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October 13, 2008

2008 October Prayer Guides

NANANA family & ministry
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico


Emmanuel TEE program has received a lot of attention. Now we have 16 students and are well attending every Saturday. They do interact in the courses and teachers are eagerly preparing their assigned courses. PTL!

God has answered our prayer in finding a distributor for Tiempo Con Dios (monthly devotional booklet). Israel Melendez is passionate for this ministry as he attended its seminar and learned how valuable it could also be for many fellow Christians. He will distribute them on his own from October. Pray for him.

Emmanuel Presbytery’s annual meetings went well. Many reports had received, including pastor XXX’s challenging ministry and life (missionary to North Africa). It received special attention from Mexicans since he is the first missionary abroad.

We had lunch with Antonio and Silvia Moreno (dentists, director of Amigos Sin Frontera). We exchanged our ministerial vision to reach the lost in Mexico. This couple is a fine people who learn to their talents into an instrument and opportunity to serve others. We look forward to further our ministerial relationship beyond our friendship.

Prayer Items:

o 9/28 – We will teach some hymns at Shekinah RPC. Almost none of them knows how to read the musical note. Some selected hymns on spiritual growth will be taught.

o 10/2 – 0/2 – We are leaving for L.A. Abe is taking Elaine and the kids and will be back in Cuernavaca by himself until December. Pray that our trip will go well and may it enrich us with many good memories.

o 10/3 – On the way to LA, Abe will lead a QT seminar (Tiempo Con Dios) in Matehuala, SLP. A Reformed Church in this mid-sized city located on half way from Mexico City to Laredo, TX, has invited him to teach on this spiritual exercise. About 50 people have signed for this feast. Pray that the Word would penetrate into the life of each participant.

o 10/4 – We plan to visit a campus church of ANC in San Antonio, TX, on the way to LA. This church is our prayer supporter.

o 10/8-9 – Our children will start school at New Covenant (Christian) Academy in LA. Pray that they will culturally and academically adjust well to this school and may enjoy new friends at school.

o 10/10-12 – Elaine will attend the Inner Healing Conference of ANC. After the satisfactory experience of Abe, we are submitting to take this training as a couple in order to implement this ministry in Cuernavaca after our home service. Pray for the conference that all the participants would be blessed.

o 10/18-19 – Abe and Elaine will participate "A weekend to remember" in Tijuana. Pray for the speakers (Winds and others) and participants. May many couples renew their marital vows through the event!

o 10/21 – Abe will travel back to Cuernavaca. Pray for his safe trip.

o Monday nights: El Nazareno RPC is putting more efforts in learning the Reformed doctrine. Our group of 7-10 lay-leaders is creating a space for healthy culture and environment for the sake of their church. Abe also uses Tiempo Con Dios (TcD) to encourage them for spiritual growth through personal and group daily devotion.

o Men's club at Shekinah RPC: Tomas (deacon) has been slowly showing his leadership skill as he gain much understanding on Christian values. He has been faithfully doing TcD for the last 6 months. Now he exhibits much change in his personality and his spiritual attitude toward church and its leaders. He became a quite supportive to the existing leadership rather than criticizing their human mistakes.

o Reformed Presbyterian Seminary in Mexico City has welcomed a Korean missionary as a faculty member. Though he is still in trial period, this addition will surely benefit the seminary. Abe continues teaching two courses.

o TEE / Bible institute of Emmanuel presbytery. Pray for about 16 students and 4 pastors who are actively involved with weekly sessions. These students are so precious in our eyes. We are sure that they are precious in the very eyes of our God who has called them for His harvests.

o We continue with the fundraising to replace our almost 9 year old vehicle for a semi-new vehicle during our upcoming home service (Dec. 2008 – June 2009). We are so grateful to those who have sent in their wholehearted offerings. As we learn these funds come in, we are wordless rather to thank God for your generosity. However, we are still short of another 2/3 of total budget. Please continue to pray for the remaining fund onto its completion. Should you have any questions regarding the fundraising, please contact us at chiapslee@gmail.com.

We bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as you walk alongside of us in outreaching the lost and strengthening His church in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Blessings, The Lees.

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2008 September Prayer Guides

The Lee Family and Ministry
Cuernavaca, Morelos

In August, we had two short term missions teams from ANC. However, they worked in Puebla and Cuernavaca. The Puebla team served a church in a remote village, about 6 hours driving from Cuernavaca. Abe gave a lecture on Evangelism. It was supposedly to encourage the members for outreach, instead it turned out to be a series of spiritual challenge for them to reaffirm the assurance of their own salvation. The last night evening service was the highlight of many blessing, as the entire congregation and ANC team exchanged God’s rich blessing with prayers.

We also had Tiempo con Dios (TcD, Quiet Time) seminar. We had about 80 participants (less than expected but…) from 8 Presbyterian churches. There were also some brothers from Chiapas. Our guest speaker Rev. Song shared, along with his own TcD experience, the importance of daily devotion with God. Many were encouraged and promised to use this devotional booklet for their personal relationship with God. Abe is also planning to further the seminar in order to help churches set up into small groups.

Prayer Items:

• Monday nights: Abe has been leading a study on Christian Doctrine with some leaders of El Nazareno Church. Jaime, a key elder but with a strong personality, has been reluctant in the beginning but now enjoys more than any other. May this study help those leaders not only to increase their doctrinal knowledge but also to accordingly lead the church. Abe also uses TcD to encourage them adapt a reading culture.
• Men's club at Shekinah. Abe continues to lead a lay leader group for TcD and thematic studies. Tomas (deacon) has learned and seen the benefits of TcD. He struggles and searches to spiritually grow and morally on his family duties.
• Reformed Presbyterian Seminary in Mexico City has initiated another school year. Four new students have arrived. So, Abe travels every Thursday to Mexico City to teach 2 classes (Calvinism and Leadership). Please pray for the school year and all its family (teachers and students).
• The Bible institute of Emmanuel presbytery has started on August 30. Pray for 4 pastors who are to schedule every Saturdays to teach and also for the busy working students. Abe will teach the book of Acts. Pray that God would pour His Spirit upon all of them.
• Sept. 7 – We are asked to give advice a couple. Rosario, Elaine’s friend has been praying for their salvation and marital problems. May God bless them through us!
• Sept. 11 – Our monthly prayer meetings with the Giffords and Pimentel will be in MC. After the meeting, we will lunch at a Peruvian restaurant. Thanks Alejandro for this arrangement.
• Sept. 11-13 – Presbytery Emanuel will have its annual presbytery meeting in Cuernavaca. Pray for their reports and many decisions would successfully made.
• Sept. 28 – Abe will lead a TcD seminar at a RPC church in Toluca. The church has been using it for sometime and now has about 30 participants in this wonderful daily devotion. Pastor Constantino and Madai are excited as they see the church grow.
• A Presbyterian church in Cuautla (an hour from Cuernavaca) has joined in TcD ministry. About 25 members are grabbing every morning TcD booklet to build an altar for the Lord as they meditate the Word for their spiritual growth. Pray for their ongoing relationship with the Bible. Pastor Ricardo Aquino has visited ANC last June and is very much interested in all educational programs we have introduced to churches in Cuernavaca.
• TcD distributor – You may remember that we have asked you pray for a distributor of this devotional book. At the seminar, we met a bookstore owner who expressed his willing to distribute the books at very low service fee. Praise the Lord.
• Elaine's ministry – She is homeschooling our kids. It steals a lot of her personal and ministerial time. However, she and the kids are enjoying very much. PTL!!! Among other ministries she’d been doing so far, she continues to assist TcD sharing every Mondays with Cristiana and Andrea. She does visit also her other friends for some catch-ups.
• We are scheduled to purchase a new vehicle for our ministry during our upcoming home service (Dec. 2008 – June 2009). We are so grateful for those who have sent in their wholehearted offerings. We have so far been promised and raised 1/3 of the total amount. As we hear these funds come in, we are wordless rather to thank God. Please continue to pray for the remaining fund onto its completion. Should you have any questions regarding this fundraising, please contact us at chiapslee@gmail.com.

We bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as you walk alongside of us in outreaching the lost and strengthening His church in Mexico.

Blessings, The Lees.

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