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April 12, 2010

La Lagunilla Street Campaign


Last Saturday (Apr. 10), all the pastors and most churches of Emmanuel Presbytery had gathered together for an evening evangelistic campaign in Col. La Lagunilla. It is the way to officially launch a new missions. According to the event coordinator and some other locals, this colonia is a well-known risky and dangerous area in town. “It is just like Col. Antonio Barona,” says pastor Hector Abarca (El Nazareno RPC). However, nothing happened to us during our event for God's angels had camped around us.

Since a week ago, we’ve visited this area to post the invitations here and there all over the colonia. We did a prayer walk scattered in groups. We tried to cover the entire colonia. In doing so, we met a number of Christians and found some Christian churches in the area, which was a comfort.

Around 6 pm people started to come and little by little filled up the small soccer field at the corner of colonia’s sports area. “Somos el pueblo de Dios …”. We sang and sang and sang a lot of praises. We also showed them a Christian movie and each church presented a mini drama and sketches. I(Abe) preached on Mephiboset’s restoration by the mercy of God(David). We harvested about 15 souls for Christ as we made altar-call at the end of the events. Praise the Lord!

We were all so exhausted and tired as we went to bed around 1 am next day. But God gave us a very very good night rest. Thank you God!

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Thy Grace Got Stolen!


Everything was great before Sunday evening service (April 11). The worship service started at 5 pm and ended at almost 8 pm a little bit later than expected. As the benediction was given away, Pastor Francisco Melendez ran right outside to the street and called me to chat. “Brother Lee, please don’t loose your calmness at what I am going to let you know,” he opened his mouth with uninterrupted breath. “Some kids (actually dedicated ones, as we found out later) tried to damage your vehicle.” “What? How? What did we loose?” I asked. “They took your spare tire!,” he concluded. I ran right to the back of our car. Guess what? You could tell that it can’t be done by street kids. Whoever they were, they were after our tire.

I was so disturbed. They did not just take the tire but also the grace. Where is the grace I received during the service? I dunno. Pastor Melendez brought me the spare tire kit but it was all into pieces. They must have used huge cutters (in Spanish “cortapernos”). For the rest of the day, my heart was also broken and smashed into pieces. I was so bothered, but God calmed us with His grace. I was touched as He was saying, “Son, don’t be shaken by what you see and moved to anger, but be firm for which reason you are here. You are called to bless them. … Learn to be a blessing!” (Jeremiah 3:12-13, 22-25). To God be the glory!

FYI ... Cuernavaca has seen lately much violence. Last Friday there were dead bodies hung on a highway at the crossing section of a famous shopping center in town. The locals say that it was a consequence of two drug-related mafias. They are fighting for the territory.

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