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September 07, 2009

2009 September Prayer Guides

The Lee family and Cuernavaca ministry
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Praise God for the positive outcome of a delicate issue dealt at RPCM special synod meeting. It was a conflict between a pastor and the consistory which grew into a pastor against his presbytery. It could have grown into a huge problem, but God gave the leaders wisdom to very friendly and fearfully deal with the case. PTL for them.

Our children are back at their school. It seems like they are already readjusted. Thanks God for many activities at a number of churches (VBS) that helped them in many ways back in local culture.

In September, please pray for …

1. Sunday School teacher training will take place every Friday starting Sept. 4. Elaine and Lily (Israel’s wife) have come up with a concrete idea and method how to train them and invite them get involved more in children ministry. Pray that their vision would be shared and implemented.

2. Along with pastor Hector, we will continue Bible study during weekdays. May God continue to gather his faithful and hungry Christians of the Word.

3. Emmanuel presbytery will witness its annual meeting in Aug. 10-12 here in town. Now with the addition of two ordained pastors, the Presbytery seem very excited to work with. May the meetings are connected with a lot of ministerial fruits.

4. Our TEE center (Bible institute/seminary by extension) has launched its last 4 month session with about 15 students. PTL. The same brothers and sisters are showing their unceasing interest in learning the Word and serving in God’s enterprise here in Cuernavaca.

5. Shekinah Church has called Nain de Jesus as her pastor for the next 2 years. De Jesus is a pastor who has served many years already in town, so he knows the church well. May this coupling bring a lot of joy and progress in Shekinah community.

6. Israel Melendez, former TEE student, finally took decision to study fulltime at the Seminary in DF. As a PK (pastor kid), he had never thought to become himself a pastor. But God has been working in his heart. He is now taking 13 classes as first year student at the seminary. Pray for him and especially for his family (Lily, his wife; Galilea and Shalom their daughters).

7. Abe has been lecturing on Evangelism (using Willowcreek Church’s material) at Shekinah Church. The program will last about two months and so far we’ve had very good number of attendance.

8. The Seminary in DF initiated new schoolyear. Abe and many other full-time pastors will teach this semester. May God continue to pour his wisdom to understand and interpret the Word correctly and influence to each one of students from different parts of the country. We have about 15 students in total.

9. It’s about that time again to renew our working visa here in Mexico. All the documents have been submitted and all we need to do is WAIT. Pray for this process, please.

What is your hobby to survive your busyness? We are in search for one … May God help us enjoy every moment of our life! Blessings,

The NANANA family

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