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September 27, 2010

Download Newsletter Summer 2010

The attached is up-to-date on our work during Summer 2010. Please click the bottom link to download it. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

Newsletter Summer 2010 .
Thanks for your ongoing support with prayer and giving. Blessing!

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September 07, 2010

Bible Reading in 90 days in God's Kingdom Perspective

Our dearest pastor Joo came once again to bless our churches with lectures on how to read the Bible in 90 days. As part of this important exercise, he did lecture on the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes. All the pastors were impressed at his lecture as he thoroughly explained 'em as easy as piece of cake. His way to handle them from one point to another was so challenging to us, we learned a lot from him. PTL for his life and ministry. Have you read the Bible recently? Have you find then the kingdom of God from it and in your life situation? Let's read it again.

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Prayer concert for September 2010

Vacations are over, so the kids are back at school. Naomi enjoying her junior high and the boys are eager to finish their primary school. … August is gone with sweat and tear. Our family spent many days out of house to lead and assist a number of Summer ministries.

Praise, at least, for …:
1. The very first youth camp/retreat in Pie de la Cuesta was more than normal blessing to the 50+ teens. Though the sea was tempting (open sea so dangerous to swim), our teens had been participating all the sessions and restless activities. Moreover, the real challenge was sensed at Purity Vow Ceremony. More than 40 teens made and renewed their vow to the Lord to keep holy until marriage. Some others took the moment to repent for what they have already done and reset their spiritual journey with God.

2. ANC’s Vision 800 team to Chiapas was blessing especially for three church leaders and their ministry. Pastor Eusebio Vazquez (Horeb Church in Ejido Zaragoza) got a church call to pastor this church for the next 5 years. The team accompanied him in pastoral visit for the sick. It was an eye-opening experience for the team on such peasant and humble culture. They sensed great gospel need in everyone’s life. Pastor Samuel Espinoza (Mt. Sinai in Ejido Arimatea) has been suffering last 2+ years of diabetes. He lost not only weigh but also passion for ministry. We prayed for his personal and pastoral needs. Brother Cesario Guillen (Palenque) was pleased to have the team for his daughter’s 15th birthday party. The team blessed Ruth Guillen with songs and prayers.

3. Lighthouse Education Center (Los Angeles) sent a group of 8 students (junior-high – high schoolers) for a cultural learning and experience. They helped building 2 study rooms for Bethesda Church (Pastor Francisco Melendez). The church was pleased to have them work and host them in their homes, and the leader (Lena Han) smiled as witnessing the maturity opportunity in her teen’s teamwork.

Please join us in prayer for the followings:
1. Sept. 4 – TEE will reopen for Emmanuel Presbytery. Pray that there will come new students along with those who studied last two years and need to complete their course works.

2. Sept. 4 – Women Society will celebrate Pastor Day in Maranatha RPC. All the pastors and preachers have been invited to have a special lunch.

3. Sept. 6 – Dating with Pastors at Bethesda church. We are studying, beside business meeting, on Calvin’s The Need to Reform Our Churches, and Gregg Singer's John Calvin His Roots and Fruits.

4. Sept. 10-12 – Emmanuel presbytery will have its annual meetings in Quetzultenango, Gro. There should be a lot of ministerial agenda to be discussed. We plan to propose them our ministerial emphasis on spirituality, so we will be focusing on and pushing toward this important task in doing team ministry.

5. Sept. 25 – Second Encounter for Christian Men (Men of Integrity). Following the last year attempt, we programmed it again for more of their involvement in church life. Pray for Daniel Gonzalez, young but passionate for Men's ministry.

6. Christian Education (CE) teachers training will launch its second phase after 2 month break. Elaine and her assistants are arranging for the preparation of Reformation celebration. Soon they will have second competition, but this time Bible writing. ... there will be prizes, too.

7. Abe continues home visit (Raul and Leti) to teach them on Basic Christian belief. A month ago, the couple has accepted Christ as Savior/Lord. Pray that this family will soon attend a RPC church following introductory sessions.

8. Abe goes back to the seminary in DF to teach this semester. May God continue to bless this institution and its staffs. Pray for our new students (David, Noe, Daniel and Josue). They are all brilliant looking students. Especially pray for Noe who left his family behind to study the Word. May he find his God here and get straight his call.

9. Abe continues evangelism course at El Nazareno RPC (pastor Hector Abarca) on Sunday mornings. It has been slower than expected due to the listeners learning pace. However, we praise God who makes it understanding and passion for the lost in their heart.

10. The God’s Image seminar ministry team will meet regularly for our upcoming event in Cuernavaca. The team consists of about 10 table leaders and other staffs. As we make the invitation for the participants, we will be praying for those who will register to attend. … Also ANC is in process of team making to assist this ministry in November 19-20.

11. Pray for Jose Enrique Melendez (17) who recently returned back to Mexico from US. He was undocumented alien more than a decade in US and had difficulties going to a seminary. But his passion to serve God made him leave his parents and find a seminary to train himself for God. He found it in Merida, Yuc. His grandpa took him to San Pablo Seminary and enrolled him. He is now in front of the Word.

Thanks. God bless you!

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Lighthouse to shine in Bethesda


A workgroup from Lighthouse Education Center (Torrance, CA; Dir. Lena Han) came to serve at Bethesda Church to finish their longtime project on 2 sunday school rooms. Mrs. Lena Han brought the teens not only for cultural learning but also learn on life and appreciate what's been given. Our pastor Francisco Melendez was ever glad to see a bunch of Korean kids and his own group of church members involved in work, too. Thanks, Lena. Our church folks remember El Chino (Nathanael) among others.

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