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November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Message

Give always thanks to God for what we have and for who we are in Christ.
Be joyful in all. ("learn to be content in any and every situation, whether well fed" or "hungry" ... Phil. 4:10-13)

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To My Kids ...

This video clip is entitled, "I'm watching you, dad."
I know kids, you are watching me.
And I even know that God is watching me too.
Love you, and miss you kids a lot. ... daddy.

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Amazing Praise in National TV

Have you recently praised God in front of people?
Don't know why and where to do that? Here is a clue.
Here is a chance ... what a courage ... MY BIG HANDS.

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November 12, 2008

2008 November Prayer Guide

NANANA family & ministry
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico


We made our way back to Los Angeles safe and pleasant, except the car engine problem in Laredo, TX. Elaine and nanana are already settling back and engaged in many church and school activities.

On the way to LA, we had a Tiempo Con Dios seminar in Matehuala. It was a great tiem sharing the blessing of God’s Word experience. About 80 people participated and 30 of them made their commitment to continue Bible devotion with this monthly booklet.

We also had a joyful time in Tijuana for Weekend to Remember. It was a freshening time for us more than a training. Thanks to the Winds for continuously awakening our interest in this amazing ministry. Also our thanks to the Geurinks and the younger Lees who made our Tijuana experience beautiful and “placentera”.

Our new distributor for Tiempo Con Dios has shown his talent in this ministry. Israel Melendez (only son of pastor Francisco Melendez, for those who know him) has easily sold 100 copies for the first month of his sale. There were even shortage of supply. Is it his natural gift or what? Hmmmmmmm. Thanks for his willing and commitment for this time-consuming ministry.

PRAY for Abe’s ministry:

1. Monday nights – El Nazareno RPC’s leadership “Bible & doctrine” study. We originally started to teach Reformed doctrine, but somehow God has led us to dig in the Word with Tiempo Con Dios. Interesting enough that the church’s key leader Jaime has joined seminary by extension program since last weekend. He finally opened himself as he did set apart his time for such formal training. Pray that he would continue with this learning attitude.
2. Wednesday nights – Shekinah RPC’s men’s club. We’ve lost a half of the assistance – lack of interest and others due to time conflict with their daily work. Three men are faithfully attending (two elders and one deacon). Today we went out to have some tacos, an important way of strengthening our bondage for ministry. ?
3. Thursdays – Seminary teaching in Mexico City. It is joyful trip to meet students and encourage them to deepen their relationship with the Author of our life through classes. May they see God and listen His heartbeat for His people.
4. Saturdays – Seminary by extension (TEE) of Emmanuel Presbytery is ever and getting stronger as all the teachers and 16-17 students are tied of love and great interest in the Word. God has been merciful with such significant ministry for the presbytery.
5. Meetings (COMUNI, Field Council, and RPC Synod) – November is the month of ecclesiastical meetings everything happening in Mexico City. Pray that God will pour His Spirit of wisdom to come up with many beneficial decisions for His churches.
6. Tiempo Con Dios – Nov. 14 in Aguascalientes (a WEC missionary asked us to impart this seminar for a group of pastors and church members), Nov. 20 at El Nazareno RPC (Emmanuel Presbytery co-prepares this to be a further training of the devotional booklet.), Nov. 23 at Bethel RPC in Zitlala, Gro. (First time for a rural church).
7. Church visits and preaching on Sundays – Abe scheduled to visit either walking or by bus ride to visit all churches of Emmanuel Presbytery before upcoming Home Service. May God guard him and make each visit a sure evidence of God’s rich blessing to churches.
8. Amigos Sin Frontera – Purely Mexican medical brigade is going to a village in Durango state in 2nd week of November. May they touch many souls in the name of our God.
9. We continue with the vehicle fundraising to replace our well used SUV for a semi-new vehicle during our upcoming home service (Dec. 2008 – June 2009). We are so thankful to those who have sent in their wholehearted offerings. We are wordless for your sacrifices and give thank God for your generosity. Please continue to pray for the remaining fund onto its completion. Should you have any questions regarding the fundraising, please contact us at chiapslee@gmail.com.
10. Pray for Elaine and her birthday (Nov. 8). We love her and thank God for her many work and wholehearted ministry where ever she is placed by God, as you would note in the following.
11. Morelos State public educational-institutional conflict has not been solved even after many dialogues between political representatives and teachers syndicate. There are ceaseless rumors of another major strikes and street demonstrations. Most citizens are stressed out and angry in fact. Pray that there is peace for all of us.

PRAY for Elaine and nanana’s whereabouts in Los Angeles:

1. In early October, Elaine also attended Inner healing seminar at ANC and she will now be in follow-up Bible study for the next 6 weeks.
2. Elaine will lead a coffeebreak Bible study in Los Angeles on Thurs. It’s a fairly weak center. So she is leading in order to bring them up for strong settlement.
3. Elaine will do home service presentation (early though) at an ANC small group on Nov. 7.
4. Elaine signed on ANC’s evangelism class starting from Nov. 2 and the following 6 Sundays.
5. Our nanana will, during Halloween days, attend “God’s Way, My Way”, a spiritual revival campaign for little people.
6. Our children are happy to have enrolled in New Covenant Academy, Los Angeles. They have already made a lot of new friends and are so busy with many, many school activities.

We bless you and pray for your boldness in the Lord in this difficult time of financial crisis and political confusion. May all you experience God’s blessing of Goshen as did the Israelites regardless of the severe plagues in Egypt.

Blessings, from The Lees

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A Father-Son Story (from GodTube)


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