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November 02, 2009

2009 November Prayer Guides

The Lee family and Cuernavaca ministry
Cuernavaca, Mexico

The month of darkness has come. Day of the Dead and Halloween are here. There was no class today to celebrate the Day of the Dead. There are altars for the dead everywhere. Our children’s school is no exception. Their teachers asked them to bring offering for the altars. Our youngest son Nahum hesitated going to school and skipped two days when the school had the Day of the Dead and Halloween party. He decided not to go. He believes that it is too much burden for him to tolerate. Interestingly, he also told one of his classmates about it. Rodrigo is the kid who also skipped the school. He was explained about Halloween and God by Nahum and got convinced to skip a day. The power of God’s message! PTL!

Shekinah Church has finished evangelism training for Kingdom ministry. After the 8 sessions of evangelism course, the church is encouraged to go out and preach the gospel with neighbors and colleagues at their working sites. Praise for their enthusiasm and love for soul saving.

In November, we’d be doing the followings.

1. Sunday School teacher training is going well. About 20 current and prospect teachers enjoy the biweekly sessions as they learn new and so practical stuffs to use right away for the following Sunday activities. Elaine thoughtfully prepares each session in light of Global Learning Partner teaching styles which makes the lessons as easy as possible. Each teacher’s face is filled with big smile as they carry a mailbox each Friday to the session.

2. Abe continues One-to-one discipleship with Gregorio now on Monday mornings. He is a skilled carpenter. We study at his shop with the sound of his machines. It was difficult for him to totally submit to this program due to his reluctant attitude toward taking courses taught by others. He is very much a self-teaching person. It’s been 3 weeks and started to show his interest in learning and is doing his best to put himself in other’s shoes in reflecting his church’s past issues.

3. Following CRWM Field Council meeting in Merida, Mex. (Nov. 5-7), Abe will head to east to Cancun to lead an 8-hr seminar on Tiempo Con Dios (Nov. 8). Pastor Jacobo learned about the devotional booklet a couple of months ago and immediately scheduled for this seminar at his church and also invite other churches nearby. Pray that it will bless the church and fell in love with the Word.

4. Elaine will have a big (?) birthday on the 8th. But Abe will still be in Southeast of Mexico for meetings and a seminar. May God continue to bless her and her ministry in Mexico.

5. This month pastor Jose Ocampo will be teaching the most of Saturday classes at our TEE center due to Abe’s absence for other activities. Pray that he will patiently dedicate all the sessions.

6. Elaine leads music class, beside teaching hymns at TEE center.

7. Nov. 19-21 – We will host a ministry team from Los Angeles. At Family ministry center we will have a 2-day seminar on inner healing, known as “The Image of God”, which focus on spiritual restoration from any scars from the past either individual or/and family backgrounds.

Looking forward to exiting challenges through the Word. And pray that many families display restored and innovated spiritual life. We wish the same to you and your churches. Blessings,

The NANANA family

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