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July 05, 2008

2008 July Prayer Guides

The Lee Family and Ministry
Cuernavaca, Morelos

Praise the Lord that Abe had a good experience at the Inner healing seminar of All Nations Church. It was a biblical series of self-discovering sessions. Abe came back with much lighter memory of his past. He was encouraged to adopt the program for our local partners.

Our NANANA have almost ended the school year, just as Reformed Seminary of Mexico graduated two wonderful students for God’s kingdom work. Nery and Odon are going to work in Centro Prebiterio. Especially, Nery’s wife, not-yet-a-believer, has come to the service and congratulated her husband’s achievement.

Cuernavaca TEE has celebrated its 4th module completion. There were about 10 students who finished another four courses as they turned in written assignments and exams. Pastor Jose Ocampo, the director, announced two months of vacations. We will reinitiate in late August.

Prater items:

01. July 1 – Elaine and Abe will lead a Bible reading group. Elaine has been a part of this group for the last couple of months. Some of the group members raised some theological issues, such as spiritual gifts and denominational differences and identities so Abe will once again give a talk on the spiritual gifts. Most ladies are from charismatic churches.
02. July 5 – A Christian mariachi and dear brother, Salustio’s daughter will have her 15th birthday party at Maranatha Church. May she become a woman of God’s heart.
03. July 6 – Sinai Church (NPC), Zacatepec, just started using Tiempo Con Dios (30 copies). Abe will preach to cultivate in the church this Bible reading. Pastor Oscar Molina and his church run a kindergarten at the church buildings and an extension center.
04. July 9 – Men’s club of Shekinah church (RPC) continues. Rigoberto, Tomas, and Alfonso have continuously attended the meetings. They are using Tiempo Con Dios, by which Tomas, more than others, is learning and growing in wisdom and spirit. He is so motivated in sharing the Word.
05. July 17 – Pastor Alejandro & Nora announced their 10th anniversary to be celebrated at the church (Bethel NPC). He has had problems with his consistory since last year. May it help settle his situation and continue to serve the church.
06. July 19-25 -- A Korean couple will visit our churches to evaluate future work team possibilities from their church in Alabama. We’ve known the couple for many years. May their visit give them a vision for Mexico missions.
07. July 21-26 – A number of Reformed churches of Emmanuel Presbytery will have a joint VBS. The Korean couple will possibly help on hand-craft activities.
08. July 30-Aug 4 – A work team will come and support Liz’s ministry, an All Nations seminary graduate (Cd. Juarez), up in a village in Puebla. It is the second year that the team is coming to help her work for the Lord.
09. Elaine’s activities: (1) Kids club is finished as the vacation is starting. (2) School moms prayer meetings will continue as the kids go back to school. (3) Our NANANA will need to find an English tutor to improve their writing & reading skills. (4) Elaine wants to take Spanish courses for a week at UNINTER in town.
10. Rosario, a dear friend of Elaine, is suffering from gallstone. Her husband is a very nice Christian and church leader of a Charismatic church in town. However, he has not taken good care of his own family. She has been so intensely stressed for the last couple of months due to her husband’s indifferent attitudes and other personal matters. May our prayer give her wisdom and wellness for her physical and marital needs.
11. A year old missions in Puente de Ixtla is growing. It’s a missions composed of former Mexican railroad company laborers who lost their jobs due to its bankruptcy and ended up making home from the unoperating wagons since 1980s. See pictures of a CRC visit last year and a recent worship service at pics. Now there are a handful of families worshipping God. Last Saturday we had a service at a local park. We got temporal permits to occupy it for this purpose. On pictures you will also see some ladies from Maranatha church serving poor kids with hot foods. Praise the Lord. We still have a lot to do here. Our children were surprised by kids’ foul languages.
12. We are scheduled to purchase a new vehicle for our ministry during our upcoming home-service (Dec. 2008 – June 2009). Please pray for its fundraising. Should you have any questions regards to our fundraising please contact us at chiapslee@gmail.com or abe@nanana.org

Thanks for your constant fellowship in prayer for God’s missions in Cuernavaca.

Rev. Abraham & Elaine Lee
Cuernavaca, Morelos.

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