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June 30, 2010

2010 July Prayer Guides

Prayer concert for July 2010
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

• Children are off school now for a long vacation. Our two boys finished their school year successfully and are now ready to hit the road for ministries here and there with us.

• The single mom ministry has been launched. On a fine Saturday, there came about 20 moms to take a speech on “single moms and their low self-esteem”. We as family attend Bethesda church where the majority are single moms (mostly divorced). There are only 4 couples, including the senior pastor. Pastor Melendez is very supportive for this ministry since his 2 daughters are divorced and have a lot of painful attitude against church activities.

• Sunday school teacher training has announced its break during summer vacation. There are a lot of activities at each church, including VBS. We will continue the training after vacation sometime in September.

• Summer retreat for young adults is in smooth preparation. Its 8 leaders are gathered biweekly to learn the core values of the event (spirituality) and to work together for the common cause (building a better church). We are doing our best to help them envision for cultural change in church activities—not just to have fun but also to grow in spirit.

• Seminary in Mexico City and extension center in Cuernavaca had a few graduates: 3 in total this year. Especially, our extension center will receive new students in September. There are some church members with great interest to learn the Bible. May the Spirit of God continue to raise leaders for His Kingdom.

We would like to introduce you Grecia, dear sister at Bethesda church. She wants to join us for the God’s Image seminar in Salamanca in early July. However she has unsolved schedule trouble. She is graduating her high school with specialty on nursing. But it’d cost her U$1000 which had to be paid before the graduation. As many other students she might quit the 3 years of effort, due to the lack of this fund. For now, her heart is to assist the ministry in Salamanca, but she would definitely need your and our prayer.

The followings are our needs IN YOUR PRAYER. Thanks in advance!

a. July 4-10 – The God’s Image seminar will be held in Salamanca, Gto. We have a list of 55 participants and about 40 assistants from Cuernavaca (21), Cd. Juarez (5), and Los Angeles (13). A group of All Nations (Onnuri) Church in L.A. has adopted this city to minister for the next couple years. We pray that this touching ministry would be a divine blessing to those individual and their families. May they experience the love of God and restore their lost identity back to be witness for Christ.

b. July 3 – Dating with Pastors meeting will be at our home. May all the pastors get spiritually recharged to lead and instruct their flocks during this busy summer. We will also study to enrich our pastoral ministries with Reformed literature. Please continue to pray for our Mexican friends in this northern Africa who have recently expelled due to their mission work in that closed country to the Gospel.

c. July 17 – We will visit our hosting church for Summer retreat for young adults (July 30-Aug 1). So far retreats were done to have fun. However, this year and on we would like to make it a spiritual challenge where they experience personal encounter with the Lord. Praying wholeheartedly!

d. July 21-24 – Pastor Joo (A teaching pastor @ ANC and the author of the God’s Kingdom Perspective Bible Reading in 90 Days in Korean) will teach for two groups: at a Korean church in DF, and also for RPC folks here in Cuernavaca. May it be a great feast for all of us as we’d be challenged to get closer than before to the Living Word.

e. Every Thursday night Abe has been explaining the Bible story to a new converts (Raul & Lety). They just accepted Christ however, yet to struggle with their inherited religious cultures. We’d continue teaching them the beauty of God’s world. Please pray for this couple to experience the deeper truth in Christ.

f. We assist a barely started missions in Col. La Lagunilla. Among those who welcome us every Monday night is a family with deaf-mutes. We found a translator into sign language, however the Reina-Valera version (like KJV) found to be very difficult for her to translate. So we donated a handful of easy-reading Bibles. Now they are loving it and getting closer to their Creator. It’s fun to be with them and watch them grow in spirit.

g. Pray also for our involvement with Evangelism training at El Nazareno RPC. The learning pace is so slow, Abe has break down a session into 4-week lessons. May God speak to their heart first before stepping out to their neighbors! The gospel may empower them to be a good witness of God’s love.

Abe & Elaine

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June 13, 2010

Sign language

In Col. La Lagunilla a couple needs to learn sign language in order to communicate each other. They told us that their children (all of them) are deaf-mute. They've all grown-up and some got married. Last April, at the event of street evangelism they opened their heart and now their home for Christ. Our church staff are into learning the sign language to better present the story of Jesus. Last Monday night, we taught them a song in sign language, though we continually make a lot of funny mistakes. I tried to explain them about how to PRAY (talk with God). My hand gesture for SPEAKING was somehow confusing. They understood as a DUCK's mouth. We all laughed.

Praise the Lord for our church staff and their eagerness to learn new language.

Courtesy Documentary

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