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August 03, 2009

2009 August Prayer Guides

The Lee family and Cuernavaca ministry
Cuernavaca, Mexico

It’s been a little over a month we are back in our Mexico home. Upon arrival, we did join a work team to minister in two mid-size towns, which followed a trip to Chiapas, and another to Arcelia, Guerrero. Thus, we’ve been all this time packing and unpacking luggage. We are finally at home and get back to work with Presbyterian churches in Cuernavaca.

Pray for …
1. Not many churches will have VBS this summer. Due to swine flu, most public schools delayed school yearend date, which caused a relative delay of and shortened Summer vacations. Only Filadelfia Church and El Nazareno Church will have VBS this week (Aug. 3-9). Pray that many children come and learn the Word of the Truth.

2. We will continue support El Nazareno Church and Shekinah Church. Both churches had been without fulltime minister for some time. El Nazareno just called Hector Abarca to be her pastor. He has just graduated from RPC seminary in DF, who needs our assistance until he gets settled in this church. Shekinah church, on the other hand, will continue to have a men’s club. We will continue to use Tiempo Con Dios (Daily Devotional guidebook).

3. RPCM synodical reps. will come to Cuernavaca on Aug. 6-8. At this special meetings they’d surely need God’s wisdom and led by the Spirit in their decision making. The meetings will be on restructuring the synodical reps. And church registration to the government.

4. On Aug. 8, Maranatha Church will welcome 15 students of Seminary by Extension. They didn’t complete the 8th session, the last of 2 year program. So it will be offered in this upcoming 4 months. Abe will be teaching every other Saturday. Please pray that the students will faithfully attend and finish the program.

5. We’ve got to know a young man Gilberto from Arcelia, Gro, Mexico, but in Los Angeles, CA during our home service. Arcelia is located about 5 hour driving distance from Cuernavaca. God had meanwhile started a work nearby this town through Shekinah Church. So we stopped by on our way to visit this new mission. Don Juan (81) and Dońa Paula (79), in the picture, welcomed us with a typical food, mole (a dark-spicy sauce), but they were surprised by the Gospel we presented later. Their second daughter got converted in the State, too, as has been Gilberto, youngest son. Did God plan for it? Today, Don Juan heard the Good News and accepted Jesus to be his Savior. PTL.

6. Our NANANA’s schooling has been decided for this year. We’d try out homeschooling with Naomi (7th grade), while Nathan (5th grade) and Nahum (4th grade) will return to their former school. Pray that they will get smoothly readjusted to this setting and school environment.

7. Mexico has strongly been influenced by US economy. Many Mexicans have returned from the States as they lost their jobs. But here is nothing better. Our church folks have been laid off. Pray that all of them find a way in the Lord to make up their loss.

Can you name a thing to thank God for? May we continue add up more reasons to kneel down before our loving God! Blessings on your walk and ministry!

The NANANA family

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