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March 30, 2010

2010 April Prayer Guides

The NANANA family and ministry in Mexico
Cuernavaca, Morelos

Happy Easter! April is the month of deep reflection and season of renewing experiences as the Holy Week is being celebrated. May the forgiving Spirit take His seats in our midst. Blessings our dear brothers and sisters!

Please pray for the followings during this month.

1. During the Passion Week, we will be visiting and delivering the Word of life to several churches (Shekinah RPCM, Filadelfia NPCM, Bethesda RPCM, La Hermosa, & El Nazareno RPCM). May it be a week of reflection on God’s endless and countless love toward us!

2. During the months of April and May, El Nazareno RPCM (pastor Hector) will receive with an 8-week evangelism course. At the same time, Bethesda RPCM (pastor Francisco) will have Evangelism follow-up Bible study training as the church plan to do outreach in early April. The church also has a special project on expanding a new church plant in Lagunilla area. May we provide them some insights on this effort.

3. April 5 … The first Monday morning of each month is for pastors meeting. Our evangelist Saturnino who pastors La Hermosa RPCM will host us for monthly planning and sharing and praying.

4. March 27, April 8, 10, 17 (and more in May) … On these days, there will be meetings and fundraising activities. For an upcoming summer retreat for youth groups of 6-7 churches, we planned for fundraising bazaars, carwash on a street, street candy sale, etc. Our budget goal is to raise as much as we can—about U$50 (per person) for 60-80 teens. The retreat will be hosted at a church in Acapulco.

5. April 15-18 … Abe will visit to Chiapas to preach for two occasions and to mentor a church leader in spiritual crisis. Pastor Eusebio has piled many motives to set an altar of thanksgiving for the Lord. His church in Esperanza de Morison, aka Ebenezer RPCM, will be colored for this special celebration.

6. April 18 … Among 5 churches will compete on Bible verse memorization. Sunday school teachers had been instructed almost 2 months ago and have gathered names of participants for this event. They have never had such event, so they are nervous and excited. It will be held in El Nazareno RPCM. Elaine is organizing the event while Abe is gone to Chiapas.

7. In the mid of April, pastor Alejandro & Mrs. Nora Loya, after a year training for world mission, will depart to Indonesia for 2 months of mission practicum. Pray that they will wholeheartedly engage in the divine call and at the same time their 4 children will make their part, as they will be left alone with their relatives.

8. Every Thursdays Abe teaches two classes at Reformed Seminary in Mexico.

9. Every other Fridays Elaine leads an Inner Healing Follow-up Bible study at home. The attendees shout in joy as they discover their own personality and grow in relationship with God. They are Lily, Felix, Norely, Bertha, Grecia, Alba, Martha, etc. Thank God for He has camped upon them with His grace and love.

10. The other Fridays Elaine leads Sunday school teacher training sessions at two churches. Average of 10-15 teachers are faithfully attending the classes and are eager to learn more theories and practical tips. Abe teaches Christian doctrines based on TULIP.

11. Every Saturdays Abe and pastor Jose Ocampo teach at Seminary by Extension (TEE) in Maranatha RPCM. As it reached the last quarter of its 2-year program we are so excited to graduate the students soon for their church needs.

12. April 22-27 … CRWM Mexico team will have our annual spiritual retreat and ministry planning in Tepoztlan. May it be a great time for all of us.

13. Pray for Alfonso, our kids’ school friend, who needs a kidney transplant anytime soon. His mom decided to donate hers, but they are both weak and especially the mom is very nervous at this time.

14. Pray for pastor Moises and Rosy Britos (Presbyterio Centro) who need spiritual guidance and direction as their Gethsemani church-Centro presbytery situation doesn’t seem to settle down as fast as they hoped for. Pray also for pastor Enrique Miranda at his new pastoral engagement at Gethsemani church.

15. Another Gethsemani church in Cuernavaca (Centro Presbytery) is desperately looking for a fulltime pastor.

Thanks to all of you!

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2010 March Prayer Guides

3/1 In the morning, Abe will attend the monthly Pastor's meeting will be at Nazareno Church. At night, Elaine will have a meeting with youth group leaders to set up the programs for the youth.

3/2-3/30 (Every Tuesday Morning) The Woman society of Filadelfia church invited Elaine to give a study. Pray for her for God's guidance.

3/5 & 3/19. Sunday School teachers' training. We now have more teachers and more support from churches. PTL! Abe is giving a study on God, Bible, and Grace. We felt the need for the teachers to have a clear understanding on the topics. We are also planning to have a Bible verse memorization contest in April. Pray that the preparation goes well.

3/12 & 3/26. The Inner Healing follow up Bible study. Elaine has 6 ladies for the study. Continue to pray as we are building up the "Healing community."

3/20. We are having a rummage sale to raise funds for the prizes for the winners at the Bible memorization contest. Pray that we raise enough money to give good gifts/prizes to participants and the winners.

Pray for Abe's seminary classes every Thursdays. Pray also for TEE Institute, for teachers: Pastor Jose (the Prophets) and Abe (Deaconate) ; and students.

Pray for our children; Naomi, Nathan & Nahum. We are praying as we are planning to send them different schools. And Naomi wants to go back to school. May God lead us to the right direction; and let us be sensitive His guidance. Also pray for them to grow in the knowledge of God be praised by God and men.

Pray for Nazareno church. A treasurer of the church has made a big mistake of misusing the church money. Church has no money to pay the pastor nor pay for the expenses. Pray that God will the leaders wisdom to handle the situation in a godly manner.

Chiapas Bible Institutes graduated about 10 students at their January Presbytery meetings. PTL for the teachers' ever fired-up efforts for this ministry (Pastors Jose Lopez and Cristobal Gutierrez and Eusebio Vasquez). ... however, our dear brother Cesario Guillen is going through a spiritual slump at this very moment. I (Abe) don't have any clue as to what had happened to him at his former church, but he is no longer attending there but a church in an hour away. Please pray for him and his family.

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