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March 05, 2011

What is the church?

What is the church? is a kind of questions that we need to clearly define to get better involved in daily or weekly church life.

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March 02, 2011

2011 March Prayer Concert

Surely February was a bit short. But it was not a least month of year in our ministry. It brought us a lot of laughter and comfort. We’ve enjoyed the company of 25+ people joined the Bible Reading in 90 Days in God’s Kingdom Perspective. We just finished the very first 2 books of the Bible in 4 sessions. It was especially surprising and challenging to have people who we’ve never thought to see them at the session. Among them include Asiel (a very passive elder), Maria (disable to walk), Ross (inconsistent), Abigail (disinterested in studies but a fervant evangelizer), Jaime (selfish), etc. Moreover, they caught my attention not only for their attendance but also for their eagerness to read the Bible. PTL for each of the 25+ Bible lovers.

We’ve made an emergency visit to Chiapas for two concerns: (a) a church leader was about to get divorced due to lack of an appropriate marital counseling from his church; and an encouragement for him to serve the Lord, and (b) a pastor is too ill that has fainted twice in the last 6 months and also vomited blood due to his (and his wife’s) ignorance on how to deal with the nature of the sickness and symptoms—diabetic. They do not have any idea on a healthy diet. A group of young adults in LA collected love offerings for them, so we paid the visit to deliver the offering. He was at his Pastor Day celebration, while he was so ill. We gave thanks to the Lord for holding him up for His glory.

Please join us to pray for the followings in March:

1. Every Tuesday night – We’ve had four 3-hour sessions for Bible Reading in 90 Days In God’s Kingdom Perspective. We have 40 more Tuesdays to go to complete the program. So far we read Genesis and Exodus in the last 4 Tuesdays. Pray that as we advance in reading the Bible, we’d also advance in learning more of God’s heart toward us and His holy will to bless us.

2. Every other Thursday night – Elaine continues to lead her second group for the Follow-Up Bible Study of God’s Image Ministry. She welcomes Gloria, Miriam, Carolina, and Rosenda. All of them bring a bagful of personal stories to dump and be free from. God has been very good to them that they are strengthened daily through the Word of encouragement.

3. Every Thursday – Reformed Seminary in Mexico City needs your ongoing prayers. Pastor Luis Manuel (rector) is doing his best to upgrade the institution to its supposed academic level and meet its financial needs. All of his staff also needs a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement to continue to put more effort to make this happen. May the Spirit of God dwell in every decision making!

4. Every Saturday – TEE has almost ended its first 4-month classes. Next weekend an exam will be given. Pray for Maria Luisa, Grecia, Bertha, and Roberto. The book of Song of Songs has been a real blessing to them (and to me) to refresh our marital vows and to keep us holy in the eyes of God.

5. Every Monday – For the last 6 months, we’ve visited to the Gaona family to introduce the Gospel and instructions for their Christian walk. We now see the last stage of it and finally invite them to integrate into a church community. We really appreciate Lety, the dedicated mother. She is so interested in the Gospel personally, but more for her ever-growing children (Raul and Lauret). May God continue to bless them.

6. Bethesda Church will soon give a start with a new church agenda. Instead of offering the main Sunday service in the evening, they will have all activities in the morning till lunch hour. It will give the church more of flexible times and activities during weekdays. Pray for Jorge Leyva whose lay-leadership will pull the church forward.

7. Spiritual Retreat 2011 – CRWM in Mexico Team will have annual retreat (March 31-April 4). May it be a time for renewal and learning of God’s heart to Mexico and to our families. Pray for our speaker and for those who organize the event.

Thanks for your prayer. Blessings.

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