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May 31, 2010

2010 June Prayer guides

Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

As family, we celebrate May with a lot of blessing. Nathan had his pastoral debut as he preached (?) on Children’s Sunday. Though it was only ONE-TWO minute sharing on his daily devotion, it was a meaningful experience for him and exciting for us. We were all nervous. Naomi had a great time in Yucatan Peninsula as she blew her birthday candles there. Nahum is so excited for the upcoming World Cup games in South Africa. He loves soccer. One day he found a Wii soccer game which one would love to own. So we made a deal that if he controls his temper for the next 3 weeks, we will buy him the game. Right away, he agreed to do so. For a week, he did very well. The reason we proposed the idea is that it takes about 21 days to change a habit. We have worked with him with his anger management. We pray that this will help him to get started and continue on.

Ministry-wise we’ve finished institutional tasks at the Seminary and Institute. The shoulders of our students are so loaded with assignments, but they will soon return with a blossom smile on their faces. Elaine has finished her The Image of God follow-up Bible study. The 7-8 ladies have grown emotionally and spiritually over the four months of study. These ladies will be a part of a ministry team for this seminar in the years to come. We’ve also taken a weeklong family ministry training in town. FamilyLife has a ministry center in Cuernavaca.

Noé Santiago is our student at Ixtlatotaztin Bible Institute. He is a vehicle electrician by profession, but now he is seriously considering to serve in frontier for God’s Kingdom. He wants to move on for the formal seminary training in Mexico City and serve God as an ordained pastor.
At each class he is like a sponge sobbing the basic ideas. Last course he took was Abe’s class on Diakonia. For a final assignment, Abe assigned a project that might be good for their church and beneficial to the community. Noé decided to sweep the church streets and offer free electric service to church neighbors. He also invited his church to join him with their own talents from haircut to facial. He is trying his best to practice what he learned and set them as his life values. PTL!

The followings are our need IN YOUR PRAYER. Thanks in advance!

a. June 2-7 – Dr. Simon Kistemaker (Prof. New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL) will give a series of lectures on the Coming of God’s Kingdom at our Mexican Reformed Theological Seminary, Mexico City. Abe is so excited to be at the lectures for two reasons. First, our Presbytery pastors’ willingness to learn! It’d cost them U$50 per person to attend the lectures, in addition to relatively expensive bus fares. But they found a way to fund themselves. Second, their growing spirit of team ministry! Pastor Jose Ocampo, collectively inviting other colleagues to join the study, now offered to financially cover (that is U$25) for me to attend the lectures with them. It meant a lot to us since it’s not just an invitation but their initial steps toward team ministry. Pray that Dr. Kistemaker will be a great blessing to our pastors and seminary students.

b. June 7 – Dating with Pastors meeting will be at Bethesda Church. It’s been an edifying time as we come to learn to share and give hand to each other’s needs and also pray for each other’s ministry. Especially pray for pastor Nain de Jesus who seems to have a hard time to adjust to this fairly new culture among the pastors. Also please pray for our Mexican missionary friend (anonymous) who served about 4 years but have recently been expelled from a Muslim country in North Africa. We have not been in contact these days so don’t know much about their current situation, but they definitely need our prayer.

c. June 4, 18, & 25 – Our ministry team to assist the upcoming ‘Seminar on The Image of God’ (Salamanca in July 7-9) is set. About 10 adults (all participated last November’ seminar) will lead and assist a table of 6-7 people. On 3 occasions we will gather together to pray for the seminar and for 50+ participants. None of us has any idea what’s going to happen, but we are sure that many participants will experience a life-changing encounter with the Lord during the seminar. Please join us in prayer for this goal.

d. June 5 – Our dear friend pastor Constantino and Madai’s daughter will turn 15. It will be a big day for her as she celebrates her quinceañera. We’ve known her since she was 5 years old. Time has gone by so fast. Abe is honored to deliver a message for this young lady. May the Word lead her walk into adult life and equip her in becoming a woman of noble character (Prov. 31). … Due to the Mexico City traffic law, we’re unable to take our US licensed vehicle, so we’d need to travel on bus. Pray for the event and 6 hour round-trip.

e. Elaine’s Teacher Training continues every other Fridays. All the teachers are assigned to prepare their own story-telling lesson for a weeklong Vacation Bible School (VBS). Due to the financial hardship, if it done individually, they decided to work together on material purchase and textbook preparation. Pray that all the teachers will be encouraged in the process of VBS preparation.

f. June 26 – Elaine, Milca, and Gloria (members of Bethesda Church) decided to launch a ministry for single moms. There will be a Café and Cake Night targeting at least 15-20 ladies. Pastor Melendez is very supportive with his two arms wide-open.

g. We will also minister our Reformed churches on their effort to expand the Gospel through small missions in Puente de Ixtla, Amacuzac, La Lagunilla, Milpillas, Puerta del Cielo, and Nuevo Balsas. They would need some time to grow and organize as churches. Pray that our involvement with Evangelism courses and occasional preaching will fuel them in doing ministry to the needy.

Blessings on your ministry and your daily walk with the Lord,

Abe & Elaine Lee

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May 25, 2010

2010 April-May Newsletters

Another upload you'd find are our recent newsletter for April-May 2010. Please click below either English or Korean version to download. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

English version 2010-05 or Korean version 2010-05
Thanks for your ongoing support with prayer and giving. Blessing!

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May 18, 2010

Newsletters for Jan-March 2010

Just uploaded are an overdued newsletter that covers our ministry during January-March 2010. Please click below either English or Korean version to download. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

English version or Korean version
Thanks for your ongoing support with prayer and giving. Blessing!

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May 10, 2010

2010 May Prayer Guides

The NANANA family and ministry in Mexico?
Cuernavaca, Morelos

Praise the Lord for another fruitful trip to Chiapas: encouraging visit for Eusebio Vazquez, an ex-student of Chiapas Bible Institute and Reformed Seminary in Mexico City, who had celebrated special 3 day services with a lot of thanksgiving. His family willfully offered a cow (over 700 lbs.) for the feast. It was a pleasant visit to witness his walk in the Lord. I(Abe) was commoved as he claimed Abe to be his spiritual father. … It turned out to be also a good visit for Cesario Guillen, who had had some personal issues over some months due to the lack of a spiritual mentor near him. He had basically spent most of his life in urban setting, but considered a countryman himself. However, his ministry colleagues had caused him to wake up and reconsider his differences to work with them. He had a distinct mentality. So he renounced from Diaconia Chiapas. Somehow this visit helped him to restore his backsliding faith. Pray that God will provide him a friend(s) to walk alongside him. Click here

Praise for the Bible Verse Contest. We’ve had about 100 participants from 6 churches. The event was well received as all of them showed great interest, including teachers. We’re all excited as each participant did his/her best to not just win the contest but to confirm their further step in spiritual walk through this event. It was always hard for the judges to nominate the final three winners each age group. Click here

Praise the Lord for another warm and growing experience of our missionaries spiritual retreat in our area. Our team is a coolest ministry family as we get to know each one of us closely. You guys are fantastic! Click here Note: Some pics were taken by Barbarita.

Our dear brother Israel and his home church Bethesda successfully made known God’s presence in La Lagunilla, a tough area to evangelize through a one-day street campaign. There were 10 new converts who made commitment to follow Jesus and participate weekly gathering in a local. Praise the Lord as He said “He added to their number daily those who were being saved (Acts 2:47)! Click here

Please join us in prayer for the followings during this month.

1. May 1 … Abe is scheduled to preach and project a movie in Balsas, Gro., a mission of La Hermosa church. There is still a family or two that gather together irregularly for worship and Bible study. May God’s Spirit descend on each of those who kneel down before the Sovereign God!

2. We will continue the evangelism training at El Nazareno RPCM (pastor Hector). At the same time, Bethesda RPCM (pastor Francisco) continue building up the 10 new converts at a recent evangelism effort.

3. May 3 … It’s the day of monthly pastors meeting. Since last month, we’ve been using a literature that might help or nurture our philosophy of ministry. For now we are using “La Necesidad de Reformar la Iglesia (The Need to Reform the Church)” by John Calvin.

4. Our church’s youth groups are planning for a summer retreat in Acapulco. Our budget goal is to raise about U$50 (per person) for 60-80 of them. We are mentoring and assisting the leaders from fundraising idea to program details to lectures. The retreat will be in late July and hosted at a church in Acapulco.

5. May 14-16 … Abe will lead a pastor’s retreat in Merida. Our dear friend Jacobo Caamal, after the touching experience in The Image of God seminar, asked us to introduce that further to his presbytery. Naomi is going with me as her birthday gift.

6. May 29 … Maranatha Church will have her birthday party. May her Lord continue to bless her ministry throughout the year.

7. Every Thursdays Abe teaches two classes at Reformed Seminary in Mexico.

8. Every other Fridays Elaine leads an Inner Healing Follow-up Bible study at home. The attendees shout in joy as they discover their own personality and grow in relationship with God. They are Lily, Felix, Norely, Bertha, Grecia, Alba, Martha, etc. Thank God for He has camped upon them with His grace and love.

9. The other Fridays Elaine leads Sunday school teacher training sessions at two churches. Average of 10-15 teachers are faithfully attending the classes and are eager to learn more theories and practical tips. Abe teaches Christian doctrines based on TULIP.

10. Abe and pastor Jose Ocampo teach at Seminary by Extension (TEE) in Maranatha RPCM. As it reached the last quarter of its 2-year program we are so excited to graduate some students soon for their church needs.

11. Pray for Alfonso, our kids’ school-friend, who needs a kidney transplant anytime soon. His mom decided to donate hers, but they are both weak and especially the mom is very nervous at this time. And pray also for Andre, whose parents have decided to divorce and are in legal process. Poor little boy, doesn’t realize yet what impact might be seen in his surroundings! There are so many of this case all over Mexico. Many times it seems like, for them, divorce is not the last option but the very first choice to solve the marriage issues.

12. Two churches (RPC) in town are searching for new pastor: Gethsemani church in Cuernavaca (Centro Presbytery) and Maranatha church (Emmanuel Presbytery).

Thanks very much to all of your prayer and giving!

Abe & Elaine Lee
CRWM Mexico

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