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April 24, 2011

2011 April Prayer Concert

April started off with a cheerful fellowship with our Mexico missionaries. Our annual spiritual retreat on Pacific coast went well and our former field leader Bill Van Tol challenged us with a theme of ‘the others’ we all have but should overcome to make them one of us.

Easter celebration will be a turning point for many new comers. The Catholic believers are going to launch huge street performance on the Passion of Christ. It may attract people to stare at the performance but we pray that the very meaning of Christ’s ministry on the cross would be planted in their heart.

Our children will have Tae Kwon Do grade exam this Saturday. Pray that they would enjoy it, first of all, and be active participants in social life to bring in justice and order.

Please join us to pray for the followings in April:

1. Every Tuesday nights – Our 3-hour Bible reading program (Bible Reading in 90 Days In God’s Kingdom Perspective) has been blessing to 30 of us. We’ve read so far up to Judges. Pray that it would not just be a reading of the Bible, but experiencing the close walk with God as Adam and Eve had had in Eden.

2. Every Thursday nights – Elaine continues Follow-Up Bible Study of God’s Image Ministry. Among her group members, Gloria needs a particular attention due to her depression level. Pray that God will turn it into praise. Carolina is a blessing as she is getting fired up in the Bible reading. And Rosenda has a great talent that attracts the youngsters of her church.

3. Every Thursdays – We will continue assisting the Reformed Theological Seminary in Mexico City. Pray for Pastor Luis Manuel (rector) and his leadership to lead on this institution.

4. Every Saturday mornings – Bethesda RPC has a few men who are now gathering together at 6:30 am for a Bible study. It’s been just a few weeks they come to our home to have coffee along the Bible study. We want to explore our relationship with the Holy Spirit through these studies. Jorge, Ulises, Alberto, Israel, Noe, and pastor Francisco are formenting a pleasant environment to learn and support each other to grow up in spirit.

5. Every Saturdays – Our TEE has offered its second modules of 4-month classes. Our 4 students successfully passed the first study materials and now are learning Spiritual Leadership and Hermeneutics. Pray for our students: Maria Luisa, Grecia, Bertha, and Roberto.

6. Image of God Seminar Ministry (July 15-16) – Our ministry team gathered to pray, plan, and partake each one’s responsibility for the upcoming seminar in the Yucatan peninsula. The event will be held for the benefit of Zacilbe Presbytery, whose pastors and elders will take this upcoming seminar. Pray that God will walk ahead of us to minister these leaders. On April 30, our Image of God Ministry team will have meetings to plan for upcoming events. Pray for the team to unite in same goal and spirit.

7. Monthly pastoral meetings – This Saturday morning our pastors of Emmanuel Presbytery will gather to have fellowship encouraging each other’s ministry. It will be at pastor Hector’s place.

8. Easter week has always been so busy for us. This year it will have us preach almost everyday in that week. Holy Thursday (Last Supper), Holy Friday (Seven Words on the Cross), and Sunday daybreak service (Elaine will preach). Especially, Resurrection service is led by women as the biblical tradition is narrated in the Gospels.

9. Pray for the land purchase for Puente de Ixtla missions. The fund raising is not so easy but we trust in the Lord. Also pray for the following steps ... filing documents and initial construction for a temporary place to worship. Pastor Jose Ocampo is heading this missions.

Thanks for your prayer. Blessings.

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