daughter Naomi will turn 14. We are so thankful to God for her life. Please write her an email (naomi.lee13@gmail.com) for a birthday wish.

9. Pray for Puente de Ixtla missions on their project to purchase a land to build their future church. They have made 2 payments and rest one more to close the deal. Pastor Jose Ocampo spent his 6 month savings (to repair homes) in the first payment.

10. Please continue to pray for the safety of all the ministers in Cuernavaca and throughout Mexico as the war on drugs is an endless battle.

Thanks for your prayer. Blessings.
Happy Mother's day!

Rev. Abe & Elaine Lee

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