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April 28, 2008

2008 April Prayer Guides

Cuernavaca, Morelos

Time in Chiapas was very enjoyable. We never expected the weather to be so pleasant. It seemed like we took the Cuernavaca weather with us. We met many brothers and sisters in Christ. We encouraged them with the Word of God and prayers; and in return, they encouraged us with their visions and passion for the ministries.
• We are thankful for the visitors we had in April. We really enjoyed the fellowship with each one of them.
• Abe had about 30 students at AMICH. The course of "Urban Missions" sounded like unmatchable them since all of the students were from rural areas. However, they showed a great interest in learning and outreaching the urban people.
• Thank you for your prayer for Pastor Pedro and Esperanza. They now find peace in their marriage. Please continue to pray for them as they are in a healing process.

• April 2: Elaine is invited to an evangelistic breakfast. Pray for her as she prepares for the talk. Let the people who were invited to know the gospel and come to know God.
• April 2 & 23: Shekinah RPC Men's Club. Twice a month a group of 5-6 men gathers together for a Bible & thematic study with Abe. They are using the book "Limited for Adolescent."
• April 6: Abe is scheduled to preach at Shekinah Church.
• April 12: Nahum's 8th birthday. Please join us to celebrate his birthday.
• April 15-19: Abe is going to Nicaragua for an evangelism strategy meeting. Please pray for his trip and for the meeting.
• April 24-29: Missionary Annual retreat. We are having the retreat in Merida. Please pray for the spiritual renewal and good fellowship amongst missionaries.
• Reformed Theological Seminary. Abe's teaching duty continues this month. He travels every Thursdays to the world largest city.
• Seminary's TEE center in Morelos. We have 13+ students. Pray for Abe and pastors—Jose Ocampo, Nain de Jesus, & Francisco Melendez—who are also scheduled to teach in between their busy church activities.
• Personal discipleship. Brother Cho has gained confidence in studying the Bible with Abe. May his stay in Cuernavaca will help in getting to know God in addition to his Ph.D. study at UAEM.
• Pray for Elaine's activities:
• Prayer Meeting & Bible Study with Goldenwoods School Moms. She now has 5 moms in the group. They study "The power of the positive mom". Please continue to pray for this ministry. Many of their prayer requests are related to their marriage issues. This helps not only to strengthen the school but also reach out their family needs.
• Kid's club. May God continue to bless this ministry and children who come to the club.
• Pray for Elaine as the need for good counseling is requiered. She is sharing the Word of God with many who are going through difficulties in their marriage and in spiritual journey.
• Pray for the ministry of Tiempo Con Dios (a monthly devotional book). We ask God for a dedicated person for such a ministry. Since there isn't any monetary profit from this book sale, it would be a real search for a right person. May God send us a qualified servant.
• We are scheduled to purchase a new vehicle for our ministry during our upcoming home-service (Dec. 2008 – June 2009). Please pray for its fundraising.
• Pray for our family for health, safety, and kids with their studies.

Rev. Abe & Elaine Lee

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