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February 11, 2011

Elaine @ Prayer Mountains

Elaine announced days ago her plan to go up to a prayer mountains in town. Half way between Cuernavaca and Mexico City, there is a prayer mountains operated by a Korean couple. She finally set the day and got her group of women to go together to pray and get the sense of Father's hug even closer. Tonight they will pray all night long. Lily, Felix, Grecia, and Alba are the called to join this experience and it is the very first time going to learn about prayer mountains as it is quite common in and among Korean churches.

About an hour ago, my cellphone rang. It was a call from Elaine but made by accident in her handbag. I was able to them pray wholeheartedly but no one spoke directly to me. I joined for a brief seconds their prayer. God will pour His grace throughout the night as these ladies cry out to Him regarding many concerns they have ... God will restore churches, families, and societies. AMEN.

God is good to us, and we always praise Him with all our heart and soul. No word can express His grace. He is an awesome God.

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Bible Readers

Last Tuesday (Feb. 8), we all went to El Nazareno Church as a family to join about 25 adults with their kids. We gathered together to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Someone says, many Chinese don't carry a Bible since they don't own one. But they do have Bible in their mind. Over the time of being Christians they memorize it. Since they have in engraved in their soul, they grow deeper in Spirit. Their commitment to Jesus is serious and secure. So the Chinese churches have experienced such a growth regardless of religiously non-supportive context.

Abe gave a bit of homiletical explanation on the chapters we were to read. Mainly the comments were from the book of Rev. Hae Hong Joo in his book, BIBLE READING IN 90 DAYS IN GOD'S KINGDOM PERSPECTIVE. Everyone paid uninterrupted attention. Some of them were very excited to read the Bible for the first time. We all listened NIV recording to follow the text of the day. We read Genesis 1-11 as the first day assignment. We were all so pleased as we returned back home spiritually nourished. All of them gave us word to come back every Tuesday. PTL!

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February 04, 2011

February 2011 Prayer Concert

January went by so quickly. Nathan celebrated his 12th birthday, and is growing accordingly and in Spirit. We all do Tiempo con Dios every morning and we witness each other the work of the Word in our walk. Now we’ve been reading the book of Daniel. Once Nathan wrote on his daily devotion notebook about dreams in Daniel. He says, “Those people are all weir. Being grown-ups their dreams are so childish. Their dreams are so weirs.” Our children read half the book and will continue through the other half. Thank God we are keep on the path of the Lord.

God’s Image Ministry follow-up Bible study is back on track. A group of 5 women gathers together every Thursday for the next 8 weeks to review the topics dealt with at the seminar. The Spirit of God has already moving in their hearts. Carolina Sotelo made a renewal of her vows to make her life holy at start of the study.

Your prayer will be strongly appreciated for the following activities.

1. Our fellow missionary Ben Meyer (Guadalajara) and Gonzalo Garcia will lead an evangelism workshop (Feb. 4-5) for our church leaders. Anticipated 20+ church planters will be nourished by their representation to Multiplication Network. As the first stage of this training, it will focus on “Planting Healthy Church.” Pray that the Spirit of Harvest will pour grace on the workshop.

2. Thursdays – Elaine leads a group of women with Follow-up Bible Study. Pray that they will see more life scars that damaged their walk with the Lord and get healed by the Word and the Spirit. Felix Roldan is being trained as leading a small group, too.

3. Mondays – Abe continue to visit the Gaona family to lead them toward Christ. Pray that they will make further commitment in the relationship with the Lord.

4. Tuesdays – Abe will offer an interchurch activity in Varona area. Recently he attended a special training on Bible reading in 90 days. We plan to introduce it to our local churches. We will be reading the Bible chronologically and thematically. Pray that God will himself bring in people who are eager to grow spiritually.

5. Saturdays – Bible Institute (Seminary by Extension) restarted with 4 students (Bertha Ocampo, Maria Luisa, Grecia Osiris, Juan Francisco). They need the poured blessing through your prayer as they will carry on many tasks in their churches.

6. A church in Zitlala, Gro. needs a special attention for their unsolved administrative issue. A presbyterial representative has been commissioned to hear and make a quick decision, but we all know it’s in the hands of God. May the church sit back on peace as quick as possible.

7. Josue Solis, seminary student, has been warned for his irresponsible attitude toward the given duties at the seminary life. Pray that he will fix his misbehaviors and regain trust.

8. Bethesda Church elected her administrative committee. Jorge Leyva is now in charge of leading this church life and soon will launch major changes on such as service schedules and activity methods. May his leadership lead the church toward God’s maximum pleasure.

9. Nahum is applaud for putting all his effort in school assignment. He earned the honor of best student in this bimonthly period.

Thanks so much for your prayer and continuing interest in our ministry. God bless you.

Abe and Elaine
CRWM, Mexico

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