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December 06, 2010

Celebrate God's grace

For a way to celebrate your thankfulness of many blessing you've received throughout this year, here is an option to consider. Just click on the bottom 'WM Project Giving Guide' picture and make a donation to support our mission effort in Mexico. Thanks and God bless you more. AMEN.

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December 01, 2010

2010 December Prayer Concert

We just uploaded a link to invite you to OUR PRAYER CONCERT FOR DECEMBER 2010. Please click HERE to join us in prayer. (You'd need Adobe Reader to view it.) Thanks for your partnership with us. God bless you!

Otherwise please follow the line below.
Lee (nanana) family in Mexico

Our thanks and praises to our Heavenly Father! We are actually wordless to describe what God has done at The God’s Image Seminar. God poured out his blessings and was evident. All of our 56 participants returned their sweet home with thankful heart.s Just a few examples: Sinai RPC in Toluca (8 attendees, especially Miriam Colin) surrendered to the spirit of reconciliation session after session. All happened when a lady confessed her sins and pastor gave her a warm hug of forgiveness. Ignacio Rodriguez (Bethesda RPC in Cuernavaca) has, for the first time, recognized his need to ask for forgiveness to his wife and children for many years of misbehavior as father and husband. Young people from Monterrey were challenged to refresh their church involvement. And a dozen of participants from a church in Aguascalientes choired to renew their marital vows and family responsibilities. Our 4th seminar will likely be held in Aguascalientes in April 2011. All the glory to our Father of all Christians!

It was also an added blessing to our ministry team. Though some of us struggled at dealing spiritual challenges from preparation to performing this ministry, we remained as one body of Christ throughout the event. God is good.

Thanks God for a new home at the Northern part of Cuernavaca, that means better climate and better neighborhood. It’s so calm and fresh. We’ve been helped by our dear brothers and sisters of local churches. Thanks to pastor Jose Ocampo and seminary students for their sacrificial help ?.

Please join us in making the followings pleasant incense before the Lord.

1. GOD’S IMAGE SEMINAR FOLLOW-UP MINISTRY – As spiritual principles have been explained at the seminar, it’s now each participant’s turn to take them into action on daily walk. Pray for Adriana Durazo (El Nazareno RPC) who struggles over her grown-up children’s needs and her impotent sense for being a single mom. Noe Santiago (Bethesda RPC) asked for forgiveness to his family members. Jose de Jesus (Bethesda RPC) will work harder to improve his immature behavior in marriage. Manuel Garcia (La Hermosa RPC) determined to become a better husband and father. Ester Garcia (former-missionary to Morocco) had a time to refresh her family needs and ministry. Please pray for all our participants to revive what they’ve experienced at the 2-day seminar.

2. SPIRITUALLY AGING (?) CHURCHES – Two of our local churches (El Nazareno RPC and Shekinah RPC) are scheduled to celebrate their anniversaries this month. For now all they planned is a party, no more challenge for a better future! We do join their joy in celebrating it, but we continue to wish them to emphasize their spiritual growth. They have done this for the last at least 30-40 years, but have stopped witnessing to Jesus in their neighborhood. No evident of growth in number or maturity shown for long time. Please join us in prayer for them to pay deeper attention on spiritual renewal.

3. TEACHING MINISTRY – “Christmas Night for little children,” a seasonal presentation our teachers had planned got canceled by our pastors. They said too many activities in this month. Our teachers have been discouraged, including Elaine. But, we continue to depend on God’s best ministry to our churches in 2011. … By the way children are keep writing Proverbs until the end of December. And whoever accomplish this assignment will be prized with a brand new Bible. In doing so, they would learn on how God’s heart looks like. So far about 10-15 are almost finished writing.

4. OPEN HOUSE – On Dec. 5 we will have the entire church (Bethesda) over our new home for lunch.

Merry Christmas! May the peace of our Newborn King be with you everyday!
Thanks for your dedicated prayer. God bless you!

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