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February 01, 2010

2010 February Prayer Guides

Cuernavaca Ministry and the NANANA Family

Praise the Lord! Elaine has attended the God’s Image seminar in Cd. Juarez, along with Felicita (a member of Shekinah Church) to get trained to form our own ministry team. Both came back with new and fresh thoughts for our ministry plans in Cuernavaca.

Praise the Lord for a special offering our churches collected for the Haiti Earthquake Project of CRWRC. It was basically the whole of last Sunday offering. Thank God that their heart is for those who need to be hugged and loved.

In January we sat with the pastors to put all the activities for 2010 in order. Some have complained for having too many (relatively) activities in November-December. Now we have a whole year schedule for the Emmanuel Presbytery. The followings are some activities we agreed for the month of February.

Please pray for the followings.

2/5. Sunday school training is reinitiating. As a second stage, we will start off with a basic doctrine lectures led by Abe. Many of our teachers have very little knowledge in this area, so they need it as a foundation for the teaching ministry. It will be followed by lesson preparation for VBS. It will meet on every other Fridays.

2/6. TEE Institute. Last module is starting. Pastor Jose (the Prophets) and Abe (Deaconate) will teach for the next 3 months. The number of students has been dropped from 13 to 9. But the learning spirit has never been extinguished. May the Spirit of God continue to inhabit in them and in their daily walk.

2/9. We will have monthly fellowship among the church leaders. We all felt strong need of this fellowship back to share info and exchange church prayer needs.

2/12. Elaine will start the 8-week Inner Healing Follow up Bible study with a number of ladies in Cuernavaca. The path to the complete healing is a long journey and we need each other to encourage, which we call “Healing community.” It will be on every other Fridays to balance with Teacher’s training programs.

2/13. Pastor's wife day. Our Presbytery’s Woman Society announced to offer a party for pastors’ wives once a year. May it be a way to recompense their work alongside each pastor.

2/15-17. Elaine will be flying to and from Seattle for the Mother School. As a part of our family ministry, Elaine offered to attend and assist this school, a specially programmed seminar for pastor's wives. She will serve as a table leader. Please pray for the seminar and safe trip.

After a short winter break, our Seminary students are back in classes since the 4th week of January. Abe is imparting two courses. In his classrooms there are in total 7 students, in addition to a week-long course on Christian leadership. The intensive course was a blessing. Pastors Daniel Garcia, Roberto Marqueda, and Lety Cruz shared their vivid and real troublesome ministry issues. We all thoroughly analyzed and prayed. Pray for their ongoing ministry.

2/27. La Hermosa Church will celebrate her anniversary. It is a fairly important and significant event for every church we work with. May the grace of God be on her leadership, evangelist Saturnino and the faithful learner Lupe.

Thanks very much for your giving and prayer. Blessings,

NANANA family

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