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October 15, 2010

Bethesda RPC Upper room!

By the grace of God shown through Lighthouse Education Center (Lena Han, director), Bethesda RPC now has space for children ministry. Our teacher Grecia led an evening classes while adults are in service downstair. This room has sliding divider so in times it converts in two rooms; and not to mention the unprofessionally (?) made windows help noise control from-to the main sanctuary. So both group enjoy their activities. Thanks, once again to Lena SSN and her students in LA for such a grateful support. Our children will ever remember your good deed. Blessings!

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October 05, 2010

2010 October Prayer Concert

Please join us in prayer before the graceful throne of our God. Please find upload Prayer request for the month of October 2010 (You'd need Adobe Reader to view it.) Thanks for your partnership with us. Blessing!

Otherwise, just follow the line to join us through your prayer. Thanks in advance!

Praise God for:
1. Good Presbytery meetings and good reports. New administration body has been chosen for Emmanuel presbytery, including pastor Samuel Garcia as secretary, who just returned from Morocco after 4 year missions assignment.

2. About 40 men gathered for the second time to celebrate one day learning. Pastor Luis Manuel Be (RPC seminary director) led a great lecture to morally and spiritually educate on manhood.

Please join us in prayer for the followings:
1. Oct. 4 – Dating with Pastors at Shekinah church. New admin team will join us. We are studying, beside business meeting, on books The Need to Reform Our Churches and Calvin: His Roots and His Fruits to reflect and rebuild our ministry philosophy. (Picture 1: Larry Walker lectured on 1 Thessalonians.)101004_110315

2. Pray for TEE program at Maranatha Church and its director pastor Jose Ocampo, and of course for new students.

3. Christian Education (CE) teachers training is back on track. Elaine is trying so hard to help teachers become more creative instructors in activities and teaching. They are preparing for the Reformation Day celebration. Expecting 150 kids. (Picture 2: Teachers are working hard on preparing thematic lectures for Reformation Sunday.)100917_184532

4. Oct. 31 – Reformation Day will be celebrated for the kid’s sake. We aim to teach them the meaning and value of the Reformation as we set on presentation tables and dramas on themes like Scriptures, Grace, and Faith. On that day, we will also award those kids who faithfully wrote down the entire book of Proverbs (NLT). It is an effort to encourage and foment Bible-friendly culture.

5. Bethesda RPC (yet-to-be-organized church, pastor Melendez) will launch new Sunday school since October. For the next 2 months we will offer them a membership course (My First Step on Reformed Faith) that will follow baptism or confession to be accepted as member of the church. So it will hopely get organized by the end of 2011. (Picture 3: Elaine leading the opening session for the first time group study.)101003_115823

6. Abe continues home visit (Raul and Leti) to teach them on Basic Christian belief. A month ago, the couple has accepted Christ as Savior/Lord. Pray that this family will soon attend a RPC church following introductory sessions. (Picture 4: The couple with Raul their son.)101004_212830

7. Our dear sister Felicita plans to set a dinner seminar for couples on Oct. 24. She is very talented and moreover caring-hearted mom. Over the period of time, she found her church indifferent in many ways to their own neighborhood; she decided to program anyway such an activity at her own expense.

8. Luis Enrique (grandson of pastor Melendez) flew from Wisconsin to Merida, Yucatan, for theological studies at San Pablo Seminary. Originally he wanted to attend a seminary in US but due to his legal status he was not accepted. Then knowing the risk of leaving the US he crossed the border leaving his parents just to respond the high call.

9. Abe teaches two subjects at the seminary in DF.

10. El Nazareno Church (pastor Hector Abarca) seems to have again hard time to raise up after a long batch in encouraging members to get involved. The church has done for long time a ministry that is a single family oriented. It has never helped the church to grow.

11. The God’s Image seminar ministry team will continue to meet for training and preparation for upcoming event in November. Pray that our ministry team will eagerly serve once again 35-40 participants. No doubt, it will be another blessing weekend. … Also an ANC ministry team is also getting ready to serve with us.

Thanks for your love and awesome partnership. Blessings.

The Lee Family

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