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December 14, 2009

2009 December Updates in pdf format

Hello there,

Merry Christmas! Wow ... it went by so fast. It's about to say goodbye to 2009. Please find some reports of what we've been doing for the last 3 months. God has been good to our churches here in Cuernavaca, Mexico. We hope the same to you all. God bless you all!

Please click on the picture below to download our newsletter for December 2009. You would need Adobe Reader to view it.

Also available in Korean. Click Newsletter 2009 in Korean (6 mb).

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December 03, 2009

2009 December Prayer Guides

The Lee family and Cuernavaca ministry

Run, run, run Ö for what? Run for marathon? No, run for something else! Many caravans are being formed and getting ready to run for the Virgin Guadalupe in the first half of this month. A group of tens or dozens or more of all ages will renew their vows as they run for their Mexican Virgin Mary, Guadalupe.

November was a fruitful month. Sunday school teachers are smiling, Churches are singing new songs, and three dozen souls are now dancing to the joyful & transforming rhythm learned at our first inner healing seminar. Especially, this 2 day seminar was a life-changing event for our fellow believers including a half dozen pastors. By sharing the tearful testimony, many hearts were touched an moved. Norely (17) didn't have any dreams and was not interested in studying. But after the seminar, her face literally started to shine. She also want to serve the Lord wholeheartedly.

In December, we will be doing the followings.

1. Dec. 4 Ė We will have a reunion service. The inner healing seminar has impacted in the lives of about 40 participants. After a series of 8 lectures, the purpose of the reunion is to reconfirm our freedom in Christ and renew our interpersonal relationships. The seminar and this follow-up reunion aim spiritual restoration of each individual from any life scars in the past. Thanks to ANC staffs for the event and priceless support.

2. Elder Gregorio has not made up his mind as to returning to Nazareno church. It makes us a bit difficult to minister the church. However, the church patiently awaits for him to make a sound decision to benefit the church and himself. This church has sent out a missionary (ex-pastor) to Morocco but has stopped growing since 2008 both in numbers and capacity. Pray that new pastor Hector and 2 other leaders come to understand the importance of their leadership call to lead the church healthy.

3. The first period of Sunday School teacher training has ended. It will conclude with a Christmas night presentation (dramas, singing, poem reading, etc.). It will be on Dec. 12 at Bethesda Church. Pray that all the churches will participate and celebrate a united service for the Coming of our Savior Jesus.

4. El Nazareno Church will have an anniversary service on Dec. 5. May it be a good time for them to challenge once again for spiritual growth.

5. Dec. 19 Ė Our dearest brother Francisco (elder, Maranatha Church) and Rosa will finally have their wedding ceremony after about 20 years of married life. They had no money back then to get married at the church. Now they have decided to marry, though late, to leave a good example to their 3 children and also to churches in general. By this ceremony, their marriage will be officially recognized and given all the rights for church roles. Moreover, their three boys are proud of their parentsí rightful life decision.

6. Our children will have Taekwondo exams. TKD has helped them to gain self-confidence, among other benefits. They will also have a Christmas performance on the 18th. May they continue to enjoy life here in Mexico and be Christís pleasant fragrance for Godís sake.

December is not the last sheet of calendar, but itís beginning of new history God promises write on our life path. Itís time to reset our hope in that God. Blessings,

The NANANA family

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Seminar on the Image of God

On Nov. 20-21, about 40 people gathered together from different parts of Mexico for this event. Most participants were from Cuernavaca, and some came from Toluca, Cancun, and Villahermosa. It was a real time of blessing. We all praised God for allowing us to personally meet Him throughout the programs. Our main speaker Beatrice Kim from All Nations Church (Los Angeles, CA) has been especially used by God in assisting each participant to come to term their life wounds or scars and to declare the freedom in Jesus Christ. The ceremony of the Father's heart and the Holy Communion had been greatly appreciated by the participants. Thanks once again to ANC Vision 800 ministry. Praise God!

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