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December 02, 2008

2008 December Prayer Guides

NANANA family and ministry
Cuernavaca, Morelos

Thanks to all who sent birthday cards, cakes, and gifts to Elaine. She had four birthday cakes. She really enjoyed it.

November has been a month with unusual cold here in Cuernavaca. It was the coldest year in many decades. Even in Mexico City weathermen predict to expect snow in this winter. First time since the 70s! I guess it's not happening only here but all over the world. Praise the Lord that everything is under His control.

Abe had joyfully led Tiempo Con Dios Seminars in number of places (Aguascalientes, Quechultenango, & Cuernavaca). Most participants have expressed their appreciation for the devotional book and praised the seminar as a helping tool for them to develop their spiritually intimate relationship with Lord.

Abe has mentored a seminary student. Efrain was overloaded with 13 courses in this semester. As time went by, he realized that it was too much for him. He is also a father to three children. Two of them are still in kindergarten. His attention had obviously been divided into study and ministry. During the semester, he was assigned to minister a mid-sized congregation. He had very little time for his family. Once this semester ends, he will give a little more attention to his family. God bless him and his family whose sacrifice is heavenly treasure in the eyes of God.

Amigos Sin Frontera had successfully finished their medical brigade to Durango. They attended literally hundreds of patients in 4 day service and many of them heard to the very saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that there will soon born a worshipping community out of this ministry.

TEE in Cuernavaca has been steady in number of students and pastors' collaborations. Praise the Lord for His awesome walk with them.

El Nazareno RPC is slowly putting in order in their church ministry as their leadership learn Christian worldview and life view through Monday Bible study. Elder Jaime has put more of his time and resources to learn the Bible and improve his role as a leader. He enrolled in TEE program.

Elaine and Nanana had a car accident on Thanksgiving Day Eve. The car they were in has been crashed so badly that it had to be junked. However, just as we pray in Spanish, "los angeles encamparon alrededor de ellos", God Himself surrounded and guarded them. They were able to have a Thanksgiving dinner with siblings. PTL.


1. Monday Bible Study at El Nazareno RPC continues on weekly base. Now each week the participants are taking turn in leading the study. Abe has assigned and encouraged them to do this way. Please pray for Jaime elder and Felipe obrero for their leadership.

2. Wednesday Men's Club at Shekinah RPC continues. Since November the meeting has been led by the participants. Tomas deacon has grown in handling Tiempo Con Dios and applying it for his sermon preparation.

3. The fall semester of the Seminary in Mexico City will end soon (second week of December). Pray that about 15 students will not be exhausted but joyfully complete their study duties.

4. Dec. 6 – Abe will complete his course on Acts for the TEE center in Cuernavaca. Our 16 students have faithfully walked through the book, and now are about to finish their thorough interpretation. Pray that they will continue to explore other books of the Bible on their own.

5. Dec. 7 – Emmanuel Presbytery will have a 4 hour training on evangelism. Abe will share his experience and instruct them with "Evangelism Explosive" evangelism method. We expect to have about 50 people.

6. Dec. 8-10 – Abe will teach a course on Church History at Chiapas Bible Institute. Pray that pastor Jose Lopez will be encouraged by Abe's presence. He continues in charge of this institute in Chiapas.

7. Following Bible Institute course, Abe will give a course on Gender Equality for Diaconia of Chiapas. The theme is their choice, and we hope to contribute some healthy biblical view on manhood and womanhood. The study will be on Dec. 11-12, in Zaragoza, Chiapas.

8. Dec. 14 – Shekinah RPC will celebrate a special service for her anniversary (Abe will preach). The church authority will dedicate a small but meaningful wooden pulpit for this occasion. May the church continue to grow in Spirit and knowledge in word.

9. Dec. 15 – Travel for home service. Abe will join the family in L.A.

10. We continue with the vehicle fundraising to replace our well used SUV for a semi-new vehicle during our home service (Dec. 2008 – June 2009). We are so thankful to those who have already sent in their wholehearted offerings. We are wordless for your sacrifices regardless this long economic crisis. We give thank you on behalf of our generous God. Please continue to pray for the remaining fund onto its completion (about $5000). Should you have any questions regarding the fundraising, please contact us at chiapslee@gmail.com or call 626-222-1882 (Elaine's cell)


1. Elaine started to lead a group at Coffee break Bible study. Please pray for her as she prepares and leads the Bible study. They are studying the book of Exodus.

2. Elaine will participate a street evangelism as practicum for the Evangelism class she has taken. Pray for the people who will share the gospel and those who will hear the gospel.

3. Elaine will receive One to One discipleship training from Mrs. Chang. She will mentor Elaine for 4 months. Please that that each of them will have a blessed time.

4. Elaine is also preparing to give a bible study to people in a rehabilitation center in L.A. in Spanish. May God give wisdom to Elaine as she leads the group.

5. Our children are happy at New Covenant Academy, Los Angeles. They have quickly adjusted back to US culture. However, they have mixed feeling as they also miss their school friends in Mexico. What a life of MKs…!

On behalf of our Lord, we would like to say THANK YOU from our heart. We bless you and pray for your boldness in the Lord in this difficult time of financial crisis. Please read 1 Corinthians 16:10. As you welcomed us into your faith journey, God will not forsake your service to Him. May all you be filled of God's blessing!

Blessings, from the NANANA family

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