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January 02, 2011

2011 January Prayer Concert

Dear friend,

Happy New Year! Weíve had such a blessed Christmas family gathering in LA Ö a lot of laughter and food. Elaine's siblings who are pastors found time to join the celebration. God has been graciously blessed all of us in our ministry. So PTL.

Abe preached at a supporting church and enjoyed their Christmas special programs. It was a time of renewal as weíve met a number of people with great passion to serve God in the midst of many life challenges.

Hannah Park (former ANC member & Godís Image Seminar assistant @ Salamanca, Gto. 2010) passed away on the first day of 2011 after a long period of struggles against lung cancer). She left a great spiritual impact onto our local ministry team in serving others with heart and passion. She survives by her husband Stephen Park and three minor children. Pray for them.

PLEASE pray for the followings:

1. Abeís aunt has decided to serve the missionary God, whose call began since her youth. After retirement, she went through some basic training to serve God as a silver (retired) missionary. She will likely serve in Mexico. So she decided to stay with us for a while to get a clearer vision and Godís direction.

2. Jan. 14 Ė The Godís Image Seminar participants will have reunion at Bethesda Church. It aims three objectives: (a) share the poured grace of God through testimonies, (b) initiate an 8-week follow-up Bible study, and (c) restructure-reintegrate our ministry team with new volunteers.

3. We are serving Bethesda Church by teaching on how to read and meditate the Bible better for long-term impact. Weíve been teaching the Tiempo con Dios(TcD) devotion since last December. It will end sometime in February.

4. In LA, a group of Korean pastors (CRC) will gather together for the 90-day Bible Reading Seminar (Kingdom perspective-oriented study) during Jan. 17-22. Rev. Joo (who has a special heart for this ministry) will lead the event as he did it partially last summer here in Cuernavaca to our local churches. Pray that God's pouring blessing will cover this event.

5. We will form two Home Builder small groups for couples. We pray that Maranatha Church, which doesn't have a pastor, will be strengthened through the study.

6. In 2011, we would like to strengthen our spirituality-oriented ministry by integrating TcD, Godís Image Seminar, and family care ministry.

7. TEE will continue with a very small number of lay students. Pray that God will call more people to fall in love with His Word. Pray also for pastor Jose Ocampo to faithfully lead the group.

8. Pray for Ignacio (Bethesda) to continue the joy of Godís freedom which was given at the Godís Image seminar last November. He is in peace after the painful divorce. He wants to walk as a genuine Christian.

9. Pray for Miriam (Toluca) as she struggles with her spiritual life. By her testimony at the Inner Healing Seminar, Toluca Church has experienced reconciliation in the Spirit among members, including pastor. PTL. Pray for the continuing work of God in this church.

10. Pray for El Nazareno Church to shine its light of Christ in the colony to regain peopleís trust. The church wants to evangelize the neighbors but has not given good and convincing testimonies so far.

Thanks for your friendship and companion.

The Nanana family

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