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May 12, 2009

2009 May Prayer Guides

The nanana family and Cuernavaca ministry
Cuernavaca, Mexico

It has been awhile since we sent out our last prayer guides. I’m sure you missed us for the last two months as much as we did miss you guys. Right? We’ve been in and out these times. Here is the long time overdue prayer guides.

In March, Abe spoke at a session for “Blessed to Bless”, a mission seminar of ANC. About 150 attended. All Nations Church has strongly been increased its mission endeavors toward Mexico and beyond in Latin America. So Abe talked about our mission experience in Mexico.

In March, Abe assisted an Inner Healing seminar (ANC) through which 80 participants named their life-stumbling-stones and made a vow to not only run away from them but confront to break through them. In doing so, they will restore the image of God which was once lost. PTL!

In April, Abe went to La Piedad, Michoacan (Mexico) to assist a Father School to Mexican church leadership. It was a trial launching program, but it turned to be a blessing to 70 fathers who remade their fatherhood to be more loving and caring. Abe was in charge of a table with 5 fathers (two of them were full-time pastors). It was also a time of refreshing his fatherhood. Please pray for pastor Miguel (far right in the rear row) who has made a vow to strengthen his fatherhood and husbandhood. He confessed this vow in a written form on a letter to his wife.

In April, we’ve celebrated our youngest son Nahum’s 9th birthday. He is third grader and smart enough to solve the math by himself. So far … ?

In April, we’ve had spiritual retreat among the CRWM Mexico missionaries in Tijuana, Mexico. It was very joyful time to be together once again, especially as swain flu hit the country at that time. Our local partners are doing ok from this threatening disease. PTL!

In March and April, we were blessed through the church visits to Hope Community (Riverside), Palm Lane and West Valley Christian Fellowship (Phoenix area), Good Shepherd (LA), Bridge (West Covina), ANC (Sunland). Praise God for He has surely shown His grace to all of them.


1. Thanks for the extra love and care you’ve shown us. We are now finished with the vehicle fundraising project. We started it faithlessly but God has confirmed us that it was under His control.

2. We do have last month of church visits. They are as follows: Almond Valley (17th), Friendship (31st).

3. Every Friday afternoon – We have led a Bible study at a rehab center (Spanish speaking). There are 20 enrolled and many are very receptive to the Word. Pray for the pastor Mario the founder and Adam the leader.

4. Every Thursday – Elaine has been leading prayer group and a coffeebreak Bible study group in Los Angeles. They will end in mid May, as we need to prepare our return to the field in few more weeks.

5. May 18-21 – The Korean Council will have its annual meetings.

6. Elaine will also serve as a volunteer for an upcoming inner healing seminar of ANC. We would also need volunteers for our year-end-seminar in Cuernavaca.

7. In mid June we will go back to Mexico.

8. The financial crisis has affected seriously too on our missions activities. We are financially short for our living and ministry budgets. Please join us in prayer that this crisis will help us react wisely in spirit, and gather the necessary funds. We humbly ask your additional generosity if you consider this valuable for your spiritual growth. Many thanks and blessings.

Thanks very much for your unceasing prayer and restless care. It is also our prayer for you that God will show His deep and ongoing grace on your needs. We prayerfully report this and ask for your partnership.

The nanana family

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